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Fallout 4 Far Harbor: Tips To Get You Ready

Be prepared for Fallout 4 Far Harbor with our guide.

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The Fallout 4 Far Harbor downloadable content pack is out now, and it brings with it over 20 hours of content. New quests, weapons, gear and enemies await you. Preparing for the new challenges ahead? Read this guide for our Fallout 4 Far Harbor tips to get you ready for your next Wasteland adventure.

To start Far Harbor, boot up Fallout 4 after installing the DLC and load your regular save. A quest will automatically pop-up on the Pip Boy, which directs you to the Far Harbor. The area is essentially an entirely new map that is separate from the Commonwealth. Before you step in however, make sure you do the following to be as prepared as possible.

Ready up for Rads

The area's fog is pretty high in radiation, so bring lots of RadAway, Rad-X, and some rad-resistant armor with you. Higher-level and legendary enemies tend to lurk in the radioactive fog too, so be ready to fight if you're venturing into it.

Stock up on Caps

The first few merchants you'll come across in the area will carry parts of what is currently the game's best armor, Recon Marine. Unfortunately, it is really expensive. Be prepared to spend at least 37,000 caps to acquire it. Start saving!

Get the Harpoon Gun

One of the merchants in Far Harbor sells an insanely overpowered harpoon gun named Admiral's Friend. The gun does double damage to a target at full health, and the harpoon itself can be picked up after firing. However, it can only fire one at a time and has a pretty slow reload system, so keep that in mind when whipping it out in a fight.

If your preference swings more toward rifles, we recommend not buying one from the Far Harbor merchants, but opting for a specialized rifle named Old Reliable. This weapon can be purchased later in an area called Acadia. Old Reliable shoots an additional projectile, which is a nice bonus to have.

Bring Valentine

Although it is not mentioned in the game, Detective Valentine is heavily involved with the main quest story of Far Harbor. You're going to need him around. Besides, who doesn't enjoy the wise-cracking quips from this guy?

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