Fallout 4 Patch Notes Include New Features, Bug Fixes, and More

No word yet on when 1.2.33 will be available for all PC players or console users.


As promised, a work-in-progress version of the first patch for Fallout 4 has arrived. The developer today released update 1.2.33, which is available for players on PC who have opted in to receive beta updates.

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The Fallout 4 patch introduces new features (number pad keys are now available for remapping, for instance) as well as a handful of bug fixes and general stability improvements. Check out the patch notes.

Beta Update 1.2.33

New Features

  • Number pad keys can now be used for remapping
  • Remapping Activate now works on Quick Container


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed issue where equipped weapons become locked after completing Reunions
  • Fixed issue with When Freedom Calls where the quest would not complete
  • During Confidence Man, fixed issue where player's health would continuously regenerate
  • Fixed crash related to jumping into water and reloading saved games
  • Fixed issue where Launcher would not save God Rays Quality setting properly

Bethesda cautions that this Fallout 4 update is non-final and suggests you back up your saved games before opting in to the beta. You can do that by right clicking the game in your library -> Properies -> Betas. You can drop out of the beta at any time in the same menu.

Last week, Bethesda said it was "hard at work addressing the top issues." Patches will be released in beta on Steam first, followed by a full release on PC before coming to consoles last. Generally speaking, Fallout 4 players can also look forward to "smaller and more frequent" updates rather than a few major ones.

No time table was provided regarding when this Fallout 4 patch will be released to everyone on PC and consoles. We'll have that information for you as it's announced.

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Avatar image for Zignoff

Damn here I was hoping for a New Game Plus as one of the new Features..

Anyway, fix the damn repeatable missions bugs, load times, and settlements bugs would make me happier.

Avatar image for Szminsky

* They need to fix ballistic weave - tinker tom. Bugged for many people who dont get it even after completing all rr missions.

* rads when entering/exiting power armor, and loading saves

* AI pathing issues

* stuck dialogues with settlers

Just some of the most annoying bugs I've encountered so far.

Avatar image for ydnarrewop

Preston Garvey stealing my Fat Man from storage and not being able to get it back...this is annoyance.

Avatar image for guccisweatpants

@pasullica: If you lock your frames at 60fps then it shouldn't do it anymore anything over makes the game unstable thats why this is happening, It was happening to me as well fixed now

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

@pasullica: Yeah this update didn't really fix the more exploitable bugs.

Avatar image for kjouda

Please if there is anybody who's not a "whiny little bitch still talking about graphics and when this was made and all that crap pointless stuff" just tell me how much did the patch affect performance ?

I dont understand why those little fucking bitches still whining. Just **** off and dont play it.

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@kjouda: Nerd Rage perk selected...

Avatar image for Mhael03

It was well known this would be bug-ridden as all of their previous titles have been, thank you for the bug testing though. Bethesda games are always better aged, they or modders fix them and they are sometimes cheaper.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

And I'm sure all the apologists won't be installing these patches,

because game-breaking bugs and glitches add to the “character” of the game,

and they only want to play games with “character”.

Avatar image for neowarrior793

@naryanrobinson: lol who want to play a fully working fallout game, that would be boring.

Avatar image for cvs209

@Pelezinho777 I agree with you. With all the other new games right now I can't bring my self to play Fallout for more than a few minutes, graphics sucks, I hate the fps drops on my 980 ti and no SLI support. I do not understand all the hype about this game and I really wanted to like it, I normally love Bethesda games I have over 200 hours in Skyrim but I am just not enjoying this game. It just feels unfinished to me

Avatar image for kadaverhagga

@cvs209: Yeah this game is more of an expansion to FO3. I also hate the fact that they have dumbed down alot of stuff like skillpoints and dialogue.

I'm surprised though you get fps drops with your card. I run a single Titan Black, much older card and have rock solid 90fps during play everything maxed at 1080p. Only sometimes when I quickload does it drop to 38-40 for like 10 seconds before going back up. Apart from poor optionsmenu and remapping, and ocasional bethesda bugs like getting stuck when trying to activate a terminal or npc acting like a retard I have had no performance issues at all, no crashes, no fps drops during play, no graphical issues to talk about apart from some item clipping etc, but no tearing or anything like that.

