Fallout 4 Base Customization Will Have More Options Than Skyrim

Want to build a spaceship? You can do that.


At E3, developer Bethesda announced that Fallout 4 would have places in its world for players to build bases. Now, Marketing VP Pete Hines has revealed to GameSpot a little more about the extent of this creator and a level of customization available to players.

In an interview at Quakecon, Hines told us that the base creator isn't limited to pre-determined frameworks for buildings. Rather, players will be given the ability to decide many different aspects of their buildings. Hines specifically referenced the homes players can own in Skyrim--although there are small choices in customization, most of the buildings were set and unchangeable. Hines explained that Fallout 4 gives you much more control over your base than Skyrim does.

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"It's not just, 'Hey, here's Breezehome [one of the houses in Skyrim],' where we just picked a house, and you can buy it, and you can go to somebody and say, 'Here's this much gold, and put this thing into my house.' [In Fallout 4] it's, 'Now I'm building it, I'm actually building the house, I'm building the wall, I'm placing the door, I made the table, I made the mattress.' It's that sense of making your own way in the world and defining, 'Who am I and where do I live and what's my story in this world?'"

He went on to say that building locations are limited, but there are a lot of options for building within those spaces. "There are preset locations around the world where you can [build]," Hines explained. "You can definitely build up... [In one demo] there's a radio tower, and the developer that built it just kept going up and incorporating the tower into their structure."

He continued: "Much like a game like Minecraft, you can be a noob and just build a simple little thing. And you can also get the guys who go crazy and [can say], 'I rebuilt the spaceship from this game... [or] I rebuilt the Tardis from Doctor Who using the lights and stuff and it looks exactly like it.' Like, holy s**t that's incredible."

Fallout 4 launches on November 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Hines also told GameSpot that Bethesda cannot make any more Pip-Boy collector's editions for the game, and that the studio had begun work on Fallout 4 as soon as Fallout 3 launched.

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