Fallout 4 Fan Is Documenting All the Secret Areas

The YouTuber has showcased more than 90 hidden locations on his channel.


If you've been exploring the Bostonian Wasteland and want to know where all the hidden locations are, then one YouTuber may have the answer for you. They're digging through the world of Fallout 4 and posting videos of all the secret locations in the game.

YouTuber The Lawd has been on this journey since December, and he's now posted over 90 videos showing off various locations (via Kotaku). Some of the areas he's featured include Joe's Spackies Coffee Shop, the Raider Lookout Camp on the elevated highway, and a Power Armor warehouse.

These locations aren't actually marked on the Pip-Boy's map, so it wouldn't be hard to miss them completely.

Fallout 4 fans have recently created mods that combine some of last year's best games with Bethesda's latest RPG. One mod lets you get suited up in gear from The Witcher 3, while another will let you play as Metal Gear Solid V characters in the Commonwealth.

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