Fallout 4: Here's All the Names That Codsworth Can Say

Everything from John to F**kface and more.


Fallout 4's robot pal Codsworth can say 924 names, which run the gamut of regular-sounding names like John and Kate to pop culture references like Katniss and Neo, as well as a variety of expletives and other dirty things. A Reddit user claims to have pulled the complete list of names from the game's files.

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The Fallout 4 name list also features references to everyone on Bethesda parent company ZeniMax's board of directors. This includes:

  • Bruckheimer -- Pirates of the Caribbean film producer Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Leslie -- CBS CEO Leslie Moonves (GameSpot is owned by CBS)
  • Ripken -- Retired MLB player Cal Ripken Jr
  • Altman -- Zenimax chairman and CEO Robert A. Altman
  • Trump -- Robert S. Trump, manager of Trump Management and Donald Trump's brother
  • Ernest -- Ernest Del, ZeniMax president
  • Dominguez -- Michael Dominguez, Providence Equity Partners manager
  • Sloan -- Harry E. Sloan, Global Eagle Holdings chairman and CEO

Codsworth also has something of a dirty mouth, as he'll say names like f**k, f**ker, and f**kface, as well as boob, boobie, and boobies. Also featured on the list is Corvo, the name of the main character in Dishonored, another Bethesda game. Unfortunately, Dovahkiin is not featured in the list.

The complete list of 924 names is available here. For more on Codsworth and the names he'll say, check out the GameSpot video embedded above.

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