Fallout 4 Meets Metal Gear Solid 5 in New Mod

Alright, so maybe war does change sometimes.


If you've ever waited in Fallout 4 and had that Phantom Cigar music from Metal Gear Solid V play in your head, then I think this might be perfect for you. It's a new PC mod that lets you play as characters from The Phantom Pain.

Nexus Mods user Akiba91 has brought Venom Snake, Skullface, and the sniper Quiet to the Bostonian wastelands with their new mod, "Metal Gear Solid - ALL IN ONE STANDALONE." The mod lets you play as any of the aforementioned characters, and it comes with an impressive number of interchangeable assets including different eye patches, arms, and horns.

There are two ways to get this mod to work after installing it. The first will require you to install an additional mod, Armorsmith Extended, which lets you create the Metal Gear Solid-themed items at a workbench. The other way requires you to use console commands. You can check out a full list of them right here.

Akiba says they've received full approval from Konami to use its official assets in the making of this mod.

If you're interested in more Fallout 4 mods, you can check out this one that adds Fallout: New Vegas-style perks. Another mod puts the Capitol Wasteland under attack by Thomas the Tank Engine. And if you're jealous of what PC players have been doing, then you'll be happy to know that Xbox One and PS4 mod news is coming soon.

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