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Fallout 4: Here are 300-Plus New Names Codsworth Can Say

Codsworth can now say "Rihanna."


Bethesda updated Fallout 4 yesterday, July 5, with new stuff such as 300-plus more names for the friendly robot Codsworth to say. While Bethesda did not share a list of the names, someone on Reddit has now mined through the update files to discover all the new ones.

Some of the notable names include "John," "Cena," "Creed," "Leia," "Rick," "Morty," "Poe," "Phasma," and "Rihanna." Check out this Imgur post to see them all (via Sable17 on Reddit).

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When Fallout 4 launched in November 2015, Codsworth could say 924 names, including everyone on Bethesda parent company ZeniMax's board of directors. Codsworth also has something of a dirty mouth, as he'll say names like "f**k," "f**ker," and "f**kface," as well as "boob," "boobie," and "boobies."

The new update, 1.6, is out now on PC and is scheduled to come to Xbox One next week. There is no word yet on when this update, or the delayed mods program, will launch on PlayStation 4. Bethesda has ran into some serious issues with the PS4 version, leading to the delays.

Fallout 4's 1.6 update also fixes a number of bugs, including one where your character could become permanently invisible in some circumstances. Bethesda said this was only an "occasional issue," but it sounds like a big headache. Additionally, the update kills a bug that would cause the game to crash when targeting an enemy using VATS.

In other news about Fallout 4, Bethesda has confirmed that August's Nuka-World expansion will definitely be the game's last one.

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