Fallout 4 is Under Attack by Thomas the Tank Engine in New Mod

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Fallout 4

Fallout 4's mod scene has been picking up steam since the game's launch, and 2016 has been kind enough to give us Deathclaws that look a lot like Macho Man Randy Savage. Now, there's one that brings Thomas the Tank Engine to Boston's wasteland.

NexusMods user Trainwiz created a mod for Skyrim in 2013, which saw Thomas replace the snowy world's dragons. With the help of a friend, he created a similar mod for Fallout 4.

Trainwiz says that he sat near his fireplace, sipped tea, and ate a small animal while wondering why nobody had put Thomas the Tank Engine in Fallout 4 yet.

"I underwent a long, six-year journey of discovery," says Trainwiz. "After killing all my rivals and eating their hearts, I realized I could just ask a friend to port some meshes for me, and [I] made this abomination."

If you want to see Thomas inhabit The Commonwealth, you should know that he replaces several different models. All of the Deathclaws, missiles, mini-nukes, MIRV launchers, Vertibirds, and one of the Flight helmets transform into the friendly blue train (via Eurogamer). Unfortunately, he doesn't seem too friendly in Fallout 4 based on a video posted to Tranwiz's YouTube channel.

If you want to see more mods, GameSpot has compiled a gallery of the best Fallout 4 mods so far. If you just want to roam the wasteland with a lightsaber in hand, then there's a mod for you.

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