Fallout 3 Walkthrough

It's a big world out there and you shouldn't go it alone. Check out our complete Fallout 3 walkthrough for help on every mission and side-quest, including Xbox 360 achievements and PS3 trophies!


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The dangerous Capital Wasteland is a big, harsh place and eats up lost wanderers like a succulent honey ham during Thanksgiving. Now you're here because you're stuck (or bored). We're here because we can help. This guide to Fallout 3 lays out the 411 on the basics of the game, and features a full walkthrough with minimal spoilers and sidequests for all your adventuring needs. Battling mutated super beings doesn't seem so tough now with us by your side.

Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Fallout 3 Game Guide:

  • Getting Started: Every Vault-dweller-turned-adventurer needs to begin somewhere, and that's why we've created this primer to help ease the transition.
  • General Tips: If you don't think you need our walkthrough, you need to at least know a little somethin' somethin' about surviving!
  • Walkthrough: We hold your hand as you explore the desolate land of post-war Washington D.C. in the search for your father.
  • Sidequests: Quests on the side, please.
  • Acheivements: Get your acheivement fix here.
  • Trophies: You want trophies? We got 'em.

Getting Started

Statistics & Skills

Truer words have never been spoken.
Truer words have never been spoken.

Part of the fun in Fallout 3's gameplay is the depth of character customization offered through a number of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and Tag Skills that can each potentially change the way you play the game.

When choosing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, it's important to choose stats that emphasize skills you intend to use, as well as bumping up any derived statistics. For instance, Strength and Endurance can often be sacrificed for players who want to avoid being an brutish oaf with Melee or Heavy Weapons, while Intelligence should always be pumped for extra Skill points.

Skills are rated 1 through 100 (with 1 meaning you're a complete doofus in that discipline, and 100 meaning you have assumed complete mastery of it), but as many of the Skills are stat-derived you will probably never have anything less than 10. Non-combat skills should be given higher priority than combat skills, as good gameplay can make up for a world of low combat skills or poor gear.

A quick summary of how S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats could affect character creation:

  • Strength
    • Carry Weight
    • Melee Damage
    • Melee Weapons Skill
  • Perception
    • Energy Weapons Skill
    • Explosives Skill
    • Lockpick Skill
  • Endurance
    • Health
    • Resistances
    • Big Guns Skill
    • Unarmed Skill
  • Charisma
    • NPC Attitude
    • Barter Skill
    • Speech Skill
  • Intelligence
    • Skill Points Per Level
    • Medicine Skill
    • Repair Skill
    • Science Skill
  • Agility
    • VATS Action Points
    • Small Guns Skill
    • Sneak Skill
  • Luck
    • Critical Chance
    • All Skills

And here's a breakdown of what the Tag Skills can do for you:


Lowers the price of goods from vendors and repair from technicians. Not worth taking since you'll be swimming in caps later in the game, especially if you take the Fortune Finder or Scrounger perks.

Big Guns

Big Guns are the highest damage-dealing weapons in the game, bar none. Early on it can be difficult to get your hands on one, but a quick trip to the Mall should net you a Minigun or Missile launcher, both guaranteed to have enemies groveling before your feet. The all-mighty Fat Man is also based on Big Guns damage, and with the Experimental MIRV Fat Man you can easily top a thousand damage per shot with a decent Big Guns skill. The obvious downside here is that Big Guns are very heavy, and ammo can be hard to find.

Energy Weapons

Energy Weapons generally have higher damage than Small Guns, but are hard to find early in the game and ammo can be sparse. Plasma weapons do more damage than laser weapons, but laser weapons have the advantage of striking instantly instead of waiting for a projectile to strike. Points in Energy Weapons can be considered an investment for the future as they will make you highly formidable mid to late game.


Explosives are plentiful (nearly everyone has a grenade) and just plain fun. A high Explosives skill will also give you more time with which to disarm or avoid landmines, and is required for disarming certain traps.


Lockpick and Science are special skills in that their value are more or less unimportant, in so far as percentages. A high Lockpick gives you a higher percentage of successfully forcing a lock, but the Lockpicking "minigame" is so simple that you should never need to. The true importance is that every 25 points in Lockpicking gives you access to a new difficulty of locks, with a 100 Lockpicking score allowing you to attempt any lock in the game not mandated by a key.


Medicine affects how much health is gained by Stimpacks, as well as how much radiation is removed by RadAway, and the duration of drugs including Rad-X, Med-X, and the entire gamut of narcotics.

Melee Weapons

While initially it may seem that any gun skill would be preferable to Melee Weapons, an acute observer will find that only Big Guns and Explosives do more damage than a well-tuned Melee Weapon. Melee Weapons are also very plentiful, and can be absolutely devastating when combined with a good Sneak skill. Get your hands on a Super Sledge from the Mall, a Ripper from Andale or a Shishkebab from a Schematic as quickly as possible. You'll be glad you did.

Initially your Repair skill will be used for cannibalizing weapons together to improve their condition. Repair will begin to shine once you gain access to a Workbench and some Schematics; though a low Repair can be mitigated by gaining multiple copies of each Schematic.


Science, like Lockpicking, is only important in blocks of 25. Every 25 points give you access to more and more difficult terminals, with 100 points allowing you to attempt to hack any terminal in the game. When hacking, a high Science skill also determines how many possible passwords will be available on-screen for you to choose from.

Small Guns:

More or less the de facto combat skill for people who do not wish to specialize. The vast majority of firearms fall under this category, and they are indeed incredibly plentiful. Small Guns are eclipsed in damage by every other category of weapon, and are often very fragile. Take Small Guns if you never want to worry about ammo or finding a gun.


A high Sneak skill will cause your character to make less noise while sneaking, which can be offset by heavy armor, a heavy load of equipment, or having your light turned on. Note that Sneak does not make you invisible-that's reserved for the Stealth Boy. Sneaky players will delight in the Silent Running Perk, which increases movement speed while sneaking. A good combination of Sneak and Melee or Unarmed combat can create a truly formidable stealth assassin.


Speech is used to make Speech challenges against NPCs, often to sidestep quest requirements or gain better rewards from missions. A player with a high Speech can skip hours of tedious side quests, avoid difficult combat, and garner a ridiculous sum of caps very quickly.


Unarmed combat covers everything from bare fists, to brass knuckles, to the awe-inspiring Power Fist. Unarmed damage is directly affected by Strength to the tune of 0.5 damage per point of Strength. Don't forget about the easy 2 points of Strength garnered later in the game if you choose to wear Power Armor. The Iron Fist and Paralyzing Palm Perks can greatly increase the efficacy of Unarmed combat as well.

In addition to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and Tag skills, you can choose Perks as you level up that give bonus effects and provide a much more focused specialization in the process of developing your desired character type. Perks benefit you in a variety of ways, and it's best if you look through them carefully-even the ones you do not yet have access to- and pick ones that compliment your character. Certain Perks require prerequisites, so it's important to look ahead and make sure it's possible to get the ones you want.

VATS Combat

Learn to love VATS--you'll need it.
Learn to love VATS--you'll need it.

While you can go around targeting everything via your target reticle and still be able to fight effectively, you will be ignoring a major function of Fallout 3's combat system: VATS, shorthand for Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. Accessing VATS allows you to pause the action and put a bead on specific body parts of the target while displaying the percentage chance on specific regions of the target's body on which you can land a successful hit. This percentage is calculated from your proficiency with the equipped weapon, your distance from the target, and availability of exposed regions on the target. The more "covered up" the region is, the lower the percentage.

This targeting system is heavily rooted in realism in that aiming for certain limbs offers a certain degree of tactical flexibility. For instance, striking a target's say, legs, hard enough could cripple him, causing him to limp toward you and decrease his movement speed. Headshots deal the most amount of damage depending upon the enemy and could stand a bigger chance of a critical, one-shot kill. When dealing with tough enemies or an enemy brandishing a deadly weapon, a good tactic is to always go for the arms or the weapon itself. This should emasculate the once-fearsome enemy considerably, and you can laugh off his weak punches as you pummel his face.

As long as your Action Points (AP) permit, you can take multiple steps during your slow-motion attack animation, but you will have to wait for your AP to regenerate before being able to take further actions. The other reason to use VATS is a neat bonus 15% chance of a critical hit on top of that hidden number derived from Luck, certain Perks, and other hidden bonuses.


The game's story is very involved in that your decisions alone will determine how certain things pan out. Many of the dialog choices you are given have Karmic-related repercussions that aren't made apparent until at a later stage in the game. You can have either Good, Neutral or Bad Karma depending on your actions throughout the course of your adventuring.

Pretty much anything can positively or negatively impact your Karma. Killing someone, making choices that may be hurtful to the other party, stealing, etc. all drop your Karma. Conversely, if you choose to lead a virtuous life, you probably could go with your gut instinct of always doing the "right" thing to garner good Karma.

Karma influences you in several ways during your game and has a hand in determining your final ending sequence as well. It modifies the kind of dialog choices you receive when interacting with certain evil or good-aligned individuals (this can either be beneficial or detrimental), causes people with an opposing Karma to want to kill you, and allows you easier or harder access to certain regions of the Wasteland.

You should probably decide before you start making any major decisions whether you want to go the evil, neutral or good route.

Lockpicking & Hacking

We mentioned earlier in the Statistics section that the Lockpick and Science Skills have somewhat of a narrow impact on lockpicking and hacking themselves. Both of these are featured in their own "minigame" of sorts, but accessing these minigames are dependent on the current level of the Skills.


You need a Bobbypin for starters and the basic know-how. If you know what you are doing, you shouldn't ever need a second Bobbypin. When your view switches to a magnified view of the lock, you are given control of both the screwdriver and the Bobbypin. The point of these movements is to wiggle either in a certain direction without applying too much force that the Bobbypin breaks until the lock clicks open. This takes a bit of practice to get the general feel of it.


Once you've gained access to a terminal, a hodgepodge of numbers, symbols and words in a seemingly randomized arrangement appears on the screen. You have a finite number of attempts before the terminal locks you out permanently. How in the world are you able to decipher the password from this scrambled mess? Hidden in the jumbled text block somewhere lies the correct password. If you look carefully at the massive wall of text, you can make out actual English words. One of these is the password!

As your first step, you need to pick any word at random, at which point you are given a fraction (number of letters correct out of a total number of letters in the word). It is extremely important-to your becoming a skilled hacker-to note that the number of letters correct signifies the same number of letters located in the same place of the correct password. For example, if you are given the fraction 4/8 for the word "Question," this means the password also shares a -tion ending, which comprises four letters and can easily be the suffix of many other words.

Once you have an idea through the process of elimination, you can factor the number of possible words versus the number of attempts left. If the former outnumbers the latter, you will need a second or possibly third guess to narrow your choices further. If you're down to one attempt left and still aren't sure of the answer, it's better to power down the terminal and turn it back online for a brand new puzzle set.

Tip! There's a trick to either restoring a lost attempt or eliminating one of your choices from the text block. Look for enclosed brackets either in >, (, [ or { form, and scroll over the open bracket. If it highlights the whole thing, you've found this code anomaly! Not all terminals will have these, so don't waste too much time searching for them.

General Tips

Save! SAVE!

Perhaps the most important skill to learn of all is saving your game. While the game is set by default to automatically save your game upon entering new areas, you should make it a habit to save as often as possible and create new save files as you see fit. It's especially important to save before you make a bold decision that may end in lasting, unwanted consequences, so if things go awry you could easily go back and set things the way you want them to turn out.

Use VATS whenever possible.

Not necessarily for combat, but for finding out if enemies are in the vicinity, shooting Grenades mid-air, and refining your aim on the target as some examples. The system itself is quite versatile. Even if you no longer have AP points to spend in VATS, you can quickly access VATS to hold the target in view, and by the time you zoom out of VATS you have the target in the dead-center of your reticle.

Use quest markers.

The Capital Wasteland is a big place, so it's easy to get lost. The developers knew this when they designed a little GPS of sorts in the form of a quest marker located at the bottom left of the screen along with your compass. As long as you have the current quest selected in your Pip-boy, your quest marker will tell you where to go.

Weight is a heavy factor.

In your freedom of mobility. The lighter your carrying load, the faster you will run. You run faster even with a weapon unequipped. Technically, you can run around butt naked, but you wouldn't last very long. Depending upon your Strength, your weight limit can be reached more easily as you pick up more and more items. Once you reach your carrying capacity, you become what the game calls overencumbered and begin to move more sluggishly. At this point, you really need to sift through your inventory and decide what can be disposed of. Or...

Put points in Repair.

All of your equipment degrades over time, with the speed of degradation dependent on your skill in using them; this means if you suck with a weapon it breaks down faster. This is where the Repair skill becomes useful because you will undoubtedly come across many replicas of the item with which you can use to Repair said item. When you are overencumbered and can no longer run, instead of forcing yourself to dump potentially useful items try combining them to repair an item.

Sleep As Much As You Can.

Not only does sleeping get you fully rested, it also gives you bonus gains to your experience for the short amount of time you are well rested. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get the peaceful state of mind needed to sleep if there are enemies within the vicinity.

Loot Everything.

But be selective about what you actually keep in your inventory. With weapons, weigh factors such as weight versus potential damage dealt before you decide to put it in reserve for future use. Hoard items such as Bottle Caps, Pre-War Money, food and drink items, and-if you know or have schematics-the parts to your schematics.

Cars Explode.

So do a lot of other environmental objects that contain flammable objects. As such, you could use these to your advantage to wipe out a staggering number of enemies-or at least inflict a massive amount of damage-at the same time by introducing these destructible objects to open fire or bullets. On the same token, you too can take a ton of damage if you happen to be caught in the explosion as well. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the explosion.


Fallout 3 is a game of numerous choices. As such, it should be no surprise to you, the reader, that we may have gone about a different method of play from your own in our walkthrough. We strive to provide the reader with more than one angle of approach and point these out wherever possible, but we stick to what we deem as the best possible and easiest method for us at the time. Of course, there's a caveat. With character customization (skills, equipment, stats, etc.) as an extreme variable that differs from player to player, it's difficult to tailor strategies for specific character types and styles of play. Regardless, you should find the walkthrough adequate for helping you with certain choices and guidance in case you ever lose your way in the Wasteland.

Since many of the items found within your play-through can differ (and believe us, you'd be surprised by the sheer amount of useless crap lying around a nuclear wasteland), the walkthrough bolds only those items that are either very helpful, crucial in helping you advance, or things we found that were at least worth noting.


Baby Steps

  • Walk to Dad
  • Open the playpen's gate
  • Exit the playpen
  • Look at the "You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L." book

Although you're free to skip through it, the game's introductory sequences properly sets the dark and foreboding overtones of this post-apocalyptic RPG shooter. In any case, this woeful tale of nuclear war begins with the birth- quite literally-of the protagonist at which point the player gets to appoint the sex of the newborn, the name, and all his or her facial features. Spend some time exploring Fallout's character customization as this is how your character will look for the rest of the game. For the sake of remaining consistent throughout the walkthrough, we will often refer to the protagonist-your character-as a he.

In the next sequence, one year has passed. Your character's father, James, stands in the playpen nearby and beckons you over. The little trickster! Luckily, in the centuries of human evolution, they still have not yet perfected safe, infant-proof playpens. Once you've left the confines of the playpen by moving toward the gate and following the in-game prompt, head over to the colorful storybook lying next to the toys' chest.

Here is where you can distribute a total of 33 points across a board of various attributes that correlate highly with your own style of play or desired character type (brute strength melee character, ranged shooter, etc.). There are really 40 points total, but each stat must hold at least 1 point in reserve. We advise against averaging out your points and trying to be good at everything because the sad truth is that you won't be. We also discourage placing more than 8 points in any one stat, as 8 is about as good as you want to be in that particular discipline.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book runs quickly by all the attributes in an amusing manner, but fail to elaborate exactly on how your character is affected by them. Fortunately, we've already outlined the ins and outs of these stats in the Basics section already, so peruse that if you're unsure of how to allocate your points. A combination of Strength and Endurance, for example, creates a powerhouse in melee combat. Feel free to experiment because you will be allowed to alter the allotment of your points later on.

James eventually returns to the room after a few moments of exploring the little room and shares your mother's favorite passage with you before going off into the hallway.

Growing Up Fast

  • Enjoy the party and speak with the guests
  • Meet Jonas on the Reactor Level
  • Shoot all three targets with the BB Gun
  • Use the BB Gun to kill the Radroach

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!

It's your tenth birthday's surprise party, and you receive a Pip-boy as a commendation of this momentous milestone. The Pip-boy measures your character's progress from his current level and stats to sorting out his inventory; get used to using it a lot. Amata, one of your friends, stands nearby and gives your present, Grognak the Barbarian, no matter how you respond to her. Access this comic through the Pip-boy and gain +1 to Melee Weapons. Old Lady Palmer also baked a Sweet Roll for you, but that will be taken away by the rather unfriendly Butch. You can respond to him however you like too. Chat up the rest of your party attendees.

