Fallout 3 360-bound?

Source: The forthcoming issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK. What we heard: When Bethesda Softworks announced it was taking over the Fallout license in 2004, role-playing fans rejoiced. The series, which had been dying a slow death alongside its flatlining publisher, Interplay, was suddenly in the...


Source: The forthcoming issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK.

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What we heard: When Bethesda Softworks announced it was taking over the Fallout license in 2004, role-playing fans rejoiced. The series, which had been dying a slow death alongside its flatlining publisher, Interplay, was suddenly in the hands of one of the most acclaimed RPG developers in the business.

Judging by an interview with producer Todd Howard immediately after the purchase, Fallout 3 would be handled with much more care than it had been at Interplay. The latter publisher had closed series developer Black Isle Studios and stopped development of Fallout 3 in favor of releasing the tepidly reviewed spin-off Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel--the only console entry in the franchise--which was so hated by Fallout fans that it was nicknamed "Fallout: POS."

Though Fallout 3 was a no-show at both the 2005 and 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expos, enthusiasm for the project increased over the last two years. The surge in interest paralleled the avalanche of critical plaudits that fell on Bethesda's latest project, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, GameSpot's 2006 Role-Playing Game of the Year.

With the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Oblivion--both based on the Gamebryo engine--earning near-equal praise, the prospect of the currently PC-only Fallout 3 also being released for the Xbox 360 became tantalizingly real. So tantalizing, in fact, that the fact Bethesda refused to rule it out in a recent interview with OXM UK led to a spate of "Fallout 3 coming to 360" headlines on Gamernews.org, playfuls.com, and No Mutants Allowed.

Unfortunately, the majority of the OXM UK article is merely the author talking about the possibility of a 360 Fallout 3, which he (rightly) speculates would be both technically feasible and financially lucrative. For his part, Howard dodges the mag's questions. When asked about Fallout 3, he says only, "We started work in late 2004 with a few people. We only had about 10 people on it until Oblivion wrapped, but most of our staff is on it now."

Avoiding any mention of a platform, Howard continued, "We have pretty long preproduction phases on our stuff doing concepts, design, building prototypes, and such." He then dropped a tidbit more tantalizing to Fallout fans than fresh iguana-on-a-stick: "We should be ready soon to show it off, but we'll see."

Still, if Fallout 3 does come to the Xbox 360, gamers can take comfort that it won't be another half-baked console spin-off. Referencing the OXM UK interview on his blog, Fallout 3 producer Ashley Cheng spoke of how he "hated" Fallout: BOS, indicating a 360 Fallout 3 would (hopefully) bear little resemblance to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox misfire.

[UPDATE] The official story: Taking time out of a multicity trip, jet-setting Bethesda vice president of marketing Pete Hines got back to GameSpot. "Yes, we have said before folks are working on it and have been, but we won't say what stage it's in," he said. "In short, no, nothing's changed, no details, no platforms, etc. We give the same answers regardless of who is asking. It will be a while still until we unveil, until then we aren't saying anything."

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that anything official about a 360 Fallout 3 has been announced. Not bogus that the prospect gets gamers all hot and bothered.

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hmmmmm...... will my 360 DESTROY that disk too?

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I don't think hardcore fans of fallout are already hating the game. We just hate the thought of what Bethesda will do with, in my opinion, the greatest game ever. Don't get me wrong Bethesda has had some major hits in the past, But when you review their previous games there is a feeling of something that should be there... but isn't... tough to explain. fallout 1 was great, but i loved the raunchy humor and general feel of " oopps i laughed, blew your head off, and lost an arm wresting match against a mutant so i had to gargle mutant mayo." I really feel that's what got me involved. i didn't find it tedious to speak to every single person i met. Unlike Oblivion I just couldn't help but pass up most of the npc monologues, and just review the journal for needed quests and need to know info.

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Want this.

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First, big fan of fallout (played all games from fallout original to Fallout: BOS or POS as many fans know it) Second, Oblivion with guns is not a bad idea, if you ever played Stalker: SOC then you'd know. Third, Oblivion with guns is a terrible idea for fallout. Fallout is not a game ment to be played like Oblivion or Stalker. And business wise, if you screw the fans you screw your income. Fans of a already established genre buy the games. They bought, so they have the right to tweak it and screw it up. But, I won't buy another Brotherhood of Steel, there's a reason why Interplay & Black Isle went bankrupt! Oblivion should remember: Game is yours, do what you want, if you screw the fans, you'll get no money! One last thing, Fallout was meant to be non-linear...don't screw that up too.

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Congratulations on judging the game before it's complete. No news on gameplay and no screenshots, yet people hate it already. It's only logical that they release it to console. Many PC game developers are closing down because of the rampant piracy. Can't turn a profit anymore. Worth noting though is they acquired the Star Trek license and made some action games, which aren't really what trekkies appreciate. More about exploration and discovery. Hopefully they learn from that and improve upon the Fallout title. And not another one for the bargain bins. Right, Chuck?

