Fallout 4 Player Reimagines Horror Game P.T.

Walking down a hallway has never been the same.


If you cry yourself to sleep at night over the cruel end to horror game P.T., then perhaps one clever Fallout player can cheer you up. A Fallout 4 workshop architect has recreated the dreaded hallway from the ill-fated Silent Hills predecessor.

YouTuber Ki da posted the reimagining, and it's enough to bring back horrible memories of weird fetus monsters and terrifying ghost girls (via Twinfinite). Ki da recreated the horror game with the Workshop feature in Fallout 4's crafting system. They've got everything from the bathroom to the front foyer where you eventually meet Lisa. There's even the spooky radio broadcast that haunts P.T.'s sound waves.

P.T. was a playable teaser for Silent Hills, a Norman Reedus-starring game from Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. Silent Hills was cancelled last year, and P.T. can no longer be downloaded, even from your PlayStation 4 library.

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