Finally too eager to wait any longer to give you the surprise gift of a lifetime, your father asks you to go see Jonas on the Reactor Level. The Reactor Level is located on a lower level. If you head to the upper level, you can pickpocket some Stimpacks from the security guard there. After speaking with Jonas, James arrives to gift you a BB Gun and shows you some good practice grounds on which to try the new toy out.

Successfully strike one of the three targets three times near the back wall and exterminate the Radroach that appears either by normally aiming at it or with Fallout's unique VATS targeting engine. You can read more on this rather advanced combat system in the Basics section. Finish off this tenth year story sequence by snapping a photo with dad.

Future Imperfect

  • Get to class and talk to Mr. Brotch about the G.O.A.T.
  • Sit down and take the G.O.A.T.
  • Turn in the G.O.A.T. to Mr. Brotch
  • Exit the classroom

As a perfectly healthy now sixteen-year-old, your character must take the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test (G.O.A.T.) to determine what occupation he is most suited for, a conclusion based on how you answer a variety of questions (more on that in a bit). Scroll through all the response options to gain a bit of insight into the immersive story and choose the last option to let your father be. Grab the first bobblehead Bobblehead Medicine from his work desk and head out to the corridor-there's nothing much else to do here.

Outside the classroom, the overly obnoxious Butch and his silly little gang of sycophants, collectively called the Tunnel Snakes, mercilessly badger long-time friend Amata. Hey, look it's the Fonz! Really? Leather jackets and a 1950s hairdo in the year 2277? Geez, these guys don't get out much.

When you accost Butch in Amata's defense, he tosses a bunch of threats around and ultimately leaves you with two options: help Amata or beat it. However you choose to settle the brewing situation with Butch you will be positively or negatively affected either by the gain or loss of karma based on your choices. Playing the hero card will net you some karma, of course. Karma has somewhat of an impact on the game, including what quest or dialog options are available to you. Decide now how you want to align yourself. The easiest way here is to just utilize diplomacy by selecting the first option when prompted, and avoid bloodying your fists.

Take your seat in the classroom, and the GOAT will begin shortly, although you can skip the test altogether if you can cleverly talk your way out of it. The results of the GOAT lets the game calculate what Tag Skills you start out proficiently in based on the answers you give to a series of ludicrous questions that may or may not make sense to you. Choose the answer you think fits you best, and have fun with it.

Speak with Mr. Brotch at his desk in the front of the classroom to immediately get your test results. If you're not happy with the job title he stuck you with, you can now manually comb through the Tag Skills page and select the three skills you want your character to be proficient in. We suggest taking up skills such as Speech, Medicine, Repair, Melee Weapons, etc. to start out with.

Take confidence in your new skills and leave the classroom to end the tutorial sequences of the game.


  • Enter the Overseer's Office.
  • Use the Overseer's computer to access the secret tunnel.
  • Escape the Vault

The game finally begins proper. Amata jostles you awake and brings you up to speed on the past three years-well, more like last couple minutes. The most disconcerting news though are that your father has left the supposedly impregnable Vault, and now the Overseer is really pissed. Amata has devised a plan to escape and hands you 10 Bobby Pins and a 10mm pistol with rounds. You are to rendezvous with Amata at her father's computer.

Note: If you plan to complete all the side quests, you may want to hold off on getting the gun from Amata for now. It will also make it easier for you to proceed past a certain point in a little bit. We'll touch on it again when we get there.

Collect your meager possessions from your room, including a baseball bat, the BB gun, and some health items from the first aid kit. Don't forget to check the dresser, too, for a couple of more nostalgic items. Equip the bat for now-it's a good roach-basher and anything-basher for the first few levels. In the hallway, you are stopped almost immediately by one of the Overseer's guards, who almost just as quickly gets overtaken by Radroaches. You can use this opportunity to run past him, through the adjacent door or beat him over the head with the bat.

Within a few moments of running through the Vault, Butch frantically asks you to help out his mom. You can help him out yourself, bolster his confidence so he storms off to fight off the Radroaches himself or leave his mom to die. Of course, karma gains can be had based on your choices here. Regardless of your decision, you need to get the hell out of here!

You bump into two friendly familiar faces, Officer Gomez and Stanley, who support you in your efforts to escape. Head towards the Vault's Atrium and witness two Vault dwellers rush into the next corridor, where some hostile forces mercilessly take them down. Search the nearby room for a few items. Sneak past the guards or engage them in battle. Rifle their fallen bodies for Vault 101 Security Armor and Vault 101 Security Helmet as well as a number of extra pistol rounds and a police baton. Equip the armor and the helmet for an armor boost.

The only other way you can go from here is through the door that tries to close. A heavy blow with the bat should squash the Radroaches. If you are in need of health, eat up the Radroach Meat you find off their rotting corpses and proceed onward. Remember to collect as much food as you can right now in preparation of the ventures outside the Vault. Further up, you run into the security chief and a distressed Amata who's currently being interrogated by her very own father and one of his goons. You can sneak by them or run in and save her. Don't kill the Overseer if you can help it because he's a vital character in a later side quest.

Note: If you previously told Amata to hold onto the gun, she uses it to defend herself in the interrogation room. Speak with the appalled Overseer afterward, who is reluctant to give up the information to his terminal at first but after a deadly threat to his only family, his daughter, he passes on the Overseer's Terminal Password but not before commenting on your twisted, sick mind. Talk to Amata in the Overseer's lounge for the pistol.

Inside the room past Amata's interrogation chamber lies Jonas' dead body, which you can loot for a few items. The door to the Overseer's office is locked, but it can easily be broken into with a small grasp of lockpicking. The key to it can also be gotten one of three ways: from the Overseer's corpse, from saving Amata, or from the dresser in the Overseer's room. Once broken into the Overseer's computer room, check the lockers for a variety of items, including the Overseer's Terminal Password--gotten if you didn't off the Overseer earlier.

Unless you're proficient in Science and thus hacking computers, you probably want to go ahead and use the terminal password to gain access to the computer. Order the computer to open the Vault tunnel, and the Overseer's work desk rises in response, revealing a set of stairs leading underground. Continue down and through these dusty corridors, activating a panel here and there, and finally open the Vault door. Make a run for sweet freedom before the guards gun you down!

You can modify your character from his race to his Tag Skills before leaving Vault 101 for good.

Following in His Footsteps


  • Investigate the nearby town of Megaton for information about Dad
  • peak to Colin Moriarty about Dad
  • Find Galaxy News Radio
  • Retrieve the Fat Man from the dead Brotherhood soldier
  • Help defeat the Super Mutant Behemoth
Your escape from the Vault opens your eyes to the world outside, one that has been ravaged by nuclear warfare. Your father must have left the Vault for a damn good reason, and you're determined to discover that reason. The only lead right now is the city of Megaton, one of the only surviving civilizations in the remains of the United States' former capital. You are free to pretty much head anywhere at this point, but keep in mind that the vast open barrens of the Wastelands remain unfriendly to novice adventurers.

The Alien Blaster

If you're bold enough, you can actually get this powerful weapon at this early stage in the game.

Due north of MDPL-13 Power Station, around the northern end of the Capital Wasteland, is an uncharted alien crash landing site. The immediate surrounding area gives off a steady +1 Rad/sec emission of radiation, so expect to be bombarded with radiation damage as you explore the derelict spacecraft. You can return when you've acquired some Rad-X or some Rad protective gear if you'd like, but they're not really necessary.

Make your movements quick and unhesitating. You just need to stop by the body of the little space alien dude and claim the Alien Blaster and its corresponding Alien Power Cells. Congratulations, you now have one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Unfortunately, the ammo is very limited, though for a reason because then the game would be too easy. This weapon basically stamps a guaranteed death across all those who are foolish enough to look you in the eye funny.

In-between the Vault exit and your next destination you discover the ruins of Springvale. There's not much you can do here for the moment except explore the totaled environs and scavenge the blue U.S. Postal Station mailbox for some Jet, Psycho and Frag Grenades and a few other places for miscellaneous items. When scrounging around the Wastelands for useful items, bear in mind the weight cost versus the Bottle Caps value of the items you pick up. You mainly want to collect items that replenish health, weapons and items that can be sold handsomely for Caps, the form of currency accepted in the Wastelands.

Move on to Megaton by following the hastily painted road signs that start near the Nuka-cola vending machine. Megaton is a large metal structure that opens up as you approach and apparently houses a bomb (from which the city got its name) that for the moment remains dormant. On your first visit to Megaton, you are approached by Lucas Simms, the town's sheriff and mayor, who helps get you comfortable with your new surroundings. Feel free to ask him a bunch of questions, which eventually point you to Moriarty's saloon.

Locate Moriarty in the saloon and chat him up. He talks of your father as if he knew him for ages, which as it turns out is true. A wave of shocking discoveries crash through the ceiling of your feeble mind that has spent nineteen years shielded from the truth and reality. If your Speech is high enough, you can extract the information you need from Moriarty with little effort by telling a little lie. Otherwise, you have to pay up a small nominal fee in exchange for the possible whereabouts of your father. Or sneak into the saloon from the back, get your hands on Moriarty's Password from the metal box and then hack into his terminal, where he keeps records of people he's encountered or has an opinion about, for a clue.

Pay from Silver

If you plan on ferreting info out of Moriarty through a bribe, you're gonna need to come up with the Caps, and here's one of those ways. While you already passed Springsvale and have already decided the town is pretty deserted, save for the school that is Raider's territory, you might have missed one former Megaton resident who now resides in the quiet town. Silver lives in a small house in the northwest part of town, and won't be too thrilled by your sudden visit. She asks why you're here.

You can either kill her and plunder her home, or pass a Speech check that will net you 400 Caps. 100 of that will go to Moriarty, though, if you still choose to pay for information that you can easily acquire through other methods.

Based on Moriarty's crucial tip, it looks like your father's headed toward the Galaxy News Radio station, located far to the east. You can start hoofing it there immediately...if you want to get killed. The unfriendly denizens to the east are far stronger than any enemy you have encountered thus far, and chances are, you are ill-equipped to defend yourself against them. You are going to need to increase your level and carry stronger weapons for the next undertaking. At this point, we suggest going on some of the side quests scattered around. Refer to the Sidequests section for those.

To help you get started, let's get you some much needed Caps. A good way to make some quick Caps and good Karma (if that's your thing) is to speak with the town's water plant technician, Walters, who can be found either at the Water Processing Plant or at Moriarty's Saloon. Note that if you particularly lucky, you may not be able to find this NPC at all because the game can be glitchy like that. Walters sends you to find and fix three leaks around town. These leaks can be distinguished by their obvious spewing of water from the rusty pipes. The leaks are located near the entrance along the left side, on the roof of the Children of the Atom building, and on the path leading up to the left of the Children of the Atom building. Ever grateful for your labor, Walter gives you 200 Caps and opens up offers of additional Caps for selling him Scrap Metal that you come across. The good Karma route would have you turn down his shiny Caps.

Galaxy News Radio Station is settled far to the east of Megaton. There's a higher chance of encounters with some of the more dangerous Wasteland inhabitants as you hike there. You will find yourself in Super Mutant territory, but don't let that fact rain on your parade. Ideally, we'd like you to be at the very least level 5 before continuing. GNR should be on your map, but there are several ways to get there. We chose to pass through the network of tunnels, sewers and underground train stations starting at Farragut West Metro Station.

In the Metro ruins, you can attempt to hack the computer terminal to activate a Protectron, a hulking robot designed to terminate enemies and one that quickly becomes a useful and powerful bodyguard of sorts, provided you have a Metro Ticket to show. The tickets can be found littered all over the station, from filing cabinets, garbage cans, etc. The former capital's underground are prime hosts for various yet simple booby traps, so exercise caution when traversing the underground stations.

Winding through the labyrinths of this underground network, you eventually arrive at a gate with Feral Ghouls waiting on the other side. Since the gate still stands as a barrier between you and the immediate threats, turn your attention first to the office on the left. While rummaging through the worn furniture, you will find Rad-X, Rad Away, Shotgun Shells and even the awesome Laser Pistol. Of chief importance through is the Metro Utility Gate Key, which opens the gate and exit without lockpicking them.

Remember the Feral Ghouls? Well, they haven't gone anywhere. Back up and toss a grenade over the fence to send the Feral Ghouls flailing around in a fiery flame. Shazzam, no more enemies. Locate the Tenley/Friendship Station exit to enter this adjoining metro station. Your quest arrow guides you through these rather confusing subterranean networks of tunnels, and you eventually emerge from the metro station and resurface at Chevy Chase.

Galaxy News Radio Station is nigh, but you will now unavoidably run into packs of-oh, joy-Super Mutants! Luckily for you though, you bump into a group of rugged Brotherhood of Steel members, whom you could now use as buffers against those Super Mutants. Good for you, perhaps if you are timid, low on health or not properly equipped, but bad if you want any of the precious experience gleaned from killing Super Mutants. Leech some of the experience by lending a hand in terminating as many Super Mutants as possible.

Talk to Sentinel Lyons to tag along on this ride. As you run through the nigh-decimated remains of Chevy Chase, loot any fallen Brotherhood of Steel warriors for their highly valuable wares, such as the very robust Power Armor, which you cannot immediately don at the moment. Follow them as they escort you the final stretch to Galaxy News Radio Station and help them clear out Super Mutants around the GNR Building Plaza whenever possible.

Check the body of the Brotherhood of Steel in the fountain for a Fat Man and Mini Nukes. What in the name of the Fonz could this guy be possibly needing this for? The answer to that question soon comes rampaging through the road debris-a Super Mutant Behemoth! Equip the Fat Man and back the hell up! The splash damage from this weapon covers a large radius and could easily kill you. Help the pinned down Brotherhood fend off this raging monstrosity with extra care not to kill members of the Brotherhood as well.

Once the dust has settled from the calamity, check around to rifle the various corpses for goods. When ready, approach the GNR entrance and access the intercom to open the door. Three Dog, the dulcet voice of the nuclear wasteland, can be found upstairs. If you have a particularly high Speech skill, you could prod him to spill the beans by keeping the conversation civil and telling him your dad will help with the Good Fight.

Otherwise, Three Dog drops a new but optional (optional because we'd just tell you to continue to the Vault 112) quest on you that provides loot and especially good experience, so we highly recommend penciling this in your agenda. Whether you choose this undertaking or not is up to you. Unfortunately, the area in which the quest takes place is fraught with peril in the likes of Super Mutants and other equally dangerous inhabitants.

Galaxy News Radio

  • Find Museum of Technology
  • Retrieve the Communications Relay Dish
  • Find the Washington Monument
  • Speak to Three Dog about Dad

Three Dog wants his voice extended to the outer reaches of the D.C. ruins, but in order to do that he's going to need a new relay dish. That new dish can be found and dragged over here from the antiquated Museum of Technology. The Museum of Technology happens to be smack dab in the middle of the Mall, a place overrun by Super Mutants. Goodie. Set Three Dog's new quest on your Pip-boy for the quest marker and start taking one of several routes to the Washington Monument and Museum of Technology. Most of these routes involve going underground, so again, we advise caution when exploring the traps-laden underground tunnels.

Since you're about to dive headfirst into regions densely populated by Super Mutants and several of their deadly variants, we suggest you be at least level 10 by the time you begin this undertaking.

We went first to the Chevy Chase East Metro Station. A Nuka Cola vending machine to be ransacked and a few rabid Feral Ghouls here. Head to the upper levels and through the gate to Dupont Northeast. You may notice land mines on the ground, which strangely resemble modern day smoke detectors. Disarm them by running over them and picking them up really fast. The higher your Explosives skill, the longer you have to pick 'em up before they explode in your face. Continue to Dupont Circle Station, where you immediately run into a few Super Mutants. This eventually, through some winding and convoluted tunnels, leads to the Museum of Technology by way of the Mall.

Emerging from the Metro Station, you lay eyes upon the disheartening remnants of some of the Capital's most famous historical buildings and prepare to encounter more Super Mutants that have set up watches around the entrance to the Museum. The door to the Museum of Technology Atrium is situated to the right, from where you come out of the Metro. Get your weapon at the ready-Super Mutants await in the immediate vicinity! Two of them to be more specific.

As always, there are plenty of spoils to plunder from the information kiosk and from the Nuka Cola vending machine located around the corner, but the main point of interest within this room comes in the form of the Musuem Information Terminal. When you access it, you notice a menu item marked #000. Odd! Closer investigation discloses a secret correspondence between some guy named Prime and Jigg. Back in the main menu the last menu option now becomes #001. When selected, you are presented with more numbers.

This little brain-teaser involves some knowledge of prime numbers (basic mathematics). Basically, out of the four numbers given only one of them is a prime number as well as the correct "solution." Nothing happens at first when you give the correct answer, but you will be happy to know there are four of these kinds of terminals located throughout the Museum, with the last one-upon solving it-surrendering a map location of some secret loot.

Jigg's Stash!

In case you've forgotten your prime numbers or are just too lazy, here are the solutions.