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Bethesda Freakin rocks. They brought a whole new RPG type into play, where the characters can go and do anything they want, no limitations. The player is in complete control. Fallout was very similar. I doubt that they will make fallout 3 exactly the same as oblivion, especially since they bought the franchise for so much, they probably want to make changes but also want to try new types of gameplay and style, so it woulnd't be oblivion with guns. And if you have ever played morrowind or oblivion on console, then you know that it isn't just button mashing, or at least it isn't any more than if you play it on PC.

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We are gathered here today to say goodbye to a game, but not just a game--an experience, an experience you might not feel in a thousand years. Every lifetime something good comes along and that my friend is Fallout. May you rest in that CD-ROM Drive in the sky, or the 40.00 dollar DvD-rom drive you got from Newegg to find out that you're missing some parts to it. What am I talking about? This isn't about me. Fallout was something to keep me going. Fallout was a friend to me when I didn't have friends. May your residue of radiation be place deeply into our hard-drives. A-men.

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well i allways liked the pc better but at least poeple wont haft to get the baddest pc to play. i really hope they dont screw this up bc this will be a big knife in the face for them. fallout is a classic so the better walk on eggshells with this game and make it damn good.

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I signed up on this site just to make a post here! I'm getting really pissed (For what its worth) on the folks here that judge us die hard fans as fanatics that can't accept change. And even more on those who seem to think that bethesda "rocks". First of all Oblivion was nothing! I bought the game knowing it wasn't a RPG; I bought it for it's wonderfull graphics and descent character developement system thinking it perhaps would be a good adventure game! But no... Not one single hard puzzle, not one riddle or good quest, ofcourse no dialouge options worth mentioning at all! It's like talking to robots there. And to explain "fun" to do the same sort of quest, just one level harder over and over again is beyond my vocabulary. Bethesda has done som darn good games in general and it's first Elder Scrolls were pretty good considering the technology back then. But obviously it will be IMPOSSIBLE to have a game like fallout 2 on the Xbox 360. We all know strategy games work bad on consoles and so does any "birdview" or similar game aswell. Since the fallout series is based on tactical combat and birdview and since none or very few of the old BlackIsle folks are working on the project I must say THAT INDEED THIS GAME WILL BE N O T H I N G COMPARED TO THE OLD SERIES! End of bloody discussion.

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Hmm, i'm unsure what to think of this. While i definetly have nothing against Bethesda, i loved Morrowind and atleast liked Oblivion, i have doubts of wether they are capable of pulling of a good Fallout game. Now, i haven't even played the original game, but i spent atleast 40-50 hours with Fallout 2 before i eventually lost interest. And while Fallout 2 isn't one of my favorite games, i can definetly understand why some people hail it as one of the best games ever made. One of my primary concerns about this is that Fallout 2 had plenty of gore and dark humor, and i have yet to see Bethesda include something like that. Not to mention that they have (atleast with Morrowind and Oblivion) been somewhat lacking in the actual roleplaying department (And for those of you who belive roleplaying is about character sheets and stats, be assured that this is not what i'm talking about.). Sure, you have the freedom to roam the world and do pretty much what you want (Within a somewhat limited scope), i have yet to see how my characters interaction with the world actually have consitent effects. As said, if they actually manage to pull this one off correctly, i don't doubt that it'll be great. If not, i guess we can expect an Oblivion with guns, which isn't a total loss either, but it's far from what it should be.

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they should give GameSpot special treatment :P

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My fingers have been crossed for Fallout 3 for so long I think they've gotten stuck. Perhaps the demand for the game is overrated; I can think of no other reason why any company wouldn't get on the ball with cranking this game out because otherwise there is a large and eager market for the game.

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Any turn-based game can be done with a console just as well as a PC... after all its just number crunching, just might take a bit longer on a console. That being said it is turn based no need to dumb it down because there is time to crunch it. The only reason to dumb down a turn based game would be to speed up the calculation time... Which with the processing power of consoles I'd think they wouldn't have to. So if I see a dumbed down Fallout I won't blame it being on a console... I'd blame it on Bethesda

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PC turn based games started off ON the PC and should stay there. No need to get Fallout 3 consolized, wil make it just like Oblivion, a game stripped of many FUN features for the sake of consolizing it

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this cant be good,i have waited for nothing ..

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jknight5422 you are the man. I agree with you entirely... Hell's, you even threw in a Gamma world reference... and I thought I was the only one. Ahh, the good old days. Like you said, Fallout as it was back then will probably not appeal to modern gamers. Unfortunately (for me) this will mean that a new Fallout will only carry over the name sake. How many first person shooters do we need? It could be a great game however. Good or bad, 360 or PC, until there is something tangible who cares. If taking way to much time means a better game, by all means take way to much time!! Many of todays games should have spent more time in production. Incredible graphics dont = a good game. Make War not Peace!

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dam, i dont like Xbox360, why not PS3 or PC?? :(((((((((((

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I can't say enough how 'hooked' I got w/games 1&2!! I was't real thrilled with "Brotherhood of Steel" for PS2 since I liked the game play of 1&2 for PC. Having "Fallout 3" on the'360' would be so-so, but I'd rather see it come out for PC!!