Avatar image for deactivated-5895052278b71

I just hope that when this is released on PS4 that they have fixed the bug with the radio deactivating in "Old Guns". That one bug has irked me to no end.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

Very disappointed in Fallout 4. Plays and feels like game for kindergartens...

Avatar image for doktron


i definitely agree.the game looks like it was made in 2004(before fallout3).washed out colors, conversations that dont finish,game bugs,and how do u not include a gamma slider(for contrast) in a pc game made in 2015! I had to adjust contrast using my monitors settings, something i have never had to do in a game!It still looks crap.How could they give this a 9!Maybe the modders can do something with it. I will not be buying fallout 5!

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@Pelezinho777: I'm very sorry, your comment has no merit.

Avatar image for joey96

I think the most weird thing that happened for me was... I got teleported to sommewhere else.... My screen suddenly froze, and I had a few glimpse of weird spaces without nothing, then "landed" infront of a hideout..... I dont know if this was intended, but I got shot at immediately.

Avatar image for MODNAR11

@joey96: That has happened to me about three times now, but only when I aimed down the sights. It's very curious.

Avatar image for joey96

@MODNAR11: Yeah the same for me, i aimed somehow at the ground, and then got teleported.

Avatar image for xolivierx

so far the game only crashed 3 times bring me back directly to the ps4 menu.

no in-game bugs

so far it works way better than Fallout 3 and New Vegas

No complain

Avatar image for deactivated-58a78a043e9d4

@xolivierx: Haven't had a crash so far. Biggest problem I had was an NPC entering some weird Schroedinger's quest state. He'd be in one place and when I went to meet him he'd suddenly teleport to some other place before I got there. Easily fixed with console commands though.

Avatar image for Jdzspace

I just hope they don't patch the duplication and infinite cap glitches.

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@Jdzspace: Congratulations!!!! You're a cheater.

Avatar image for factory_666

@nomadsalt: It's a Single Player game, so it's really their own business how they want to play. A cheater in a multiplayer game is a completely different thing though.

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@factory_666: Ok to cheat by yourself, not ok to cheat with others. Thanks.

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@nomadsalt: I'm ok with it.it's a game after all.I want to play it in the way that is the most fun for me. Ok but ashamed of that,I paid $200 for the pip boy edition, season pass and collectors guide. I have the devs plenty of money, so now,I want to play the game how I want.

Is that wrong?....The answer is no

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@Jdzspace: If your ok with being a cheater, that's fine by me.

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@nomadsalt: whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night junior

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@Jdzspace: I'm not the one trying to justify cheating..... junior.

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@nomadsalt: are you still replying? sorry, I wasn't paying attention. i'm harvesting mini nukes.

hard work out here in the wastelands ;-)

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@Jdzspace: Obviously you are paying attention. Why harvest when you can just cheat and get them.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@nomadsalt: You're making yourself look unbelievably pathetic.

Did you know that?

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@naryanrobinson: Haha.... you keyboard heroes take yourselves way to seriously.

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@nomadsalt: I'm getting better at it.only took me 10 minutes to get 20. Good stuff, gotta stock up before the patch.just in case

Avatar image for torrne667

@Jdzspace: i hope they do as it spoils the game..

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@torrne667: no it doesn't.nobody forces you to do it. Those who want to do it , can.Those who don't, won't. Everyone wins. What's wrong with that?

Avatar image for nomadsalt

@Jdzspace: There's nothing wrong with that.... if you're a cheater.

Avatar image for wasteland2058

@Jdzspace: don't worry, if they do fix it just build a bunch of water purifiers and sell the hundreds of waters you get each day. I think of myself as the purified water company of the wasteland :D

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@wasteland2058: interesting solution :p

Avatar image for MODNAR11

@Jdzspace: You could just give yourself as many caps as you want through the console, ya know.

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@MODNAR11: not an option for all

Avatar image for Brakkyn

@Jdzspace: It was never meant to be an option for you in the first place. It's unintended, and should be fixed, like all other bugs.

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@Brakkyn: other bugs cause problems.this doesn't. Why fix what isn't broken?

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