Terminal NumberSolution
#004#Get Passcode

Unlock the adjacent safe wall to get Gun Locker Key, 200 Caps, and Chems. The key you just obtained gives you access to a weapons cache in the planetarium office, where you'll find an assortment of ammo and great weapons. If you head to the Jury Street Metro and search the body outside the diner, you get 500 Caps and the Xuanlong Assault Rifle. Interestingly enough, since this unique weapon isn't exactly in ample supply around the Wasteland, you can use Chinese Assault Rifles to repair it, too.

Head for the Vault tour on the second story and meander through the reminiscent surroundings. When you exit the tour, head into the Museum of Technology West Wing. Some Super Mutants patrolling on different floors: top-most and two on the lower two levels. The dish you're looking for is propped up on the Virgo II Lunar Lander, under a suspended biplane. There are several ways to get there: through the planetarium or from one of two routes originating from the Delta IX exhibit. The planetarium, upon your arrival, automatically activates and prompts a few Super Mutants to come out of hiding. To take care of them, you could run into the nearby office and use the doorway as a choke point to handle them in a more controlled manner. Also make a quick note of the gun cabinet; you will be able to find the key to unlock it if you take the time to run through the Museum Information Terminals. Once you've got the Virgo II Dish in tow, it's time to jettison.

Back outside in the Mall area, look for the giant stone phallus that is the Washington Monument in the distance. As you approach, pump your fists in the air for the knightly Brotherhood of Steel have set up a fortified outpost surrounding the monument. They help a heap if you've got Super Mutants hot on your trail. Access the terminal to gain entry and take the elevator up, where you should proceed to hook the dish up to the radio transmitter contraption. Now you can report to Three Dog of your success.

Based on the information gleaned from Three Dog's spiel, your father is in Rivet City looking for a Doctor Li. With nothing other than a picture of the good doctor to offer, Three Dog bids you on your way.

Three Dog's Cache If you ignored the Galaxy News Radio and have already advanced the storyline on the whereabouts of your father either by heading directly to Rivet City or Vault 112, you can return to Three Dog, who now altruistically offers Three Dog's Cache Key, the keys to his weapons stash located in Hamilton's Hideaway. From within, you can lay claim to all of the following: Frag Grenades, Stealth Boy, Assault Rifle, Mini-Nuke, Chems and various ammo.

Scientific Pursuits


  • Talk to Doctor Li about Dad and Project Purity
  • Look for Dad in Project Purity's Control Room
  • Search Dad's holotapes for clues to his location
  • Put on a Vault 112 suit
  • Sit in the unoccupied "Tranquility Lounger"

Note: Again, pursuing this main quest is entirely optional, but you will miss out on a bunch of quests and chances for great loot and experience if you skip it. We'd advise against it.

Rivet City has settled way out in the southeast corner of the map. The city is basically an old aircraft carrier on the Potomac River transformed into living space. You can't reach it immediately, as you must first cross a bridge that is rotated towards you upon interacting with the security intercom. A guy on the other side questions your intentions, but answer appropriately and you'll be let in without further questions. Tell him you are here for Doctor Li and her research.

Once inside follow the signs to the Science Lab, where you can speak to a number of scholarly individuals including Doctor Li herself, who is calmly watching a heated conversation between Anna Holt and Dr. Zimmer. If you speak with Dr. Zimmer afterward, you can choose to help him out with his little android problem and thus initiate a side quest.

Doctor Li recognizes you as your father's offspring and points you to the Jefferson Memorial, the site of your father's old research lab. Feel free to pick her brains about Project Purity, your parents, and the general water situation around the Wasteland. Of main interest, though, is the Bobblehead - Intelligence sitting on the work station near Anna Holt.

Jefferson Memorial, a circular building with a dome-shaped rooftop located just outside of Rivet City, is crawling with Super Mutants. Move across the ramp and enter the Jefferson Memorial Museum and Gift Shop. Through these corridors, you encounter a few baddies, including a Centaur and the ubiquitous Super Mutants. Your exact objective for now remains unclear, but continue crawling through and hacking your way through the muties until you arrive in the Gift Shop. There you can scrounge up some health items from the First Aid box as well as some ammo.

The gigantic tank and structures within the Rotunda, collectively called Project Purity, not only is home to a couple more muties but also to Holotapes left by your father. Listen to the Holotapes, specifically Journal Entry 10, for your next destination, Vault 112. You need only Entry 10 to know where your father is, but there are thirteen Holotapes total hidden throughout. They are completely optional but can be fun to listen to if you're interested at all in the backstory. Now's also a good time to scour the Memorial, both outside and inside, for any surviving Super Mutants since you will be asked to do so later.

Tipped off by your father's recordings, you now head for Vault 112, which is hidden under Smith Casey's Garage, deep in the Wasteland to the west. Locate the switch that opens the trap door leading underground and flip the switch to slide open the massive Vault door. An oddity known as Robobrain stops you from proceeding further and orders you to throw on the proper Vault 112 garb. With no other choice than to abide, put on the Vault 112 jumpsuit and head to the "Tranquility Lounger." Huh.

Enter a vacant Tranquility Lounger and be prepared to be tripped the freak out.

Tranquility Lane

  • Find Dad
  • Find and speak to Betty
  • Make Timmy Nesbaum cry
  • Break up the Rockwell's marriage without killing either of them
  • Arrange a creative death for Mabel Henderson
  • Retrieve the mask and knife from behind the Abandoned House
  • Exit Tranquility Lane

If you haven't already noticed, each Vault was designed as a separate experiment. Vault 101 never opens, whereas Vault 112 spiritually transports its inhabitants to a sepia-toned virtual reality, where they can proceed to live out their lives in ignorance and complete bliss. Folks, this is Tranquility Lane, where peace and happiness never ends...until now.

Now a part of this crazy simulation, you enter this virtual world as a little boy. Seek out a little girl by the name of Betty who's currently frolicking in the playground in the middle of this small neighborhood. A few words in, and it should be made crystal clear that this little girl is not as she seems; there's something truly sadistic about her, an observation confirmed as truth when she asks you to make Timmy Neusbaum cry. Hold on here! Let's back up a sec.

Following Betty's insane requests will cause you take drastic hits to your Karma (if you're trying to uphold good), so if you've rather not go down this negative Karma path we've offered the alternative, lesser-known positive Karma route as well.

Note: Whatever the case may be, don't attempt to hurt Betty in any way, shape or form, or she will go crazy psycho killer on you and strike you dead on the spot. No joke.

Good Karma

Ignore Betty's sick pleasure in making people's lives miserable. Everyone laughs off your insane ramblings about all this being a fantasy, but there's one person in Tranquility Lane who knows the truth. Visit Old Lady Dithers in her house. She points you to the Abandoned House. This house appears differently from the others and houses a few common but random objects that emit a certain chime when messed with. Activate them in the following order: radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, cinder block, gnome, and finally bottle.

The correct sequence gives you access to Vault 112's Auxiliary Command Terminal. How quaint! You have a few options here, but you want to go for the Chinese Invasion Program, which prompts a, well, Chinese invasion upon the once-peaceful Tranquility Lane. All the residents end up dead, though not by your hands so you leave Tranquility Lane with your Karma (and sanity) intact after speaking with a disappointed Betty.

Bad Karma

You couldn't give two hoots about your Karma plus Tranquility Lane was starting to bore you. The first order of business, as stipulated by the evil-minded Betty, is to turn on the waterworks for lil Timmy! He can be found manning the lemonade stand on the curbside or in his resident. Easiest way to make him weep is to start pounding him the good old fashioned way. You could also lie to him about his parents getting a divorce if your Speech skill is high enough. Either way, head back to Betty when this has been accomplished.

Incidentally, Betty subsists on making people's lives miserable. The Rockwell's marriage has been on shaky ground as of late, and Betty knows this. She'd like you to ruin their marriage for good without actually killing them. Strange request, but all right. Again, a few ways to do this. One, tell Janet that you witnessed Roger kissing another woman, at which point Janet throws a hissy fit and immediately goes after Martha Simpson. You may need a modicum Speech skill for this to work. The other way is to steal a pair of Martha's Lacy Underwear from her bedroom and plant it on Roger's desk. Once that has been done, you have two choices of illuminating Roger's wayward habits when you talk to Janet.

Now it gets ugly, and you may have to get your hands...dirtier. Mabel Henderson is the hapless broad who will be on the receiving end of your violence. Couple of ways to do her in, but really the easiest way is to go into her house and rig the oven to do things it shouldn't. Go find Mabel, who's probably lounging around the Simpson's residence, and praise her baking skills. Emboldened by your charming lie, she rushes to her house to bake something good but finds her plan waylaid by your devious little trap.

As your last task-to push your Karma over the edge-you must take on the role of an urban myth-inspired serial killer, the Pint-Sized Slasher. Find the appropriate tools of murder in the dog house behind the Abandoned House. Go hunt down all the doomed residents of Tranquility Lane and murder them in cold blood. Entertained and finally satisfied by your compliance, Betty finally lets you leave this virtual world via a door that materializes next to you.

Reunited with your father, you discover he plans to return to Rivet City. He will hoof it to Rivet City, and you can accompany your father if you'd like, but he can take care of himself for the most part. Just Fast Travel back to Rivet City.

The Waters of Life


  • Go to the Rivet City Science Lab
  • Join the scientists at Project Purity
  • Escort the scientists inside Project Purity
  • Turn on the Flood Control Pump Power
  • Get the fuses from Dad
  • Replace the damaged fuses
  • Boot up the mainframe
  • Speak with Dad over the intercom
  • Drain the intake pipes
  • Escort Doctor Li to the evacuation point
  • Escort Doctor Li through Taft Tunnel to the Citadel
  • Deal with Garza "situation"

If you Fast Traveled, you're way ahead of your slowpoke of a father and will need to wait an hour or two for him to lumber into the science lab. Once he arrives, speak with Doctor Li and your father, who urges everyone to return to Project Purity at the Jefferson Memorial.

Once inside the Memorial, patiently and agonizingly wait for your dad, who happens to be slower than turtles stampeding through molasses. It won't do if you try to rush him. Talk to him when he stops at the entrance to the Rotunda. Now shoot off the questions. To get the giant cogs of this machine working again, your father instructs you to first pump some floodwater out by activating the Flood Control Pump Power, located in the Memorial Sub-basement. If you happen to get lost whilst running errands for your lazy dad, you can turn to the intercoms stationed everywhere for guidance.

Look for arrows pointing toward the Flood Control. Activate the Flood Control Power Switch and return to your father. The fuse box is busted, so you need to bug your father about them. Given Fuses, you are to replace them in the shorted out fuse boxes downstairs. Return to the Sub-basement and retrace your steps as if you were heading back to the flood control, but opt to turn right instead. Head through the large chamber and into a corridor marked Fuse Access A1. Locate the fuse boxes on the wall and put the fuses in place.

All you need to do now is boot up the mainframe! Look for the sign marked Mainframe and enter to activate the Mainframe Power Switch on the mainframe itself. Once it is active, your father's voice crackles in the intercom and lovingly tells you of one other teeny thing you need to do: remove some blockage. Grumble, grumble. Carry yourself back to the Gift Shop, and from there move to the entrance doorway and make a right to a crumbled chamber with a grate in the floor. The Grate to Pump Control leads you through a claustrophobic tunnel and straight to a partly torn off, gated tunnel with the Pump Control valve on the right.

Upon successfully activating it, some unexpected visitors show up, the presence of which throw your father into a tumult. Static consumes the intercom, leaving you with a gnawing anxiety and desire in knowing just what the hell is going on! Crawl through the Grate to ease back into the Memorial, which by now is occupied by well-armored and well-equipped Enclave Soldiers. These guys can be stronger than Super Mutants in some sense since normal firepower barely dents their armor, plus the firepower they're packing can be quite devastating. Peek out of the tunnel to find the first Soldier beyond the mesh gate.

Drop down and head through the door, making a left at the first junction to come upon a mattress. Rest up! You will need it. Search the body of the freshly fallen Enclave Soldier for his powerful Enclave Power Armor, Enclave Power Helmet and possibly a Laser Rifle. You'll quickly find that the real drawback to the armor's hulking defense is its weight-it's heavy stuff. You need to be very selective about what you intend to pick up and keep.

Not surprisingly, the return trip to the Rotunda isn't a free ride, but when you get there bare witness to the corruption of the current United States government as Colonel Autumn demands that your father relinquish his life's work and property to the government. Within moments, the situation quickly escalates to a point that leaves you and Doctor Li with no other choice than to escape with your lives. Speak with Doctor Li and follow her as the both of you flee for your lives.

Doctor Li and three of her colleagues have managed to barely escape, but this is only the beginning. Now stuck in this dank underground escape tunnel you must guide Li and her frightened, defenseless cohorts through these terror-filled tunnels. Talk to the hysterical Li to get going. Keep in mind that these folks won't get anywhere without you leading them and making sure the going is safe. To make things worse, the Enclave Soldiers continue their pursuit with dogged perseverance.

Escort the scientists and clear the tunnels of nasty threats. You want to keep them alive (well, at the very least Li since she's an integral part of the story). Whenever possible halt your frantic group of sitting ducks and scout ahead to make it safer for them to cross. Eventually you come to a chamber with a second story, occupied by Enclave Soldiers. Have Doctor Li hack into the terminal to open the utility door, although you can hack it yourself as permitted by your current Science skill. At this point, more Enclave Soldiers pour in like it's Black Friday at Fry's Electronics.

Cut them down, making sure that you're always the main target. Since their Power Armor cannot easily be pierced, go for more headshots or the arm that carries the weapon. Continue through the Taft Tunnel. Doctor Li soon holds up the group and turns your attention to a sick Garza. Ultimately, you can choose how to deal with Garza's maladies and his delaying everyone else, but Li won't go anywhere until the situation has been dealt with. Either generously provide five Stimpaks or continue on, leaving Doctor Li momentarily behind to tend to Garza. Alternatively, you can-with considerable Speech skill-talk to Garza for several more tamed options or just put him out of his misery yourself to keep the group moving.

Keep pressing on with or without Garza, battling down Enclave Soldiers and the lesser Ghouls until you come to a large door that can be opened only via an adjacent switch. This is now ground protected by the fearless Brotherhood of Steel! Examine the shelves immediately in front of you for a bunch of freebies and proceed up the tunnel to the exit. Paladin Bael at the entrance, at first, denies you access into the Citadel, but after much hysterical shouting from Li the heavy metal doors promptly burst open, allowing you to escort these scientists (and a crazy lady) to safety and complete this quest line.

Picking Up The Trail


  • Ask Scribe Rothchild for pre-war computer access
  • Use the Vault-Tec computer in the Citadel Archives to learn the location of a G.E.C.K
  • Ask Scribe Rothchild for information about Vault 87
  • Search Lamplight Caverns for a way into Vault 87
  • Gain entrance to Paradise Falls and free all the child slaves

The air is tense as Doctor Li and the venerable Elder Lyons do a little "catching up." The Citadel is a fortified safe haven; here is where you also learn to finally equip those Power Armors you've been lugging around. Paladin Gunny is the guy to talk to about that; he can be found usually on the training grounds in the center of the Citadel, overseeing the recruit training. If you don't have a Power Armor on hand for some reason or another, you can Fast Travel back to GNR Building Plaza and loot them off of deceased Brotherhood members.

Note: You must first speak with Elder Lyons and request Power Armor training before Paladin Gunny will do anything.

Elder Lyons is a kind fellow. The conversation with him eventually leads you to speak with Scribe Rothchild. You may want to take the time to explore the expansive Citadel at this point. There's potentially much to do and see.

When ready, proceed down to the lower floor of the laboratory to find Scribe Rothchild. The normally knowledgeable man doubts the existence of G.E.C.K.s, but advises you to consult old Archives from the Vault-Tec terminal for further information. At the menu options of the Vault-Tec terminal, select DC Area Vault Listings, Vault 87 and then Equipment Issuances. With fresh new information, report to Rothchild about your findings. You now have a new destination: Little Lamplight. Vault 87 itself is highly irradiated and cannot be reached by normal means, and thus you must venture through the intermediate Lamplight Caverns.

Embark on the long trek to Lamplight Caverns. True to its name, this brightly lit underground passage carries you straight to a frail-looking barricade watched by some kid named Mayor MacCready. He's not so inclined to let you through unless you can pass a high Speech check, or you bring him back his friends from Paradise Falls. He'd also be more amicable if you have the Child at Heart perk.

Rescue From Paradise


  • Gain entrance to Paradise Falls
  • Find and speak with kidnapped Lamplighters
  • Connect the department store computer to the Paradise Falls secure network
  • Tell Squirrel the computer is now connected to the network
  • Arrange for Forty to be away from the slave pen
  • Tell Squirrel the guard has been distracted
  • Meet the children southwest of Paradise Falls

Incidentally, you have failed to earn MacCready's trust and now you have got to prove yourself. To do that, you're going to need to rescue three of his friends from Slavers in Paradise Falls. Set off for the town in the northeast. If you've previously discovered Arefu, that's a good place to Fast Travel to. If not, it's quite a long hike. Regardless, Paradise Falls proves to be a sort of impregnable fortress with only one way in. Move around the perimeter until you spot the hastily-erected barricade, which denotes the entrance to the place. A surly fellow named Grouse is the first person you interact with here.

