Fallout 4 Officially Confirmed for PC, Xbox One, PS4

[UPDATE] First trailer released for newest entry in Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG franchise.


Fallout 4

Bethesda has officially revealed Fallout 4, the newest entry in its open-world RPG series, which is set to ship on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The game's official website went live slightly ahead of schedule, showing box art for the title and also confirming it will not be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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A trailer for the game has also been released. It opens by showing the "Please Stand By" message on a television, before pulling out to reveal the inside of a bombed out house.

A dog is seen entering as a voice on the radio says "with the world poised on the bring of war, Vault-Tech is reporting." The message cuts off, but returns later to say "folks, er, it seems we've got some breaking news ... standby," setting up another post-apocalyptic adventure.

The dog walks through the house and out into the world as the trailer cuts between pre and post-apocalypse depictions of the world.

As previously indicated, Fallout 4 will take place in Boston. During the video we are briefly shown an area called "Scollay Square," which is located in real-world Boston. The USS Constitution, which is docked in the city, Bunker Hill Monument, and the Massachusetts State House are also seen in the video.

A narrator, which has been confirmed as Fallout 3 narrator Ron Perlman, then says "war never changes," an iconic line used throughout the series.

Also worth noting is that the character featured in the trailer is voiced. It is unclear whether this is the player character, but if it is, having a voiced playable protagonist would be a first for the series.

The entrance to Vault 111 is also briefly shown. It is likely this is where players will journey into the wasteland from. Red Sox fans may also notice a post-apocalyptic version of Fenway Park.

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Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard, who has previously worked on The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 3, is directing the project.

"We know what this game means to everyone," said Howard. "The time and technology have allowed us to be more ambitious than ever. We've never been more excited about a game, and we can't wait to share it."

Bethesda is expected to show more of Fallout 4 at its E3 press briefing in Los Angeles on June 14. This is the first time the company is hosting its own press conference, creating the expectation that it has several big titles to showcase.

For those interested, the song used in the trailer is It's All Over But The Crying by The Ink Spots. Bethesda previously used the group's I Don't Want To Set The World on Fire in its Fallout 3 reveal trailer.

Take a look at some key Fallout 4 image and a GS News Update covering the reveal below.

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Man! It looks so good! Remembering the old 90s ISO graphic Fallout games...

Avatar image for ThAdEa82

Scavenging for bullets simulator 2015

Avatar image for TEOL222

God forbid we see a vid without a female tool...

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Zombies vs. Ninjas + Samurai https://goo.gl/EwR1JD

Avatar image for thereal25

Are we waiting for the bug free, discounted complete addition or jumping straight into it???

Do share your opinion.

Avatar image for matthew1090

@thereal25: Jumping right into it. less than a month away. I can barely contain myself.

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@thereal25: For those of you who haven't got a pip boy edition yet, you can buy them for just €250 at: www.bottlecapshop.com

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PC is the only way to play. Screw console

Avatar image for masutomo

@shaboi: if you have $2000 worth of best gaming PC hardware, yes.

Avatar image for ruthaford_jive

@shaboi: Yeah... I've got a PS4, and am debating whether to get it for that or my PC. *sigh* why am I even torn over this decision? I know if I get it for PS4 I'll just complain about not getting it for PC, like I did with the Witcher 3.

Avatar image for matthew1090

@ruthaford_jive: Please don't do that to yourself brother. Bethesda games are a blast on PC.

Avatar image for ruthaford_jive

@matthew1090: Yeah, I know. I finally got Skyrim for PC a little while back and it's like a whole new game.

Avatar image for Legend_of_Link

This will give the witcher 3 a run for its money for game of the year. Witcher 3 will be hard to beat but this just might do it.

Avatar image for pourhosseinamir

Ty bethesda

Avatar image for PoppaB2

I strongly suspect that FO4 will be the game that forces me to buy a PS4. I loved FO3 and spent many hours playing. Just last week I was playing for fun an managed to get attacked by a giant scorpion and a supermutant at the same time. Had to use my alien blaster to get out of that mess. Despite what I've read I thought that the graphics were much improved over FO4 even if they are not up to the latest we've seen. Lets hope the merchants have more money so we can get a good price for our junk. Boston is a pretty high cost of living area so maybe the surviving merchants will all be loaded. Der Altedude

Avatar image for skootbootz

@PoppaB2: PC bruh

Avatar image for elmdreamer

How open-world was Fallout 3? I never played it but the concept looked awesome. Did it have the same degree of open-world roaming as Oblivion and Skyrim?

Avatar image for PoppaB2

@elmdreamer Pretty much just as open. It will be like ES3 and 4, but with guns and no magic. If you like the Elder scrolls series and don't mind shooting people and monsters you will probably like FO4. If dated graphics doesn't send you into a foaming at the mouth frenzy like some we've seen here pick up a copy of FO3 to play while you're waiting for FO4 I bet you will enjoy it. DerAltedude

Avatar image for Samslayer

What can I say, I am really pumped for Fallout 4!

