Fallout 4 Fans Told Their Pip-Boy Edition Pre-Order Has Been Cancelled

[Update] GAME says it will replace cancelled Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition pre-orders.


[Update] In a statement to GameSpot, GAME has said PayPal and bank issues affected a "small number of customers," resulting in the cancellations. It also committed to replacing cancelled pre-orders for the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4.

"While processing these orders, a small number of customers have experienced problems that have been caused by their bank or PayPal accounts not allowing payment to go through. For security and privacy, they do not share with us why payment has failed," said a spokesperson.

"We would like to reassure all customers that have pre-ordered that their order is still reserved and being held for them. Stock will be secured in our distribution centre until we are able to ensure payment and delivery. This stock will not be released for general sale. We will contact all customers via email within the next 48 hours with an order status."

It added: "Rest assured, your Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition is safe."[Update ends]

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With just days until the release date of Fallout 4, UK retailer GAME has begun cancelling pre-orders of the limited Pip-Boy Edition, citing problems with processing payment as the cause for this.

GameSpot has obtained an email from a customer impacted by the cancellation: "We have tried to process your order and have hit a few issues. Unfortunately, PayPal has come back to us and they have not allowed the payment to go through," the message reads.

"For your security and privacy they do not share the reasons with us."

A copy of that email can be found below.

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The customer in question has assured us that there is enough money in the account for the product. The PayPal account was also used to successfully pay for another product very recently. No card or account details have been altered since.

The retailer has, however, sent out Vault Boy Bobbleheads, ahead of the game's release. It is unclear whether Game is replacing Pip-Boy Edition pre-orders, or sending out other editions of the game as a replacement.

It seems the cancellations are widespread, as GAME's Twitter account has been inundated with messages from disgruntled customers with similar experiences.

"I expect my pip boy edition after you decided to decline payment through PayPal, I had sufficient funds," said user Chris Simpson.

"They took my money AND cancelled my order," added Robert Carter.

Katrina McGarry, who claims to have spoken to a manager, said the retailer "[isn't] taking reorders," but as mentioned above, this has not been officially confirmed.

GameSpot has attempted to contact customer service by phone, but was unable to connect through the numbers provided.

In August, GAME also cancelled pre-orders for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Collector's Edition, initially saying this was due to PayPal or bank errors, but then citing an internal computer glitch. These cancellations resulted in over 300 people being incorrectly charged.

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