Not easily persuaded by carefully crafted words, he wants a bribe of 500 Caps as an entry fee. Or, if you agree to help him out, you can begin the sidequest, "Strictly Business," which gives you access to Paradise Falls upon completion. Alternatively, if you have an evil slant, Grouse recognizes the eyes of a fellow corrupt human being and welcomes you to the Slaver community.

However you've successfully infiltrated the Slavers community, you are now looking for Sammy, Penny and Squirrel. Feel free to explore first, of course, as the captured children are in no hurry. There are a couple of noteworthy things we'd like to mention here. First of all, if you are doing The Nuka-Cola Challenge, you'll be happy to know there lays a large stash of Nuka Cola Quantums behind the stairs inside Eulogy's Pad. Also, there's a Bobblehead to be had in the southeast corner of the projector room. No doubt the number of goods to be procured from thorough exploration can be immense, but we'll leave that up to you.

Note: Hang on to those Nuka Cola Quantums if you haven't been already! These are a vital item to possess during the miscellaneous sidequest, The Nuka Cola Challenge.

As well, no scenario is complete in Fallout 3 without its usual array of choices that will lure you toward being good, evil or broke. You can begin one of several plans to free MacCready's buddies:

  • Barter with Eulogy Jones, offering 2000 Caps to buy all three children. You can haggle it down to 1200 if your Speech makes the cut.
  • Remove the children by force and letting guns do the talking.
  • Carry out Squirrel's plan.

The first two plans pretty much sum up the easy ways out. If you're keen on either saving your Caps or maintaining a good standing with positive Karma, you're left only with the third option. First speak with Sammy, who directs you to his friend Squirrel. The little genius has figured out a way to disable the collars and saving their heads-literally. Head for Eulogy's Pad and remain hidden from Eulogy as you approach the southeast corner of the projector room and access the Paradise Falls Main Terminal. Update Network Connections for Squirrel and return to him. If, for some reason, you cannot access the terminal, you can also head to the food area and repair the junction box on the northern wall for the same effect.

Note: If neither of these options can be executed, you must then free the children by way of the first two options.

With your help, Squirrel's plan moves along swimmingly, except there's just one hiccup in his grand scheme-the Slavers won't exactly let their property just waltz out of here with impunity. Luckily, the astute Squirrel has observed the complete lack of guards, save for one by the name of Forty, posted around the settlement at midnight, so wait until then to execute the final leg act of the plan.

Time your little nap to make sure you wake by midnight. It's time to lure Forty away from his post. Both methods involve a somewhat high Speech skill. You can drop implications of Forty's wage being higher than other guards when, in fact, it is not. This prompts Forty into thinking his services are horribly underappreciated, at which point he storms off to go negotiate with Eulogy. The other method is to speak with Crimson, a female slave, who offers "night-time" services at a cost of 100 Caps. This cost can be waived if you pass her Speech check.

Once either plan has been successful, the kids are a more than eager to escape-well, all except Penny. She doesn't want to leave her new friend behind. If you pass a Speech check which convinces the two boys to leave Penny behind, you will take a Karma dip. If you decide to help, you will preclude any chance of keeping friendly terms with the Slavers.

Incidentally, if you've got a high Speech, you can persuade Penny to leave Rory alone. If successful, she will leave Rory to his fate and move on. If not, Rory must be released from his confinements in the "Box," which can only be opened by a Paradise Falls Box Key. The key can be found on a table inside Eulogy's Pad, or be pick-pocketed from Forty or Eulogy. Freeing Rory seems to ends the same with his unfortunate death, so really it doesn't matter the effort you put in trying to rescue him as well. You won't incur any Karma damage if he dies; speak with Penny afterwards and follow her through the escape route.

Fast travel back to the insolent MacCready. He finally lets you through.

Picking Up the Trail


  • Enter Vault 87

Here we continue with the walkthrough and assume you have entered the main gate to Little Lamplight through whatever means necessary. At this point, you can ask him about getting to Vault 87. He warns of horrific monsters inhabiting the Murder Pass and offers to guide you to its awaiting jaws. There's another way in to Vault 87 that skips dealing with the muties, but you would need quite the proficiency in Science. If you've got the brains, then speak to MacCready and then to Joseph residing in the Great Chamber.

You need not be so hasty to skip ahead to Vault 87, as Little Lamplight holds some pretty interesting wares. Of particular importance is the party boy named Sticky as speaking to him initiates the Big Trouble in Big Town side quest line. Knick Knack in the souvenir shop also sells the much coveted Schematic: Bottlecap Mine. There are Holotapes to be found and a Bottlecap Mine on a work bench in the Great Chamber.

When ready to enter Vault 87, either head to the rear entrance gate to meet MacCready and brave Murder Pass, or have Joseph operate the terminal at the entrance to Vault 87 in a cavern called Nothin'! The latter, much safer path deposits you in Vault 87 without any messy encounters with vicious Super Mutants, but you would be missing out on some goodies and experience for sure. The choice is yours.

Finding the Garden of Eden


  • Retrieve the G.E.C.K.
  • Escape from Vault 87

Us, well, we opted out on the dangerous route and slipped in to Vault 87 quite easily all thanks to Joseph. In a chamber adjacent your initial chamber you will find a variety of spoils, among them a Stealth Boy and many other goodies. Take the time to access Peter Steven's Personal Journals and read through the entries if you wish. Lockpick the adjacent safe to loot some Caps and other useful items. Move on through the doorway to the south. If you ignore the corridor, open the hatch door in front of you, and follow it down to a dead end you come across a copy of Nikola Tesla and You at the foot of the mannequin. Reading this boosts your skill in Energy Weapons by 1 point.

Return to the corridor and head down it to the stairs. At the top of the stairs, the two paths merge (yours and Murder Pass) and meet at the rear entrance to Vault 87. If you'd like, you can always traipse along Murder Pass to see what you've missed (not much).

You may want to explore the innards of Vault 87 in sneak mode so as to avoid alerting nearby Super Mutants to your presence. Alas, furious and bloody battles with these hulking 10-foot monstrosities are inevitable, and as such, the most important tactic to consider is: control. Control the number of Super Mutants coming at you at the same time. If need be, use doorways and corridor corners as choke points. The tight quarters play to your advantage if you use Frag Grenades since it's much easier to bunch them up as well. It would also be wise to never stand still in the face of a charging Super Mutant if you are not already aware. Make sure you have plenty of room behind you and start back pedaling while chipping away at its health!

The first objective now is to find the Test Labs. You would first have to go through quite a few rooms bustling with Super Mutant activity. A majority of the dangerous beings usually consists of Super Mutant Masters and Brutes, so if you're not already packing a serious, hard-hitting weapon you might have a hard time keeping them at bay. To reach the Test Labs, head first into the Atrium. Scour the Atrium and its adjoining chambers for first aid items, like Med-X and Stimpak, ammo and other booty.

Securing the Atrium and continuing on, you may come across Engineer Daniel Koster's terminal, which hints at the disturbing atrocities that have been afflicted upon the Vault's unlucky dwellers. Reading the last entry pops open Koster's safe, which gives access to a Scoped .44 Magnum and .44 Rounds. Take your confidence in Lockpicking to a locked door on the left side of the corridor and try your luck with that to snag more optional items. Take what you need and be on your way.

Explore more of the corridor, where you are eventually led to a small laboratory. Here you can scour the room for items within a safe and examine Medical Records on the terminal. From here, head south and east through the door. Follow the corridor to the top of the stairs and continue forth to reach the Door to Test Labs.

The sights in the Test Labs won't exactly make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The room to your right houses a Super Mutant, so you may want to introduce him to a floor nap and take this opportunity to ransack the vacant room for freebies from ammo boxes and a safe. Proceed down the corridor, inspecting test chamber after test chamber and letting the realization of the true horror within this Vault creep up on you, and through the right-hand door. Thumb through the Chief Physician's terminal entries and grab the Stimpak and Medical Brace.

Continuing further, you are stopped by a coarse voice asking for help. You discover the voice belongs to a Super Mutant named Fawkes, although Fawkes deviates from his kin by being civil and not trying to rip your head off. The overgrown, mutated humanoid pleads for your help in assisting his escape. So, you now have a choice here: you can choose to ignore him or help him out, the latter of which nets you a big advantage that you just can't refuse. There's no real benefit from killing him in the slightest, so you're better off helping the guy unless you just like to be mean.

To free the big guy, move past Isolation Room 03 and turn the corner to bump into some Super Mutants. After putting these foes to sleep, activate the Fire Console Control to unlock all five isolation rooms. You can choose to unlock only Fawke's prison, too, but that would require hacking the Medical Wing Maintenance terminal.

Ever grateful for your good deed, Fawkes lends you a helpful big, meaty hand in overpowering any enemies in your way. Let him skulk ahead of you, and while he soaks up the damage land well-assessed, VATS-assisted headshots on his targets. Be very careful not to catch Fawkes in your crossfire, though; he doesn't really like that.

When your invincible tag-team of death finally reaches the room with the G.E.C.K., let Fawkes retrieve the G.E.C.K. from its highly irradiated jail. If, for some reason, you don't have Fawkes to take the Rad damage for you, you are going to need the Advanced Radiation Suit and a Rad-X to mitigate the incredible radiated emissions. With the G.E.C.K. now in hand, you and Fawkes part ways and prepare to leave, but things don't always go as planned.

The American Dream


  • Retrieve equipment from the locker
  • Meet President Eden in his office
  • Take the vial of modified F.E.V.
  • Escape the Enclave base
  • Report to Elder Lyons at the Citadel
  • Prepare for battle, and then report to Sarah Lyons
You awake in a holding cell with Colonel Autumn standing in front of you. You've been stripped of all your equipment and must answer to Autumn's questions under his unwavering, piercing gaze. He demands to know the code to the Purifier, at which point you are given several options with which to reply in kind. You can feign ignorance (because, as a matter of fact, you do know the code-just think back to your mother's favorite Bible verse) and tell him to shove it, or if you choose to blurt out the code like a silly goose things don't exactly end too well for you. Don't give up the code no matter what.

Before Colonel Autumn can turn any more pink with rage, President Eden interrupts this forceful interrogation and summons you to his office. Recover your full inventory from the locker in front of you and equip your armor and weapon. An Enclave soldier who doesn't seem to be in the know stops you from proceeding. With the help of a high Speech skill, Charisma or Strength, the Enclave soldier will kindly back down and let you do as you please (without shedding blood, of course). You could now freely explore Level 3 of Raven Rock's interior, but your overriding goal is to get to Level 1 to have an audience with the President.

Note: There's the chance that you will fail these skill checks and incite a gunfight deep in enemy territory-smooth move. No matter though, since things will make a turn for ugly soon. If you're after the fabled Tesla Armor, the second most powerful armor in the game, now would be one of those opportunities to get your hands on one.

As it turns out though, Colonel Autumn's voice booms over the PA system and orders the soldiers to designate you as KOS. Oh, boy! Fight your way to Level 2 via the bio lab. At the tech lab, spend some time trouncing the Enclave Soldiers in the chambers. Inspect the Enclave Crates for some ammo if you're in dire need. This floor is worth going through with a fine comb and foraging for ammo and such. You may be interested to know that Colonel Autumn's sleeping quarters holds the Bobblehead - Energy Weapons on the table. The gun cabinet, too, carries a few other useful items, including a Holotape that will come in handy later. Using Science, you can hack the terminal to give you access to some Enclave Crates, the contents of which may be worth pillaging if you are low on health supplies or ammo.

Make your way into the war room across the hall from Colonel Autumn's personal chamber, head past the hologram, and through the west door. This takes you to the Raven Rock Control Room. Just as a pair of Enclave Soldiers prepares to waste you, some Enclave Sentry Bots gun them down before they're able to do anything. Holster your weapon 'cause the Bots are on your side. Search the Enclave corpses for any goods and move on to the Control Room.

A little into your conversation with the President, you soon realize his true motives. Well, you can see for yourself the twists and contradictions involved, but as per usual you must respond to him with your own thoughts in the following dialog options: you can convince Eden that his work must stop and he destroy the base, Eden must die, or if you picked up the destruction sequence from Colonel Autumn's room earlier, you can activate that as well, and follow that dialog sequence down. Whatever you decide to say to Eden, you must grab the F.E.V. Vial before you're allowed to leave.

Exit through the Door to Raven Rock Level 1 behind Eden and ready yourself for more heated battles to come. Fortunately for you, Eden's robotic friends continue to assist you through these tough times; though keep in mind that while their extra firepower surely come in handy, they are meant to supplement your own aggressive attacks. In other words, don't rely entirely on the Eden's devices!

When you reach a Delivery Terminal, you can use Science to hack into the terminal and release a deadly abomination known as a Deathclaw from its confinement. It immediately unleashes its ire on human targets; either you or nearby Enclave Soldiers. You can gun this sucker down with the help of Eden's Bots for a good amount of added experience.

Some of the Enclave Soldiers further down the path are toting Plasma Rifles, which really does a number on your health if you take too much damage from it. Continue down, making a very important stop at the downed Enclave Soldier to pry the Tesla Armor from his carcass. Ain't nothing wrong with wearing a dead guy's armor if it keeps you from being dead! Exit via the Door to the Capital Wasteland.

Once outside, the action in the compound reflects your earlier choice with President Eden. If you chose to help see Eden's plan to fruition, Autumn's men are heading off to Project Purity. If you convinced Eden to off himself, the compound lights up like the Fourth of July. If you freed Fawkes earlier in Vault 87, you will find the friendly Super Mutant wasting bad guys with his new toy. Furthermore, you could recruit Fawkes at this point, provided you have good Karma and don't already have a party member. If you did have any party members following you around before, you can find them back where you had first recruited them.

Note: At this point, you may want to consider doing any, or better yet, all of the quests you intend on finishing since we're about to wrap up the main storyline very soon.

Return to the Citadel and make a beeline for the laboratory underground. There, you meet up with Elder Lyons, Scribe Rothchild, and Sarah Lyons. As soon as they weigh in the new, crucial information brought in from you (using any dialog choice), Elder Lyon's plans of attack change, but the real question now is "are you ready?" They know you have the F.E.V., but whether you hang onto it or pass it along only affects your Karma. Sarah Lyons, head of the Lyon's Pride, welcomes you to her elite crew and offers you some armor, which you should kindly decline especially since you have Tesla Armor, a much sturdier and stronger variation than any of hers.

Before springing into action, make sure you have the strongest armor set you can get your hands on (a Tesla Armor by now), all your items repaired, and as much ammo and health supplies to support your rabid use of them. When ready, speak to Sarah again to begin the attack to save Project Purity.

Note: We want to kindly remind you that you've nearly reached the end of the game. If you have anything else you want to do before seeing the end, you may want to do so now before speaking with Sarah Lyons to begin the push on Jefferson Memorial.

Take It Back!


  • Follow Liberty Prime as he makes his way to the Purifier
  • Reach the Project Purity Control Room
  • Secure the Project Purity Control Room
  • Activate Project Purity
  • Project Impurity "Infect the Project Purity water supply...or not"

Head out to the courtyard and witness the birth of an amazing killing machine...in the name of justice! Liberty Prime is finally up and running, and ready to kick some serious Enclave tooty. You and the Pride are to support the hulking robotic giant as it lays waste to Autumn's hostile forces. Your destination is Jefferson Memorial, the site of Project Purity, but you can't Fast Travel there, so you must march in the shadow of the colossal robot. Prime is responsible for destroying the Enclave's energy fields leading into Purity. The hike there may very well be slow and steady, but for a purpose: to focus the Enclave's attention on Prime.

While Prime and the Lyon's Pride can surely hold their own and handle much of this final mission, help where you can until you reach the Jefferson Memorial Gift Shop entrance. You are about to reach the point of no return, so if you've got other places you want to be at in the vast Capital Wasteland you'd want to detour the mission now! Once inside the Jefferson Memorial, make your way to the Project Purity Control Room to face the gruff Colonel Autumn.

Colonel isn't too surprised to see you here. With high Speech skill, you can convince the Colonel to step aside and withdraw his forces. Otherwise, you're going to have to gun him down sooner rather than later. Start out by tossing a grenade to soften Autumn and his bodyguards, then pump them full of lead. This battle is made especially more easy if you've got the Alien Blaster or a weapon of similar caliber.

Following the battle, Sentinel Lyons joins you as the two of you listen to Dr. Li, who tells you that the Purifier must be activated, or everything we have been fighting for will be for naught. Sounds all gravy, except the person who chooses to activate it will likely lose his or her life due to exposure to the tremendous radiation. There are several ways to go about this, and all possible methods do lead to some sort of supreme sacrifice. You could play the hero card and elect yourself to go, order Sarah to go in your stead, or pretty much do nothing. Take note that the first two options are completed after inputting the correct code (216).