Avatar image for DrYuya

Well, UNCONFIRM it for the consoles. What purpose does a un-moddable, graphically weak Bethesda sandbox game serve?

Answer- none, except for wasting time and making console players feel good about themselves for touching something that belongs on the PC only.

Wish they'd all just use their parents money to go to Disney world or whatever else it is kiddies do these days and leave PC stuff alone.

Avatar image for matthew1090

@DrYuya: Please stop. We dont act like you.

Avatar image for elmdreamer

@DrYuya: Hmmm you pose a very tough question. Have a look at the platform sales chart of Skyrim in the following link: http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=skyrim

Skyrim for consoles outsold Skyrim for PC 3 to 1. So for every PC gamer (such as yourself) who bought the game 3 other people bought it either for PS3 or Xbox360. That means that it is predominantly console gamers that are funding development for future Bethesda titles, such as Fallout 4.

Enough said? I think so.

Avatar image for jdlok

@DrYuya: How about you stfu and let people enjoy what they want, when they want, on whatever platform they want, and shut your mouth? n, loser.

Avatar image for Jmuper

ugh, I new someday I would have to upgrade, just not sure which system.

Avatar image for matthew1090

@Jmuper: PS4 or PC. There are enough games on PS4 now that you wont feel bummed either way. If you get a PC there are tons of benefits, and if you get a PS4, you can play Horizon Zero Dawn. Upgrade man!

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Looks like the old games' graphics though

Avatar image for tommytanker121

Graphics look dated.

Avatar image for Wolfgang1987

@tommytanker121: Indeed, really outdated graphics.

Avatar image for matthew1090

@Wolfgang1987: As someone who just ran through Skyrim and Fallout 3 in the last couple of months, I disagree. The graphics are noticeably better. If you are comparing them to other RPGS, maybe not, but compared to their previous titles like Skryim, its markedly better.

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this comment section sucks balls, gamespot sure knows how to innovate backwards

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@88mikelll said:

this comment section sucks balls, gamespot sure knows how to innovate backwards

I second that

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I guess they will announce all special editions at the E3 convention because I have not seen any yet. All ready pre-ordered for both consoles. Either way, can't wait.

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# yadder,yadder...preorders can always be cancelled (well, from reputable merchies) n ur precious cash refunded.

All pre-orderers really do is lock in the opportunity of bonus stuff while giving producers a stronger incentive to turn out their best in a timely manner.

Incidentally, the grumpypants folks must REALLY hate that in just 2 days, FO4 has already swooshed up to third on the "buy NOW" list. heheheheheh

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@xenomorphalien: Where's my like button?

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Damn dude

Avatar image for helldragonzer

Can't stop checking for pre orders to start lol.

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@helldragonzer said:

Can't stop checking for pre orders to start lol.

Me too!

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Fap Fap Fap

Avatar image for layhoma2004

If FO4 is as ambitious as Witcher 3, then it will destine to piss a lot of people off. I am appalled by the Witcher 3 movement/combat mechanic because it's choppy and stuttering. The war over resolution supremacy of the console has pushed 1080p to the limit and leaving us with low frame rates.

Witcher 3 is a great open world RPG and it's beautiful BUT, unless you have a PC that runs at 60fps it's somewhat a broken game. So I hope FO4 will learn from their mistakes and keep the glitches at bay by not pushing the hardware over the limit! We enjoy the gameplay over graphics if given a choice!

Avatar image for ComedyTree

@layhoma2004: Come on bro it's Bethesda , it'll be bug and glitch city for the first few months of its release.

Avatar image for matthew1090

@ComedyTree:.....and i'll enjoy every morsel of those crunch bugs. The hype train will never derail man! Toot Toot!

Avatar image for FBohler

@layhoma2004: I played The Witcher 2 on a high end PC and it's still choppy and stuttering. The characters appear to float around while they fight with really bad motion capture. And as far as I've watched TW3 (didn't play it though), the fight mechanics are the same, so it really isn't just about framerates, it's about poor and shallow combat.

Avatar image for greenkidd529

WHOA WHOA WHOAA so this is the game the majority of gamespot users wanted and more than half of the comments are COMPLAINING ABOUT THE GAME NOW


you guys are pathetic

Do you guys eveer enjoy anything..whats the last article where more than half of the comments were postive

Avatar image for Samslayer

@greenkidd529: I think most of the gaming crowd is quite cynical about most things. Just as in real life, it is usually much easier to point out what we don't like about something as compared to what we do like.

Avatar image for Armysniper89

@blkninja43: Who cares what people think. I think both are stunning games. I plan on playing Fallout 4 when it comes out because I will probably be done with Witcher 3 by then anyways. Its OK for the world to love more than one thing at a time.