Fallout 4 High Res Texture Pack Coming To PC; PS4 Pro Upgrades Outlined

The irradiated wasteland will soon look better.


Fallout 4's PC and PlayStation 4 versions are getting new updates next week, Bethesda has announced.

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Starting with PC, Bethesda announced today that it's releasing a high resolution texture pack as a "love letter" to fans. The download is free but you will need an additional 58 GB of available space to install the texture pack.

"If your system can handle it, the Commonwealth will look better than ever," Bethesda said. "Give it a shot and if you need to return to the original textures, you can disable them within the game's launcher menu."

As for PS4, the new update will add support for PS4 Pro. This includes features such as native 1440p resolution, enhanced draw distance (for trees, grass, objects, and NPCs), and enhanced God ray effects.

Bethesda did not announce specific dates for the new Fallout 4 PC and PS4 updates. We'll report back with the specifics when they are confirmed.

In other news, Bethesda said it will release a new update for Skyrim Special Edition on all platforms next week to add more features for mods. Bethesda did not provide any details but said it will make announcements sometime next week.

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