Congratulations! You beat Fallout 3! Now depending on what you did throughout the game you will generate one of numerous endings for yourself. The ending you get is influenced heavily by your Karma, your decision in Take It Back!, your race, and gender. There were a few other crucial choices that decided your end fate, as well, including-but not limited to-whether or not you sided with President Eden.


The choices you make in this game have such a far-reaching impact on the availability of sidequests since most everything in Fallout is connected in one way or another. These are the named side quests you can get from various points in the Wasteland. We should caution that, without prior knowledge you may inadvertantly ruin your chances of doing one or more of these quests. All of the quests are located in alphabetical order, not necessarily in chronoligical order. Also of note is that you can attack most of these in any order you wish, whenever you wish.

Agatha's Song

Quest giver: Agatha point

Where:Agatha's House

Located northeast of Meresti Trainyard is Agatha's House, a shack occupied by an older woman named-you guessed it-Agatha. After a verbal invasion on her personal life, she tells you about Soil Stradivarius, a violin played by her grandmother and was left in Vault 92, or at least she thinks it's there. If you Speech checked her, have high Charisma or have the Ladykiller Perk, you can get Agatha's Ammo Box Key, which gives you access to an awesome stash of ammunition for almost every kind of weapon. Once you've gotten your fill and have spoken to Agatha about the Vault-Tec Headquarters, set out to Vault 92.

Vault HQ can be ignored if you want since we can tell you where Vault 92 is. You can still explore it for a number of awesome goods-it should be worth your while, although there are risks involved. Vault 92 is where you want to go; it rests in the northeast Wasteland, west of Old Oney. The opened rusted door beckons you in; once inside, you can begin picking up a bevy of items, such as a Laser Pistol, Blood Pack, Energy Cell, Fission Batteries and a couple of other health restorative items. You know you're here for something more specific though, and that is The Soil Stradivarius. The antique violin can be found in the Sound Test room. Follow "Classroom" signs to find your way there.

Note: You may find it worth your while to thoroughly run through the Vault for a bunch of incredible items

You encounter a bunch of troublesome beasties like Mirelurks within the interior of this Vault. The Vault has a couple of rigged-shotgun traps, so you may want to exercise some caution. As you explore the Vault's inner structure, you need head into the Living Quarters and pick up the Sheet Music Book from the men's restroom. Enter the Recording Studio to find the Soil Stradivarius. You can't yet reach it, as it's protected behind glass. Access the terminal and open the studio from there. Head forth and grab the Laser Pistol, Caps, and some Energy Cells. You have a prized, 18th century violin in your hands. Surely, there is someone else who would like to get his hands on this.

If you want extra Caps, you can follow this long, convoluted and slightly unethical path to getting more Caps and still ending the quest properly with Agatha. Head to the Ninth Circle bar in the Underworld and seek out a fellow named Ahzrukhal, who happens to be the bar owner. The Ghoul offers you 200 Caps (300 Caps if you pass a Speech challenge). Now either pickpocket the violin back from him, hire Charon to off him for you, or kill him yourself and retrieve the violin.

Return the violin to its rightful owner, Agatha, and she imparts the gift of music-literally. You get no tangible reward for now, but continue to talk to her and steer the conversation toward her needing to compose her music on paper. She agrees but needs a Sheet Music Book, which you happen to have! Speak to her again and either choose to give it to her for no reward, or demand the Blackhawk as recompense.

Big Trouble In Big Town

Quest giver: Sticky
Where: Little Lamplight or Big Town

If you have been following the main quest line up to the point of Picking Up the Trail, you should find yourself in a town called Little Lamplight. There's something strange about Little Lamplight-it's run entirely by kids! Locate a boy named Sticky, who is easily distinguished from the rest of his shunted friends because he is wearing a red party hat. However, if you're the impatient type, you could initiate the quest sooner by stumbling into Big Town, a settlement to the northwest of Megaton, during your mindless adventuring.

When you've started the quest with Sticky, follow him to Big Town, or ignore him and head there yourself if you want. Either way, once you've managed to infiltrate Big Town through Dusty, the town guard, whose suspicion of you melts away after a courteous chat, you discover that the town (at least the population) isn't as big as it seems. Many of the buildings are abandoned and boarded up.

You're encouraged to explore what's left of this decrepit town and speak with everyone in the settlement to find out what's going on; it seems everyone (the entire town of five people) is shakin' up about the recent Super Mutant raid on their unprotected town, during which a few of their friends were captured and dragged away. Big Town's state has been made especially dire since the Mutants decided to treat the town as their food reserve. Many have resigned themselves to a fate of horrible mutilation brought on by the nasty Super Mutants, but when you convince them otherwise you instill upon them a glimmer of hope, and they reveal to you the location of the Super Mutant's hideout-in the Germantown Police Headquarters.

Begin your arduous journey north out of town towards the Germantown Police Headquarters. It won't be long before you collide with Super Mutant and other hostile forces. You should make a pit stop at the dilapidated church settled in the distance to secure it and make your return trip a little easier. Expect to deal with some very aggressive foes within the church, including one using a Minigun. Once the hostile occupants have been neutralized, you realize this party was watching over a captive Wastelander. Choose to untie or leave her, although untying her is the obvious positive Karma route. Ransack the remains of the church too for various useful items as well.

Continue to Germantown. As long as you've thinned out the numbers of vicious characters on the town's periphery, you need not worry too much about much more resistance. Fortified by sturdy mesh fences, the Police HQ can be somewhat troublesome to infiltrate because there exists only one entrance in to the building, situated around the back. However, if you have been diligently pumping your Lockpicking skill, you can break into the HQ through an alternative, highly-advanced locked door on the ground floor, after the mesh gate. The latter leads directly to Red's cell.

The interior of the building is just as dangerous and troublesome as the exterior, if not moreso. The place is loaded with Super Mutants and Frag Mines, deadly traps that must either be disarmed or skirted completely. The Frag Mine acts as both a deterrent to intruders and as an "alarm" of sorts that attracts many of the nearby Super Mutants to its location when it goes off. You can certainly (and is recommended) maneuver through the area using Sneak minimize enemy encounters or at least get the preemptive strike on unsuspecting victims.

It's also worth exploring the Police HQ for its modest supply of weapons and various goods. Make sure you at least pick up the Password for Lockdown Computer from one of the rooms early on. You can find a copy of Lying: Congressional Style in the debriefing room. Make out like a bandit in the armory after either hacking or lockpicking your way into the weapons cache. Within you'll find a Combat Shotgun, .32 Pistol, Silenced 10mm Pistol, Frag Grenades, and a Laser Rifle.

You're looking for two Big Town resident captives, Red and Shorty, held somewhere in the building-most likely in the holding cells. Check there, and sure enough, you come across a red-clad individual. This must be Red. Eradicate the Radroach infestation around here before releasing Red from her jail. The lock on her cell door is rather difficult to pick, so opt for the easier route and access the adjacent terminal to unlock all cell doors (the Password you found earlier required).

A brief chat with Red reveals Shorty's whereabouts-in the kitchen. Returning with both captives alive is not necessarily a prerequisite to completing the quest successfully-if need be Shorty's life can be forfeit. If you've any sympathy for the poor lad though, ask Red to stay put while you investigate. Head back into the main corridor, east, then north, following the path to the Door to the Police HQ Basement. This leads into an unsightly shooting range that holds a few useful items and weapons, but of main interest is the locked door that you can bust through with a high enough Lockpick skill. Inside, reap the valuables in the likes of a Fat Man, Assault Rifle, and a variety of ammunition.

Proceed to the kitchen and prepare yourself, for it is a horrific sight to behold indeed! Gun down the Super Mutant in the kitchen and untie the joyous Shorty. Return to the eagerly awaiting Red, but not before raiding the kitchen for edible goods that will aid you in your journey. With the two of them now free and ready to get the hell out of here, it's time to escort them back home, to Big Town. Once you leave the Police HQ, Fast Travel back to Big Town (Shorty and Red will miraculously make the trip with you).

Speak with Red to for your Caps reward, 300 Caps. If you are feeling particularly greedy, you can up the reward by 200 Caps after passing a Speech challenge (though your Karma will take a hit).

Now to deal with the pressing matter of an imminent attack on Big Town led by enraged Super Mutants. Depending on your skill, you can teach the Big Town folk a number of different methods with which to defend against the onslaught of Super Mutants. If you don't care about their final fate at this point now that you've reaped your monetary rewards and experience points, you can simply leave them to their death, or handle the situation yourself.

Blood Ties

Quest giver: Lucy West
Where: Megaton

A woman by the name of Lucy West, who's just blown her life savings on a run-down shack in town, has a message to deliver to her family in Arefu and would like you to check up on them for her. She'd do it herself, but is discouraged to do so by the great perils heading there. You could take her word for a possible monetary award at Arefu and help her out. Arefu is a small settlement located out a little northwest of Megaton perched atop a disheveled highway.

When you arrive, you receive a rather explosive welcoming from the likes of Evan King, the self-appointed town leader. Apologizing for the rude greeting, King tells you about the Family, a gang of hooligans using Arefu as their personal playground. Lucy's letter means nothing to King, so you should just hang onto it for now. King mentions that the rest of Arefu's residents have been forced into hiding and asks you to check up on them. Check on the Ewers, Schenzy and West families.

The talk with the first two families impresses upon you their impatience with the way King is handling this problem and their agitation with his cowardice behavior. The West residence leaves a rather more morbid scene. If your Medicine skill is high enough, you can diagnose the cause of death. When you return to Evan with the news, he points you to three possible places where the Family could be and charges you with the task of saving Arefu from this plight.

We will just go ahead and inform you that the Family resides primarily in the Meresti Metro Station reached by way of the Northwest Seneca Metro Station. When you arrive at the Seneca Metro Station, the deserted place has nothing really of interest to offer on the get-go, so seek out the entrance to the Metro. Rummage through the grimy bathrooms in the station to find Stimpaks, Rad-X and a Dirty Water. Moving further into the station, you run into an entrepreneurial Ghoul and his buddy. You could go the negative Karma route and plunder their living space, but you may have blood to pay for it (your own or theirs). Head to the back room to find a particularly irradiated sewage system. Descend into the depths below and quickly move around the rock to get out of the danger of radiation.

Some enemies lurk about here, though nothing too life-threatening. Expect traps to be in dense abundance as you wander through the subterranean pathways. You will know you've arrived at the right place when you see a member of the Family by the name of Robert. The grizzled Family member isn't exactly above bribery (100 Caps to get through), but there are a couple of other alternatives that can butter him up. Robert recognizes those with a Cannibal perk and gives you his nod of approval. In addition, a high Speech skill would impress in Robert the urgency of your business.

As long as you treated Robert with respect, the rest of the Family will be friendly enough to speak to. The immediate objective is to find the Meresti Security Password to Ian's room. The members of the Family can each be persuaded individually to divulge this information. If your Speech skill is high enough or if you have the Cannibal Perk, you can approach Vance, the head of the Family, directly and convince him through fluff about his kind to let you see Ian. Once you have the information and have finished carousing around, it's time to see Ian in his resting quarters and convince him to return to Arefu with you.

Whatever you decide to tell Ian to do is no doubt entirely up to you, but ultimately you'd want Ian to return to Arefu by flashing Lucy's letter to complete this side quest successfully. Afterwards, speak with Vance about Ian's decision, whichever it may be. Either way, Vance doesn't really bat an eyelid and lets him be. He even gifts you the Shishkebab schematic. Turns out that the Family isn't really bad per se, after all! However, there's still the matter of the Arefu residents living in fear of the Family. There are a few ways to dice this pickle.

Vance and his crew continue to need sustenance, but instead of deriving it from Brahmin or humans throw out the idea of Blood Packs. It's a win-win situation for all. If you're working on a high Speech skill, your acute manipulation talents will hone in on Vance's regret on previously raiding Arefu and make the charismatic leader change his ways. With the idea of Blood Packs, Arefu and the Family must arrive at a consensus on how Blood Packs will be garnered.

Arefu donates Blood Packs in exchange for the guaranteed safety of the town from either the Family themselves or for protection from Raiders and any other outside threats. Vance isn't too keen on the idea of paying for Blood Packs, so that option is moot. Once you and Vance have worked up a deal, it's time to take Vance's Proposal back to Evan King. After everything's settled, return to Vance to inform him of Evan's acceptance of his proposal. With all that said and done, you can ask Vance to learn about the ways of the vampire to receive the Hematophage perk, which enables you to gain extra life when consuming Blood Packs.

The negative Karma route allows you to freely go on a massacre amid the Family home, though we caution that you do this before you speak with Ian.

Head of State

Quest giver: Hamlin,
Where: Lincoln Memorial or Temple of the Union

The quest starts either in the Lincoln Memorial or the Temple of the Union, the catalyst differing depending on where you go and whom you speak to. Lincoln Memorial is in the Mall, and the Temple of the Union is in the northeast Wasteland, north of Canterbury Commons. There are two sides to take: the Abolitionists (Temple of the Union) or the Slavers (Lincoln Memorial). Feel free to pick their brains before you decide whose cause you'd like to advocate.

Note: Some glitches are known to occur during this quest, so it would be wise to make multiple save files after every major event, or when you feel like it.


Visit the Abolitionist's stronghold in the Temple of the Moon during the day and ring the bell, then proceed to talk your way in. Inside, seek out the head of the Abolitionists-a fellow named Hannibal Hamlin. He can usually be found by the statue head of Abraham Lincoln on the roof. Promise to side with him, and he hands you the Temple of the Union Key. His plan is to move escaped slaves into the Lincoln Memorial that is currently occupied by Super Mutants, and to further exacerbate the situation, by Slavers. Perform some perfunctory Super Mutant extermination in the Lincoln Memorial, but not before speaking with Caleb Smith to pick up another objective.

You arrive at the Lincoln Memorial, all prepared to cap some Muties but you discover that the Slavers have already wrung the place dry of Super Mutants. Well, half of your job was already done for you, but now you've got to wipe the place clean of Slavers. Expect these guys to put up a remarkable fight. That's the messy, more straight-forward way of handling this.

The pacifist's way involves your heading to the Museum of History to find some sort of blueprint from which Caleb can begin reconstruction of Lincoln's Memorial. The Museum of History resides on the north side of the Mall; once inside, you are looking for the door that leads to the Museum of History Lower Levels. If you have the Ghoul Mask handed to you by Roy Phillips during the Tenpenny Tower quest, you can freely roam through the Museum unmolested. Wander through the decrepit building and pick up the various goods that could possibly be garnered with thorough searching, such as a Nuka Cola Quantum from near the Nuka Cola machine and a few Jet on the ground floor.

Head through the Door to Museum of History Offices and continue down to find a Nuka Cola machine in a small alcove. But the area of real interest lies opposite the machine: a locked door that you can spring open with the right lockpicking skills or circumvent by entering the room through a hole from an adjacent room. The goods inside include an Assault Rifle, Chems, Pre-war Money, Stealth Boy, and an Action Abe Action Figure. The main item you came here for though still is the Lincoln Memorial Poster, so be sure to grab that-among a bevy of other great loot-before vacating the place. Either Hannibal or Leroy may be a prospective buyer for this and all other Lincoln artifacts you find in here.

Before leaving the Lincoln Memorial, make sure you've cleaned the place out, making it completely devoid of either Slavers or Super Mutants. Take the Lincoln Memorial Poster to Caleb at the Temple of the Union. Speak to Hannibal to initiate their long march to the Memorial. Fast Travel to Lincoln Memorial (make a save first) and wait or sleep six hours for Hannibal's army to arrive at the Mall Northwest Metro Station entrance. Follow them in to the Memorial and speak with Hannibal to receive your prizes for this successful quest completion: a Schematic: Dart Gun.


On the opposing side, the Slavers will heed to your pleas for a truce if you can pass a Speech challenge against Leroy Walker. If you pass the challenge, then you are asked to find Hannibal Hamlin, the leader of the Abolitionists, in the Temple of the Union. Leroy places a 100 Cap bounty on Hamlin's head (only if Leroy kills him; 50 if you do), and sends you out to find the guy in the Temple of the Union. Fail the Speech challenge, and you will need to slog through the Museum of History in search of a Lincoln artifact with which to appease Leroy. You could refer to the earlier paragraphs in the Abolitionists part for some directions on how to get to the Museum of History, but the place, for the most part, renders up more than enough artifacts to pass around like a contagious infection.

When you've produced the prized artifacts to Leroy and have discovered the location of the Temple of the Union prior, let him know where Hannibal is, and he will immediately gather his band of detestable human beings and march them toward the Abolitionist's stronghold. Join the ranks of the Slaver scum and decimate the slave survivors. Leave Hamlin for Leroy to kill if you want to maximize your profit. Satisfied with the overall slaying and suppression of freedom, Leroy gives you some Caps for your good effort and not much else. Bummer.

Note: Keep in mind that no matter whose side you decide to take you must prevent the leader of that faction from dying!

The Nuka Cola Challenge

Quest giver: Sierra Petrovita or Ronald Laren
Where: Girdershade

Girdershade, an isolated pair of shabby huts under the remains of a freeway overpass, is home to Nuka Cola fanatics that are willing to pay big bucks for the post-war supercraze that is Nuka Cola Quantum. Your first visit to the ramshackle settlement introduces you to Sierra Petrovita, who offers you a tour of her Nuka Cola collection. Following the guided tour, speak to her again to learn about her ambitious desire in wanting her Nuka Cola vending machine filled with Nuka Cola Quantum. For your troubles, you get an Iced Nuka Cola yourself. She needs 30 Quantums. In case you're wondering if satisfying this nutso's whims is worth your troubles, it can be: 40 Caps per Quantum brought to her and a Schematic for the Nuka Grenade.

When you leave the shack, the only other resident of Girdershade approaches you and introduces himself as Ronald Laren. He, too, wants 30 Nuka Cola Quantums but not for the same reasons as Sierra. If you oblige him and can pass a Speech check, he pays 80 Caps per (40 Caps if you failed the Speech). You won't get the Schematic though. You must pick your buyer, but your Karma will take a hit if your choice supports Ronald's endeavors in "plowing her bean field."

At this point, it's up to you whether you want to actually visit the Nuka Cola Bottling Facility in the southwest. Although finite in number (94 total) you will be finding quite a few Nuka Cola Quantums as you prowl the D.C. ruins, but if you're jonesing for that Schematic it's probably to your best interest that you at least take a peek in the facility to amass the appropriate number of Quantums in a more timely fashion. The facility is probably worth exploring anyway.


Quest giver: Harold, Birch or Laurel
Where: Oasis

Out in the far, far northern Wastelands, there is a curious sight to behold: vegetation and verdant life abound, surrounding a small hidden settlement called Oasis. Oasis can be very difficult to find at first simply because the only way in to the place is heavily shielded by mountainous terrain. There's a slightly obscured path on the west that leads into the mountain, and when you go further in you arrive at a wooden gate accompanied by people outfitted in outlandish, brown garb. These are the Treeminders, a tribal group of hippies-er, people-devoted to the ways of nature.

The first person you meet is Tree Father Birch, who ushers you in to their humble abode and takes you to the Pavilion. He begins to preach about this mysterious "Him," but if you press him with a Speech challenge he gets to the point more quickly. Try to remain civil and courteous within their home so as to avoid failing this quest.

Finally, he wants you to meet Him, but you must first take part in a strange ritual that involves drinking Sap from the Basin of Purification. Things get a little hazy-hey, what's going on-and then you black out. You awake in strange but beautiful green surroundings, in the center of which stands a tree. The gnarled tree in the center holds a grotesque sight-a face somehow fused in the bark of the tree. You don't know what it is, and talking to it doesn't help much in that respect either.

The Talking Tree gives an odd enough request: he needs you to kill him. Before you whip out the Flamethrower and go on a frenzy, know that this must be done not by the conventional means you were about to implement but by destroying his heart. That and the rest of his organs dangle underneath him in an underground cavern. You will first need the Key to Oasis Caves from Branchtender Cypress (an accomplished Lockpicker can also easily open it as well). Although not immediately obvious, an air of dissent hangs over the townsfolks. Many of them are split between how the situation should be handled, siding either with Tree Father Birch or Leaf Mother Laurel. The two leave such a weighty decision upon you-great.

Speak to the townsfolks and see what their opinion on all this is, and let their thoughts and feelings marinade in your mind a bit as you get a grip on your own feelings. You don't need to make the important decision just yet; just head towards the caverns. The caverns are decidedly less fertile and tree-happy, and crawling with all sorts of predatory creatures-Mirelurks and their variants. Hopefully, you also have some spare Rad-X or RadAway collecting dust in your inventory; now's a good time to draw upon their beneficial effects.

You know you are nearing Harold's Heart when you hear the steady heartbeat rhythm; follow it to the Heart and save your game. Still swimming in a sea of choices, you must now make the decision to either destroy his heart as requested by Harold himself, apply Birch's Sap to stymie Harold's growth, or apply Laurel's Liniment to accelerate his growth. Of course, the other unspecified option is to torch the thing, but that tends to eke out the most unprofitable ending to this quest. There are plus and minuses in each plan, and we've outlined them here:

Destroy Harold's Heart:
Rewards: Barkskin Perk (Endurance +1, Damage Resistance +10)

Applying Birch's Sap Rewards:
Missile Launcher and Druid's Outfit

Applying Laurel's Liniment Rewards:
Brotherhood Outcast Power Armor, Villager's Hood

Death by Burning Rewards:
Angry Treeminders

Whichever of the first three routes you decided to take, you will find either Birch or Laurel waiting for your return in Harold's Grove. They inform you that gifts from different townsfolk are available for you to pick up. If you have the Child At Heart Perk or a high Speech skill, you can also obtain a Bear Charm from Sapling Yew. If you regret not sending everything up in hellish flames, you can do so now after completing the quest.

The Power of the Atom

Quest giver: Lucas Simms
Where: Megaton

The self-appointed sheriff and town mayor, Lucas Simms, gives you the opportunity to tinker with the undetonated atomic bomb embedded in the middle of Megaton. Agree to take a look at it, and Lucas will permit you to do so, cautioning you to only look at it-it won't take much to agitate the bomb enough to blow things skyhigh. Now there are really two routes you can take with this side quest: be a good Samaritan and disarm the bomb so that the residents of Megaton can live on peacefully, or finish what the bomb failed to do and wipe Megaton off the map.

The karma at stake is not really the issue here. The decision you make here is perhaps the most pivotal as far as the consequences of good or bad deeds in optional quests go. If you decide you want Megaton gone, you lose out on a few quest lines including the all-important Wasteland Survival Guide. Either way though, you want to first hit up Moriarty's saloon and seek out a shady fellow by the name of Mister Burke. This bloke hands you some Fusion Pulse Charges with which to jumpstart the detonation on the nuclear bomb. Now, with these in hand you can head toward the one of two options presented to you earlier: save or destroy the town.

Saving the town: If your Explosive skills aren't exactly up to par, you may want to approach Burke again and whine a little to him about the intricacies of fiddling with a nuclear weapon. He refers you to Leo Stanley for Mentats. Go see Leo in the water processing plant and convince him to kick his drug habit (you can if your Speech skill is high enough). Ever so grateful for putting some new perspective in his life the former addict grants you access to his stash in the drawer. There are some Mentats, among other ability-enhancing items that you could use in your adventures in the Wasteland.

Now speak with Lucas Simms and expose Mister Burke's diabolical scheme to blow the town by showing him the evidence of his intentions, the pulse charges. Not about to have his town in irradiated shambles, the sheriff heads off to confront Burke. Follow Simms to the saloon with a strong weapon at the ready and watch the confrontation unravel. Burke appears to cooperate at first, but immediately pulls out a gun as soon as Simms lets down his guard. Quickly take out the aggressor before he has the chance to kill Simms.

With Burke out of the way, the town is safe from homicidal loonies for the time being, although there still is the pressing matter of a live atomic bomb. To disarm it, your Explosives skill needs to be 25. Use a couple of Mentats to give you a little boost. Once the bomb has been successfully disarmed, the ecstatic Lucas Simms hands you 100 Caps as a small compensation and additionally gives you the keys to a house in town.

Destroying the town: The evil maniac within you decides to go through with Burke's plan and activate the bomb. Make sure you've already done all that you've wanted to do in Megaton, including the major side quest, The Wasteland Survival Guide, and swiped the all-important Bobblehead from Lucas Simm's house. When you're ready, rig the charges and go see Burke, but you discover that he's already high-tailed out of the doomed town to the safe Tenpenny Tower way out in the southwest.

Speak with the guard through the intercom, emphasizing your business with Burke, to be granted entry into the ornate-looking building. Take the elevator up and speak with Burke on the balcony to be given the honor of flipping the switch. Marveling at the ensuing mushroom cloud, Burke applauds your wits and rewards you handsomely with 500 Caps as well as the key to your new pad here in the tower! Sweet!

Reilly's Rangers

Quest giver: Reilly
Where: Underworld

Reilly is a patient in Doctor Barrow's Chop Shop in the Underworld, who's the leader of an elite crew of mercenaries and is also currently in a coma. With a high enough Speech or Medicine skill, you can induce waking Reilly from her coma by talking to Doctor Barrows or doing it yourself, as afforded by the aforementioned skills. Once Reilly has been successfully resuscitated, you learn that she's got more of her Rangers holed up in the Statesman Hotel. Sounds like they've run into heaps of trouble with the brutal Super Mutant and needs someone to get their bacon out of the frying pan.

Let her know you can help, and she gives you access to the ammo Theo dropped during their desperate retreat into the Statesman Hotel. Additionally, you can accrue information on the Ranger's Compound and gain permission to stock up on what you need (various health and ammo items) from there in preparation for the Mutant-slaughtering to come. Unleash your preferred Super Mutant vanquisher, and get to it!

As expected, you have more than one way into the Our Lady of Hope Hospital. The first route takes you through the Metro Tunnels and spits you back out at Vernon Square Station. The hospital's entrance is not too far from then. The second way to reach the hospital is by way of a second entrance marked Hospital Maintenance located around Dupont Station. This takes you into the Dry Sewer, where following the tunnel eventually deposits you in the hospital's basement. We took the interior basement route, and the following walkthrough will be reflected thusly.

Expect to meet stiff Super Mutant resistance immediately. The Hospital is absolutely crawling with these Super Mutants; the dangers further worsened by the fact the Rangers have fortified the place with booby traps for extra precautions. Tread carefully as you tip-toe around the hospital. Employing Sneak here is highly recommended. Make heading northward towards the lobby your primary focus, but you can optionally ransack the side rooms for additional items. Head up the stairs and bust through the Door to Our Lady of Hope Hospital 2nd level.

Our goal on the second level is to reach an outside area with a fallen radio antenna that bridges the gap between the hospital and the Statesman Hotel, where the Rangers are stranded. Dash across the makeshift bridge and drop down into the first room of the hotel. We know that the Rangers are on the roof somewhere on the Statesman Hotel. We should also warn you that the Statesman Hotel has been designed to be deliberately disorientating, so don't be surprised to find yourself completely lost or inadvertently retracing your steps. Try to keep track of where you're going as you explore this labyrinth of a hotel. Also be weary of traps-those Rangers sure are cunning!

The Ammo crate lying next to Theo's lifeless corpse can be looted for some items. After raiding the contents, continue up to the next floor of the Statesman and head through the door (going all the way toward the dead-end trips a deadly trap!). Kick open the door on your right and proceed forth until you come across a busted elevator that leads to the Restaurant of the hotel. If you've got decent Repair skill, the elevator is your ticket to bypassing combat with some Mutants. If not, continue to the main staircase to be on your way.

Your choice in this path branch depends on whether you could successfully hack into the terminal to unlock the door at the T-junction, or deftly pick the door open with a decent Lockpick skill. Otherwise, you will have to head through the opposite way and continue into the Alfresco Lounge. Lots of Super Mutants around here, so be ready to drop them like third period French. The Lounge gives up a number of items to those giving it a fine frisk, such as a Nuka Cola Quantum, Protectron's Fission Battery on the decrepit Protectron, Grognak the Barbarian, Frag Grenades as well as some ammo. After obtaining what you can, continue up the stairs toward the roof entrance.

The Rangers are still holding their ground against the Super Mutants. Head over to them and let them know you're here to help. Donovan needs a Fission Battery to power up the elevator, which if fixed, will allow them to escape. The Fission Battery should already be in your inventory from an earlier, thorough exploration of the Alfresco Lounge. Before handing over the battery, properly arm the surviving Rangers with some ammunition to give them a fighting chance as they make their escape. Heal up and repair your weapons to a satisfactory degree.

Not all the Rangers need to survive the bloody chaos, but at least some do. Neutralize the hostiles yourself. Afterwards, head to the Ranger's Compound, which can be reached by cutting through the Capital Building. A healthy Reilly greets you there. You get her approval and reward as long as one Ranger makes it back safely. As your reward, you can choose between the Ranger Battle Armor or Brick's Minigun Eugene. Following the quest, you can now optionally help Reilly map the Wasteland. She hands you a GeoMapper, which you use to map locations and make quick change.

The Replicated Man

Quest giver: Doctor Zimmer
Where: Rivet City

On your first visit to the old, rusted air carrier, you witness a heated conversation taking place between a gray-haired man named Dr. Zimmer and Dr. Li's colleague, Anna Holt. If you speak with Zimmer and agree to help him, you will be charged with the task of searching for Zimmer's missing android. Interestingly, you are given the vague objective of finding clues about the android; these clues take on the form of nineteen Holotapes hidden and scattered throughout the Wasteland. The other way to obtain clues for this quest is to speak with certain individuals who may have some sort of connection to the "Institute." For many of these characters, you can use your Speech, Science or Medicine skill to pick their brains, or implement good, old-fashioned bribery.

You may need to locate up to four Holotapes or clues, one of which must make mention of a mind wipe or surgery. As mentioned before, there are nineteen Holotapes in total and can be anywhere. If you already have Holotapes with you by the time you initiate the quest, you can bring up the Pip-boy and listen to them. Otherwise, here's a list of the Holotapes and/or people who have clues:

Cutter Paradise Falls
Doctor Banfield Tenpenny Tower
Doc Church Megaton
Doctor Preston Rivet City
Eulogy Jones Paradise Falls
Father Clifford Rivet City
Grouse Paradise Falls
Knick Knack Little Lamplight
Herbert Dashwood Tenpenny Tower
Lucy Little Lamplight
Manya Megaton
Moira Brown Megaton
Red Big Town
Scribe Bowditch Citadel
Seagrave Holmes Rivet City
Sister Paradise City or Rivet City
Tulip Underworld
Wintrop Underworld

Sometime during the quest, you will be approached by a Victoria Watts, who wants you to find Zimmer in Rivet City and tell him the Replicant is dead to make him stop his investigation. Beware: if you do this, you miss out on some great rewards. On your final clue, you learn the identity of the person who operated on the android: Pinkerton, who's hiding out in the Broken Bow area of Rivet City. You may have already found him during the optional last phase of the Wasteland Survival Guide. You are going to need some Rad-X or any Rad-resistant attire, and swim down to the underwater entrance. If need be, there are a couple of air pockets in which you can replenish your air supply.

Pinkerton is tight-lipped at first, but with further pressing, he reveals to you the Android's true identity, and gives you evidence to support it. You now have three choices: turn the android in to Zimmer, lie and say he died, or confront the android with the truth of his existence. It's possible at this point to reap in the awards of siding with both parties at the same time-devious, aren't you? Read on to find out how.

Locate Harkness who usually guards the exterior of Rivet City and present Pinkerton's evidence. With the android's memory restored, you have a choice of paths to take from here. You can kill Zimmer, watch Harkness take on Zimmer and his bodyguard or convince Harkness to go home. Take the first option, and Harkness hands you the A3-21's Plasma Rifle to perform the deed. See Zimmer and reveal everything. He thanks you, and rewards you with a VATS-enhancing Perk.

Stealing Independence

Quest giver: Abraham Washington
Where: Rivet City

In the Capitol Preservation Society, Abraham Washington tasks you with finding the an important document if you're cordial enough. He's got all sorts of majestic relics but is only missing the greatest document of all, of which the principles of freedom our country was built on, the Declaration of Independence. Washington believes the document is nestled deep in the bowels of the National Archives, so that's where you will be headed. While you're at it, he'd reward you handsomely for any other artifacts of historical significance you bring him.

The National Archives is located near the Washington Monument in the Mall-you know what that means: Super Mutant-busting time. There are two ways into the Archive; you can approach it either from the front or rear, although the path from the main entrance is noticeably truncated. Either way you choose, you won't be side-stepping any rendezvous with Super Mutants. Inside the building, depending upon where you entered from, you have exploring to do before you reach a room half-filled with Mines and bump into someone who later introduces herself as Sydney...if she survives.

If you were anything like us, you haven't exactly kept a low profile scrounging around these parts, and you're likely to have a mob of Super Mutants fast-approaching to your location right about now. As you're partaking in this dance of death with the uglies, your primary focus is also to keep Sydney alive-she will be of immense help in a bit! Once the immediate threat of stampeding muties has been nullified, you realize Sydney is also after the Declaration. Agree to team up with her, and she tells you the Declaration is secured in the Archival Strongroom.

We strongly recommend taking her with you; she's more than just auxiliary fire. With her help, you gain access to the rotunda cargo lift, a quicker path to where you want to go. If she's died-worse yet by your filthy, blood-stained hands-or you've rebuffed her help, you are going to have to take a little more time to breach the same area you would've been in had you been more amicable.

A number of robotic nuisances attempt to thwart your efforts in advancing deeper in search of the Strongroom. Pulse Grenades work wonders against these metallic monsters. If you want additional experience and items, you can ignore the utility gate (which requires decent Science skill to rattle open) and head west toward the narrow corridor. Otherwise, the shorter route involves you going through the utility gate either by overcoming it with adequate Lockpick or Science skills. It's not a significant shortcut, but if you're keen on avoiding as many combat encounters as you can it can certainly help.

Further exploration can net you both the Bill of Rights and Magna Carta, both of which could fetch a handful of Caps. Stay true to your destination to the north with either your choice of sneaking or gunning down all robotic threats, and when you finally reach the strongroom you are greeted by a robot with a...wig. This is Button Gwinett, second governor of Georgia. Put your weapon away, for as long as you are courteous no harm will come to you. The only problem is Button's AI has not withstood the test of time and has been rewired, and so he believes you now stand before him as a Redcoat spy.

Depending on how you respond to him, things could get ugly. There are two civil options for you: pass a Speech check in which you convince Button you are Thomas Jefferson. The other option involves reconstructing a fake Declaration of Independence, but for that to work you need to bring Button ink from the Arlington Public Library-quite the lengthy process. By your good grace, you can order Button to continue the good fight or self-destruct-an entertaining sight, to be sure-with karmic consequences. Lastly, throw civility out the window and you are left with the only option to splatter its oily guts all over the floor and lay claim to its possessions, among them the Strongroom Security Terminal Password.

Whatever the outcome, be sure to grab the Declaration of Independence from one of the safes in the room behind Button's desk. Rummage around, and you will also find Button's Wig, which is pretty spiffy. When you've cleaned the place out, return to Rivet City to present the recovered document to the eager Washington. As payment, you are awarded 400 Caps (without Sydney) and the Railway Rifle Schematic. He will gladly take any other documents off your hands, too.


If you didn't already notice, Sydney was packing a pretty cool sub-machine gun, which you can get your hands on if you killed her. Of course, the perks in keeping her alive far outweighed killing her, especially when you can procure this weapon through other non-hostile means. Assuming Sydney made it back alive with you, speak to her in Rivet City (or in the Ninth Circle bar in Underworld) about her father.

Now head to the Statesman Hotel, and in the mid-level of the building is a bedroom with a single Holotape laid atop the bed. Listen to it and find Sydney at the Ninth Circle bar, where she most likely is after Rivet City. She hands you her Ultra SMG as thanks. Sweet! On the chance that you can't find her in the bar, there's a possibility she may have run into some Raider trouble en route to the Underworld. Find her body in the Anacostia Crossing Metro Station, located north of Rivet City.

Strictly Business

Quest giver: Grouse
Where: Paradise Falls

A despicable group of Slavers live in a place called Paradise Falls; these people deal in human trafficking, and one the first Slavers you meet goes by the name of Grouse. You're going to have to smooth-talk your way through his stiff, unrelenting guard, but you can gain access through one of three ways: jingling your Caps pouch, have steeply negative Karma, or by taking part in his lucrative plan involving herding some potential slaves back to him.

Agree to his macabre plan and receive a Mesmetron and Slave Collar as well as a list of recruits. You can carry only one collar at a time, so you can get a new one each time you return to Grouse with one of your captives. The list of recruits stipulates the capture of four people: Arkansas from Minefield, Susan Lancaster from Tenpenny Tower, Red from Big Town and Flak from Rivet City. Due to the ways many of the quests intertwine, there's a good chance that some of these targets may already be dead by no fault of your own (maybe).

The point is to approach each target and use the Mesmetron on him or her for the initial stun, then rope in the target with the Slave Collar. The tagged victims become more docile, and you can now rush back to Paradise Falls after each capture to claim your reward (250 Caps per victim) and get a new Slave Collar. Keep in mind that you don't want trouble from other folks and prying eyes, so you should accomplish each of these evil deeds discreetly if possible.

Arkansas is a wicked shot out in the Minefield, but the area leading up to him is rigged with booby-traps. Enslaving Susan Lancaster, a resident of Tenpenny Tower and a somewhat influential character in the Tenpenny Tower quest, will have to wait when she retires to her personal chambers for the night, at which point you can collar her in the absence of others. (You can read the Tenpenny Tower sidequest for details on how to get into the towering fortress if you don't already have access.) Red will not be in Big Town when you first arrive, so you will need to either finish out the Big Trouble In Big Town quest, and then double-cross her, or enslave her at her jail in the Germantown Police HQ. The final target is Flak, who's hiding out in Rivet City. He runs the ammo store in town.

For fun, you can attempt to use the Slave Collar on other targets, such as Raiders and Enclave Soldiers.

The Superhuman Gambit

Quest giver: Uncle Roe
Where: Canterbury Commons

Buried in the eastern part of the Wasteland, east of Wheaton Armory, lays the quiet town of Canterbury Commons. All is normal within this market town, except for the fact two warring individuals disrupt the peace with their crazy antics. On one side, the AntAgonizer leads her army of ants into the fray; on the other, the Mechanist gears up his band of robots for battle against the nasty insects. Once the standoff reaches a stalemate and the two characters flee the scene, you can begin chatting up the townsfolk. Uncle Roe sheds some light on the strange predicament that has blanketed over the town, and he requests that you help correct the problem. Pass the Speech check to increase the original wage of 200 Caps to 400 Caps if successful.

Uncle Roe refers you to his nephew Derek Pacion; when pressed the superhero enthusiast discloses the location of the AntAgonizer's lair. Press him further to accrue information on the Mechanist and his shop. With information on both parties involved secured, it's now time to decide who you want to take out; if you want, you can even dispatch them both. The town needs saving, and it doesn't matter how you do it (unless you mercilessly slay all the citizens).

AntAgonizer: Don't like insects and would like to squash this one? No worries. First, to make things easier, let's head over to the Hubris Comic Store, reached via a sewer entrance due northeast of Grayditch (town visited in Those!) and read the Letter to the Editor about Grognak the Barbarian from one of the terminals. This reveals the AntAgonizer's real identity and changes the dialog options in the proceedings to come.

The wench's lair is located to the north of town, and can be breached by one of two ways: take the normal way through some sewage tunnels which eventually carry you to the AntAgonizer. The entrance to the alternative route sits on a rocky outcropping, in the form of a sewer grate. You do, however, need Lockpick skill of 50 to un-jam this grate, which deposits you at the AntAgonizer's location more quickly than the former route. Though if you can't pick it open, you're out of luck and must navigate through the sewer system.

Once you've clambered your way into her lair, and assuming you've visited the Hubris Comic Store or acquired her secret identity by other means, you can reveal you know who she is in one of the dialog options, at which point she agrees to stop terrorizing the town and sheds her costume. She gives the costume and her helmet to you. Passing a Speech check or having the Lady Killer Perk net the same reaction as well. The alternate options lean you toward the side of evil, but at the mere cost of some Karma you gain a bonus melee weapon.

Or, tell her you'd like to get rid of the Mechanist, and they'll duke it out in her lair. Loot his corpse for his costume and gift it to AntAgonizer for Ant's Sting. You get the weapon if you show evidence of the Mechanist's demise.

Mechanist: Feeling partial towards the Mechanist, you head toward his forge in the south of town. If your skills in Lockpicking are reasonably high (about 75), you can go through the back way via the elevator door. Otherwise, you have to charge into the Forge Door and hack through his protective robotic sentries posted throughout.

Talk enough sense into the Mechanist using Speech checks or a Child at Heart Perk, and he hangs up his superhero costume for good. You get his costume and helmet. The alternate options lean you toward the side of evil, but at the mere cost of some Karma you gain a bonus laser weapon.

Or, let the Mechanist know you're on his side, and defend the Mechanist from his nemesis' minions. Defeat the AntAgonizer and present him her costume. In return, you get the Protectron's Gaze.

Once the matter has been settled, the town of Canterbury Commons is in your debt for ridding their town of these two nutcases. Locate Uncle Roe when either one nutcase, or both, is dead for your Caps reward.

Tenpenny Tower

Quest giver: Roy Phillips or Gustavo
Where: Tenpenny Tower

Outside Tenpenny Tower, a towering structure seemingly spared from utter destruction in the southern Wasteland and due southwest of Megaton, a disgruntled Ghoul is arguing with someone through an intercom by the gate. Apparently, he is being refused access to the place. His name is Roy Phillips, and on your first attempt to chat him up, he probably will ignore you. There's big trouble brewing here it seems.

In order to get some reaction out of Roy Phillips, the Ghoul, you'd had to have explored the Warrington Tunnels previously. Then, Roy talks to you. His request is simple enough: help him root out the elitists living in that Tenpenny tower so that he and his oppressed brethren may move in to a life of luxury (which is relative in this sense). Otherwise, access the intercom, and a gruff voice initially mistakens you for the bothersome Ghoul but soon realizes its mistake and demands you to state your business. Now if you've been following the bad Karma route of another sidequest, The Power of the Atom, and have come to seek Mister Burke, state it as such and you will be ushered in forthwith. You can also pass a high Speech check or agree to shell out 100 Caps for entry.

Once you've negotiated your way in to the Tower, go meet Chief Gustavo, who has a different plan for the Ghouls. He simply wants everyone of them eradicated, including that Roy Phillips outside. He tells you they are holed up in Warrington Station Metro Tunnels. Warrington Station lies directly to the southwest, but you can't enter it directly and must be circumnavigated through Warrington Tunnels, due west from Tenpenny Tower. Enter the tunnel and navigate your way through the subterranean maze, following your quest marker. You are sure to encounter many Ghouls of the more aggressive type, but nothing too terribly fearsome.

When you near the Warrington Station, a Ghoul yells at you from the distance to holster your weapons. Do so and meet Michael Masters. From here, you're going to have to decide whom you would offer your helpful services to. You now essentially confront a couple of choices:

Option 1: You sympathize with the Ghouls and want them to lead a better life in Tenpenny Tower. Roy plans to open a door leading from the Tower's basement to the Generator Room and unleash Feral Ghouls unto the defenseless residents. You will need to return to Gustavo while he's sleeping in the night and pickpocket the Key to Tenpenny Generator Room from him. Alternatively, you can try to win Herbert "Darling" Dashwood over into giving up the same key, or similarly obtaining it from him with dexterous fingers.

The door to the Generator Room is situated outside the main tower but still within the perimeter walls. Head outside the main lobby and loop around to the back to find stairs leading to a locked door. Use the recently acquired key to unlock it and access the terminal inside to open the Containment Door. Or, if you can't access the terminal you can fire at either generator to achieve the same effect. You see Roy through a window, and behind him rests a brooding horde of flesh-craving Feral Ghouls. Meet him at the front of the Tower for a Ghoul Mask. Don this mask immediately to be granted complete immunity to the savageries of the loosed Feral Ghouls.

Take part in the bloody carnage until every resident of Tenpenny Tower lies still on the floor. Once the tower is devoid of its former residents, you can wait 24 hours for the place to be completely transformed to a new living place for the Ghouls.

Option 2: You agree with Gustavo's view that Ghouls are scum and must be purged from this land. Gustavo offers a 500 Caps reward and a Hunting Rifle or 10mm Submachine Gun with ammo to help get you started off on the right foot. You could kill him right now if you wish, but you can act on friendly terms until you meet up with Roy, then begin your massacre since Roy himself poses the deadliest threat. Sometimes you'll find the Ghouls sleeping, and murdering someone in their sleep-while craven-is most effective for your sake. Fill the area with dead Ghouls and go around looking for spoils, including a Dean's Electronics booklet. Return to Gustavo once you've carried out the deed.

The third option is the only one that doesn't cause your Karma to plummet and actually involves your trying to mediate the conflict between the two warring sides. You can try to negotiate a harmonious coexistence between the Ghouls and the humans by speaking to both parties and then requesting an audience with Allistair Tenpenny, who stays in the penthouse suite most of the time. The only thing is the door to his suite is locked, but that problem can be corrected easily by one of several ways: pickpocketing the key from Gustavo or the guard, swiping the key when the guard isn't looking, or passing a high Speech check.

Ask the elderly, affluent man about the possible Ghoul troubles; surprisingly, he turns out to be a very cordial and reasonable fellow. He'd be fine with letting the Ghouls in to his pristine abode, but the other residents of Tenpenny Tower may need a little more persuasion. You'll need to convince the following residents: Mr. and Mrs. Wellington, Mr. Ling, Ms. Montenegro, and Ms. Lancaster. This task is not easy simply because the aforementioned five people are so prejudiced against the Ghouls that they'd put up a good verbal struggle before agreeing to this madness. This is why you'd need to pass a high Speech skill with them individually.

If you can afford some negative Karma, a quick way to send Montenegro and Ling out of the Tower of their own accord is to loot their safes. Not happy about being robbed, the two of them pack their bags and leave. As for the others, if you fail the Speech check on them, you may have to resolve this the violent way. Anyway, once you've dealt with the five primary bigots, return to Tenpenny with the news. Tenpenny finally agrees to let the Ghouls in. Go find Roy and tell him the great news.

Now whether the two sides can truly live harmoniously is another story...


Quest giver: Bryan Wilks
Where: Grayditch

On your random wanderings around Grayditch, you encounter a lone boy whose eyes tell you he's seen and experienced more than most people have in their entire lifetime. This crestfallen boy is Bryan Wilks, and he needs your help. His town of Grayditch has been overtaken by mutant giant ants; he himself barely made it out with his life, but requests that you go check up on his dad. With the proper Speech skill or the Child at Heart perk, Wilks provides additional help in the form of a Grayditch Dumpster Key, which unlocks a stash behind the dumpster of neat goods, the availability of which is variably dependent upon your current level.

While you brave the treacherous Fire Ants, Bryan runs off to seek shelter and protection in the Pulowski Preservation Shelter. You will undoubtedly run into these ferocious Fire Ants as you snoop around, but tackle the insect threat from a distance; this way you avoid their close-ranged fire breath attack. The Worker ants are the weakest of the ant variants, with the Soldiers and Warriors claiming the title of strong "F-kin' Ants." The types you run into should be dependent upon your level of experience. A little searching in the ruined town should yield a good amount of items. Bryan's house is located closest to the diner, so begin your search there.

Unfortunately, we have arrived too late to be of any help to Bryan's father; say a prayer for the hapless innocent and search his body for the Shack Key. The key opens up the door to the shack near the Wilk's residence. Inside you find Doctor Lesko's Password Recording among other useful items, but enter your Pip-boy and listen to the recording.

You can access Doctor Lesko's terminal and learn about Marigold Metro Station, but first return to Bryan in his hiding place. Saddened by the loss of his father, he asks you to nullify the Fire Ants roving about his town and eradicate the source of these creepy crawlies. Head to the Marigold Metro Station in the southern part of town and rattle open the gate to enter.

There are two ways to get to your destination which ultimately lies to the east. Both are relatively short, but the parallel tunnel to the south scoots you along a path that allows you to pick up some extra stuff, including a key to some valuables. Just before seeing the Doctor, loot the corpse of William Brandice for his key-hang onto it for a nice prize found in his house later on! Once you have located the mad scientist Doctor Lesko in his chamber, chat him up to discover the extent of his reckless experimentation with the F.E.V. He wants to undo what he has created...with your help! Sounds gravy, but the problem is the queen's got a quintet of super guardians standing in between her continual breeding of fire-breathing ants and Lesko's scientific redemption.

Time to take care of those Nest Guardians in the Ant Hatchery. You may want to switch on your Pip-boy's flashlight if the darkness and creepiness perturb you. The Hatchery has only one path, and it's fairly linear, so you shouldn't get lost edging down the tunnel. On the way you will run into the fearsome Guardians, all of whom are loyal to and fierce protectors of the Queen. They put up a good fight, so pull out your best Ant-ravaging weapons. Frag Grenades work pretty well against them. Once the issue with the Guardians has been taken cared of, return to the Doctor unless you plan on killing the Queen yourself (which we don't recommend).

When you return, the Doctor looks hopeful and expects good results. If you've followed his directions, he gladly rewards you with a Ant Might Perk or Ant Slight Perk, along with Lesko's Lab Coat if you were able to talk him into it. If you deviated from his instructions, you will most likely receive nothing for your efforts.

With the ant problem dealt with, the only other pressing matter is the boy Bryan-we need to find him a proper home. There are two possible caretakers for Bryan: Vera Weatherly in Rivet City, or Mayor MacCready in Little Lamplight. If you are extremely heartless and vile, you can pawn the boy off on Eulogy Jones in Paradise Falls, provided you have already nurtured a healthy relationship with the wretched Slavers. Wherever you decided to dump Bryan, you need to return to him and let him know. Depending on where you sent him, he will gleefully depart for his new home or turn toward a new life of abject misery.

Trouble on the Homefront

Quest giver: Overseer, Amata or Butch
Where: Vault 101

After completing The Waters of Life as part of the main quest line, you will be able to start this quest. If you head around the area near Vault 101, you begin to pick up an emergency distress signal, from Amata too! Go back to your old home to check things out.

In order to move past the Vault door, you need to have listened to the emergency signal to know the password ("Amata"). Things aren't as they were when you last left. Either Officer Gomez or Armstrong is the first familiar face you see. Apparently "everything went crazy." There're whispers of a rebellion, and the current Overseer (who would be Allen Mack if you killed Amata's father for his password) has gone to extreme measures to quash any signs of it.

Unlike before, the Vault has essentially split into two factions with one in support of the Overseer, and the other backing the rebels, lead by none other than Amata herself. You need to speak with Amata, the Overseer or Butch, all of whom have their own plans that you can either side with or rebuff. Whatever you plan to do, at least make speaking with the other Vault residents a part of your plan, as they will offer some somewhat useful insight to what's been happening since your absence. You can use this time to pick up things you missed in the Vault, more specifically the Bobblehead in your father's office if you missed it in the beginning. Loot the place clean.

When you speak to any of the primary catalytic characters in this play, you now have-surprise-another choice to make. You can choose to resolve this issue teetering on the edge of a complete civil war by mediating the peace between the two factions, killing the Overseer, killing Amata and the Rebels, or driving everyone out by overloading the Water Chip.

Siding with the Overseer: Agree to put down the Rebels. Then, if possible access the terminal in the Overseer's Office to find out that he has truly saved everyone from the Enclave. Go see Amata. A high Speech skill may allow you to dissuade Amata from continuing with her rebellious ways and listen to the Overseer, for what he is doing is for the good of everyone. If you read the Overseer's terminal earlier, you can also utilize that bargaining chip with Amata as well. If successful, Amata backs down, and you can now report to the Overseer of your success. Satisfied that order has been upheld and that he can now continue his rule, he bestows you a Modified Utility Jumpsuit.

Siding with Amata: Sharing the same opinion with Amata, you plan to strike down tyranny with cold, calculated efficiency! After agreeing to stop the Overseer and his guards, you can do one of two things to bring this disagreement to a peaceful end: head to the security room and Lockpick (if possible) the cell door to release Mr. Brotch, who informs you of a guard's secret plan to raid the Rebels at midnight-all this behind the Overseer's back! The other method involves you hacking the terminal at his office to glean some useful information. Both of these pieces of vital information can be used as leverage in your negotiations with the Overseer. If all goes well, the problem is redressed without violence, and you can return to Amata for a Modified Utility Jumpsuit.

Note that if you killed the previous Overseer and have come to the new Overseer ready to reason with him, know that he will disregard your negotiations as fluff words and resort to violent means. At this point, you have no choice other than to cap him. You lose Karma, but hey, that's what you get for killing someone in the first place.

Butch's Plan: If Butch isn't there because of his business with death and all, you can just head straight to the Reactor Room and enter Filter Room. Grab the Frag Grenades on the table and proceed to the Vault 101 Maintenance Tunnel. The goal is to overload the Water Chip by hacking into the terminal or taking the password to it from Stanley by way of pickpocketing or a gory death. Once you've hacked the terminal, select Begin Water Chip Service, Begin Manual Service and finally, Run Systems Purge. The Vault alarms echo throughout while everyone begins to evacuate the Vault. If you run into the Overseer, tell him a bold-face lie about the Rebels being the cause of this; you can lie to Amata too to falsely lay blame on the Overseer. You come away clean, but you get nothing for your troubles with this option.

Wasteland Survival Guide

Quest giver: Moira Brown
Where: Megaton

Perhaps the biggest-and the longest-side quest in the game, the Wasteland Survival Guide is Craterside Supply's shopkeeper, Moira Brown's, little side project that she asks you to help her complete. It's well worth the effort, albeit it could be long. You can start the Wasteland Survival Guide quest immediately upon arrival to Megaton. When you first speak to her, Moira catches wind of your recent voluntary expulsion from Vault 101 and asks you to comment. Depending on how you choose to answer Moira and all her future questions, you could very well influence and shape the final reward you get from the quest.

You will be given nine separate tasks, each to prove a hypothesis of hers. Her book is split into three chapters, each chapter with its own three sub-sequent sections. You can do them in any order. Each sub-section has a primary and optional objective to it. The optional objective usually demands more of your abilities and isn't therefore completely necessary to do, but it does add to the quality of the final product and could change the reward.

Here's a quick run-down on each chapter:

First chapter

1.1 Fastest and easiest is to get irradiated. You can stand (or drink) in the highly contaminated water surrounding the undetonated atomic bomb until you pick up 200 Rads, or you can stay to 600 for a bonus perk: the ability to repair all damaged limbs when dosed with high radiation!

1.2 Your next bet is to do the Super Duper Mart. Follow the map marker to the store, being careful of the two Raiders out front. Clear the area before finding the food in a fridge and the medicine in a First Aid Box. Note that grabbing the medicine spawns more Raiders. The reward you get for completing the optional objective is a Food Sanitizer.

1.3For the last mission of the first chapter, head to Minefield to collect landmines. Beware the sniper in a tower nearby. Complete the optional objective to receive the Schematic Bottlecap Mine.

Second chapter

2.1 This challenge involves killing three Mole Rats with a special Repellent Stick, which effectively eliminates the Mole Rat on contact, if a little messily. Kill seven more for to be able to keep the special whack-a-mole stick. Great, now those pesky critters will bother you no longer.

2.2 Moira is full of strange requests. She asks you to become critically injured. In fact, cripple a limb for a bonus Environment Suit. Unless you have a high Medicine skill to weasel you out of this self-destructive task, jumping off a roof or standing on a landmine works really well for these objectives.

2.3 Follow your quest marker to an enormous den of Mirelurks. Moira wants you to plant a camera in their spawning grounds, and for a bonus she wants you to do it without harming any. We recommend sneaking throughout this objective to avoid bloody confrontations with these monsters. If you mess up and are spotted, simply run back out and re-enter to give it another try. As long as you didn't lay a finger on them, Moira rewards you with a Stealth Boy and Shady Hat (for completing the optional objective).

Third chapter

3.1 If you've got the Robotics Expert Perk, you can regale Moira with your knowledge of robotics and forego doing the quest completely. Otherwise, head to the RobCo facility near Tenpenny Tower and employ Sneak to find the central mainframe. Reprogram it for the bonus. To tackle the optional objective, you need to hack into the terminal you inserted the Processor Widget into and select Initiate Pest Extermination and Cease Total Liquidation. Head back to Moira to get your rewards.

3.2 Moira asks you to infiltrate the Arlington National Library and get the card catalog, which is a simple matter of hacking into a terminal. Find the download of the entire library for the bonus. You just need to hack into the Arlington Public Library Terminal and choose the Transfer Library Archives.

3.3 Moira would like for you to uncover some background on the formation of Rivet City. Talk to Bannon, found usually at the Potomac Attire in the Marketplace, to gain some insight to the city's history. Or, you can speak with Vera Weatherly at the her hotel as well. Optionally chase down the true history of Rivet City, through the bowels of the ship to the elusive Pinkerton, if you want the bonus. Pinkerton can be difficult (and dangerous) to reach simply because of his location within the city. You can reach Pinkerton by heading to the Flight Deck entrance and diving in the water. Dive under and swim through the underwater network, with frequent stops at air pockets for oxygen. The elusive Pinkerton is through some Mirelurk-infested area. Once you reach Pinkerton, you can press him for the information you need to receive a neat Trader bonus that gives you a 10% discount when buying from and 10% extra when selling to a Trader in Rivet City.

You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head

Quest giver: Mister Crowley
Where: Underworld

In the Ghoul-run city of the Underworld, located in downtown D.C., you find a shady Ghoul named Mister Crowley, who's intent on exacting revenge upon a few troublesome Wastelanders. True to the name of the quest, you are instructed to off some of his nemeses using headshots. Although you can kill the people on his hitlist with methods other than a glorified headshot, Mister Crowley prefers this tried-and-true method and offers more Caps for shots specifically to the head. You receive a hitlist and a Sniper Rifle to begin.

The list of targets consists of Allistair Tenpenny, Dukov, Ted Strayer and Dave. With the exception of Tenpenny, you must bring back a key from each killed individual, as a trophy to elucidate his death. Naturally, if you go on a headshot spree, you're going to lose a lot of Karma, but with the right silver tongue and mind you can obtain the keys by other nonviolent means.

All the key-holders can be swayed through either intimidation or bribery to giving up the keys they hold. And if your Sneak is high enough, they can be picked without detection. Before resorting to exploding craniums (unless you are a truly despicable human being), you should always first test your social fortitude to procure the key from each target.

Your most likely first target would be Ted Strayer since he is closest to your starting point in the Underworld. Head to Rivet City and locate the man, where you can try your hand at a Speech check, or buy the Ted Strayer's Special Key for 25 Caps. The Toughness Perk also works on him. When you reach Dave in The Republic of Dave, you can Speech or Luck check him to procure Dave's Special Key easily enough before deciding to pop him in the head. Dukov is the final key-holder and quite the playboy. You have a few additional methods of snagging Dukov's Special Key. If you have the Lady Killer Perk, you can convince Fantasia to steal the key for you. If you've the Black Widow Perk, Dukov obediently hands over the key.

Allistair Tenpenny is an integral character in two other sidequests, so make sure you have already exhausted your use out of the dude before popping him. Being an affluent individual who values his life, Allistair tries to sweeten the deal by offering more Caps for turning on Crowley. With the conclusion of your messy business, seek out Crowley in his usual hang-out spot, the Ninth Circle bar in the Underworld (he's usually there around 10PM). For each key and successful headshot you implanted, you get 100 Caps, if not 25 Caps.

The rewards don't stop there, and if you are a particularly immoral bastard, feel free to double-cross the dude and off him to recover the special keys (as well as collect your reward from Tenpenny for carrying out your end of the deal), you will be able to get the most powerful armor in the game soon enough. It would be worth your while to now start heading out to a place called Fort Constantine, located someplace northwest. Be warned, however, that this undertaking can present quite the formidable challenge, so be sure to bring ample ammo, health supplies and everything repaired to a above-average functional degree.

There's a small cabin that you can more easily access and enter the CO quarters. Scour the area inside for a Bobblehead Big Guns. You need to breach the bunker door, but to do so you need to override the security in the terminal. We recommend making a new save before you do this, lest you lock yourself out and preclude your chances of ever obtaining that godly Power Armor. Use Ted's key on the locked door and navigate your way to the warhead storage, where you can use Dukov's key to unlock the door.

Locate the door you can unlock using Dave's Special Key and search the corpse of Tara for a Warhead Storage Key. The main prize though is the T-51b Power Armor and T-51b Power Helmet, as well as a Fat Man. You are now set for the rest of the game in terms of optimal defense. Chances are, you probably can't wear the armor yet, but you can learn how to once you reach the Citadel for the first time during the main quest.

Xbox 360 Acheivements

Achievement NameHow To EarnReward
Vault 101 Citizenship AwardGot the Pip-Boy 300010
The G.O.A.T. WhispererTook the G.O.A.T.10
Escape!Completed "Escape!"20
Following in His FootstepsCompleted "Following in His Footsteps"20
Galaxy News RadioCompleted "Galaxy News Radio"20
Scientific PursuitsCompleted "Scientific Pursuits"20
Tranquility LaneCompleted "Tranquility Lane"20
The Waters of LifeCompleted "The Waters of Life"20
Picking up the TrailCompleted "Picking up the Trail"20
Rescue from ParadiseCompleted "Rescue from Paradise"20
Finding the Garden of EdenCompleted "Finding the Garden of Eden"20
The American DreamCompleted "The American Dream"20
Take it Back!Completed "Take it Back!"40
Big Trouble in Big TownCompleted "Big Trouble in Big Town"20
The Superhuman GambitCompleted "The Superhuman Gambit"20
The Wasteland Survival GuideCompleted "The Wasteland Survival Guide"20
Those!Completed "Those!"20
The Nuka-Cola ChallengeCompleted "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"20
Head of StateCompleted "Head of State"20
The Replicated ManCompleted "The Replicated Man"20
Blood TiesCompleted "Blood Ties"20
OasisCompleted "Oasis"20
The Power of the AtomCompleted "The Power of the Atom"20
Tenpenny TowerCompleted "Tenpenny Tower"20
Strictly BusinessCompleted "Strictly Business"20
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the HeadCompleted "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"20
Stealing IndependenceCompleted "Stealing Independence"20
Trouble on the HomefrontCompleted "Trouble on the Homefront"20
Agatha's SongCompleted "Agatha's Song"20
Reilly's RangersCompleted "Reilly's Rangers"20
ReaverReached Level 8 with Bad Karma10
MercenaryReached Level 8 with Neutral Karma10
ProtectorReached Level 8 with Good Karma10
Harbinger of WarReached Level 14 with Bad Karma20
Pinnacle of SurvivalReached Level 14 with Neutral Karma20
Ambassador of PeaceReached Level 14 with Good Karma20
Scourge of HumanityReached Level 20 with Bad Karma30
Paradigm of HumanityReached Level 20 with Neutral Karma30
Last, Best Hope of HumanityReached Level 20 with Good Karma30
WeaponsmithMade one of every custom weapon30
Doesn't Play Well with OthersKilled 300 people20
Slayer of BeastsKilled 300 creatures20
Silver-Tongued DevilWon 50 Speech Challenges20
Data MinerHacked 50 terminals20
Keys are for CowardsPicked 50 locks20
One-Man Scouting PartyDiscovered 100 locations20
Psychotic PranksterPlaced a grenade or mine while pickpocketing10
The Bigger They Are…Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths20
Yes, I Play with DollsCollected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads10
Vault-Tec C.E.O.Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads30

PlayStation 3 Trophies

Achievement NameHow To EarnReward
Vault 101 Citizenship AwardGot the Pip-Boy 3000Bronze
The G.O.A.T. WhispererTook the G.O.A.T.Bronze
Escape!Completed "Escape!"Bronze
Following in His FootstepsCompleted "Following in His Footsteps"Bronze
Galaxy News RadioCompleted "Galaxy News Radio"Bronze
Scientific PursuitsCompleted "Scientific Pursuits"Bronze
Tranquility LaneCompleted "Tranquility Lane"Bronze
The Waters of LifeCompleted "The Waters of Life"Bronze
Picking up the TrailCompleted "Picking up the Trail"Bronze
Rescue from ParadiseCompleted "Rescue from Paradise"Bronze
Finding the Garden of EdenCompleted "Finding the Garden of Eden"Bronze
The American DreamCompleted "The American Dream"Bronze
Big Trouble in Big TownCompleted "Big Trouble in Big Town"Bronze
The Superhuman GambitCompleted "The Superhuman Gambit"Bronze
Slayer of BeastsKilled 300 creaturesBronz
The Wasteland Survival GuideCompleted "The Wasteland Survival Guide"Bronze
Those!Completed "Those!"Bronze
The Nuka-Cola ChallengeCompleted "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"Bronze
Head of StateCompleted "Head of State"Bronze
The Replicated ManCompleted "The Replicated Man"Bronze
Blood TiesCompleted "Blood Ties"Bronze
OasisCompleted "Oasis"Bronze
The Power of the AtomCompleted "The Power of the Atom"Bronze
Tenpenny TowerCompleted "Tenpenny Tower"Bronze
Strictly BusinessCompleted "Strictly Business"Bronze
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the HeadCompleted "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"Bronze
Psychotic PranksterPlaced a grenade or mine while pickpocketingBronze
Stealing IndependenceCompleted "Stealing Independence"Bronze
Trouble on the HomefrontCompleted "Trouble on the Homefront"Bronze
Agatha's SongCompleted "Agatha's Song"Bronze
Reilly's RangersCompleted "Reilly's Rangers"Bronze
ReaverReached Level 8 with Bad KarmaBronze
MercenaryReached Level 8 with Neutral KarmaBronze
ProtectorReached Level 8 with Good KarmaBronze
Harbinger of WarReached Level 14 with Bad KarmaBronze
Pinnacle of SurvivalReached Level 14 with Neutral KarmaBronze
Ambassador of PeaceReached Level 14 with Good KarmaBronze
Take it Back!Completed "Take it Back!"Silver
Scourge of HumanityReached Level 20 with Bad KarmaSilver
Paradigm of HumanityReached Level 20 with Neutral KarmaSilver
Last, Best Hope of HumanityReached Level 20 with Good KarmaSilver
WeaponsmithMade one of every custom weaponSilver
Doesn't Play Well with OthersKilled 300 peopleSilver
Silver-Tongued DevilWon 50 Speech ChallengesSilver
Data MinerHacked 50 terminalsSilver
Keys are for CowardsPicked 50 locksSilver
One-Man Scouting PartyDiscovered 100 locationsSilver
Yes, I Play with DollsCollected 10 Vault-Tec BobbleheadsSilver
The Bigger They Are…Kill all the Super Mutant BehemothsGold
Vault-Tec C.E.O.Collected 20 Vault-Tec BobbleheadsGold
Platinum TrophyCollect all other 50 Trophies for this TrophyPlatinum

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