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Well, just about every day now I hear about another of my favorite games coming to the my newly acquired gamer shrine...my beloved 360. Fantastic news and I hope they pull this off. I don't want to have to keep upgrading my PC every time a game comes out I want to play... On the horizon this year, Mercenaries 2, BioShock, Grand Theft Auto IV, Halo 3...we're getting spoiled. Gonna be a great year for gamers!

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HC Fallout fans need to get over it. If Bethesda hadn't taken up the project, there would be NO upcoming fallout game. There is a chance that it could be a great game and on the other hand there is a chance that it could be completely ruined. I played Fallout 1 & 2 over and over and over until my eyes bled and i involuntarily wet myself several times because of it but really.... its like Bethesda is giving the Fallout series another life. The Fallout series would be dead anyway if it wasn't for them buying the rights to it. Hardcore Fallout fans should rejoice at that fact, even if it might not be on their terms. Make the compromise and play the freaking game. If Bethesda slaughters the series.... THEN you can go up in arms about it, but it hasnt even been released yet and people are screaming and whining about it. Its childish and ludicrous. The most you can do is hope that what is done with the game will be to your liking, if not then Fallout 3 is dead like it was when Bethesda bought it.

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I don't see how people can dislike Oblivion, even if you're a Fallout fan. I'm a Fallout fan and I saw HUGE improvements in Oblivion that I didn't see in Morrowind. The hints of a perk system in Oblivion as your skill levels went up made me actually care how high they were. If Bethesda makes Fallout like Oblivion, they'll make a really good game with a lot of the character options that you saw with Fallout. Bethesda will make a really good game with the Fallout franchise unless someone really screws up. That said, I would rather they make a Fallout SEQUEL, not a new Fallout game. This is supposed to be Fallout 3. A sequel. As a sequel, it should retain most of the aspects of the other two games. Better graphics, new things, new plot, etc. etc. I do not want it to be completely revamped to the point where you have to look at the title to be able to tell what it is supposed to be a sequel to. I don't care if they have a console version. I'm not a big enough gamer to care if they take one or two options away from the PC version, unless they're really big. The first two games were amazing and introduced me to the RPG genre. This game is going to be awesome, but I surely do hope that it will be Fallout.

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I've played Fallout 1 & 2 when they were released. In fact it was only last year that I repeated Fallout 2. It's enjoyable, but the whole turn-based part of it is dated compared to today's games. There is no need for it to be like that. I think that newer gamers would not be interested in Fallout 3, if it was built in the "classic" format of Fallout 1 or 2. There just isn't enough interest in selling a game to a minority fanbase, who have grown up & likely have less time on their hands to play it. It's pointless to appeal to them from a business perspective. Since Oblivion did so well, we can only hope that the talent behind that will put the Fallout setting to good use. The content will be the most important thing for the game & will sell the game & I'm looking forward to playing a revamped version using today's styles of RPG play (not having played Oblivion, I'm not sure what that is). I'm for a PC or 360 version. Whichever one comes out first, that is likely the one I will pay for. The advantage of the PC over any console game is that the price for the game drops much faster than it does for consoles. Further, if you liked the creations of the first Fallout games, then you should be playing Neverwinter Nights 2. That game was made by a handful of the people who were behind Fallout & some of the other mid to late 90's RPG games that came out. I don't really understand why anyone hates Bethesda for keeping Fallout alive & creating games for it. There are hardly any Post-apocalyptic RPG games out there! Why doesn't someone create a Gamma World RPG or a Darwin's World RPG? There are some great post-apocalypse settings that could make for great RPGs & I'm surprised that there has not been any made after Fallout, at least in the States. It's sad, really.

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Baldur's Gate and Planescape were real time games with a pause key (spacebar).

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I'm reserving judgement until I can play it. I am skeptic as skeptic can be, but will be open minded once I actually play it. Let us hope that the 360 fanboys actually know just what they're asking about. This is a groundbreaking PC series. If you play them (on your PC) you will understand what we are talking about when we worry about Fallout's legacy. Until then, words are hollow.

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"Fallout3 should be console only. The setting is freaking awesome and doesn't need to suffer from PCitis and poor controls. It'd be really cool to have it in first person and real time. Turn based gaming is DEAD. 360 controllers ftw!" So...have you ever played any turn based games? Or is your experience based on the Final Fantasy series (which by the way has not a single RPG?) The Baldur's series, Planescape, and Fallout. Try a real RPG game...not an ADD graphicsfest. And the PC's controls kick ass. Don't know if you've ever tried it. Sound's like you haven't...and I have no lag so don't even go there.

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Just make a 2D Fallout like before. No consoles, no 1st person looking, no 3rd person looking, mayde some of effects and lightning. Just make a real scenario and free gameplay. We don't want a new generation %&/# we want FALLOUT back.

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While I will admit that a PC style RPG, such as Fallout3, sounds like an allright idea seeing as how it would provide those without the funds for an up to date computer, the opportunity to play such a great title. However, while it may be possible to have such a game on the X Box 360, the likely hood of that happening is, at best, remote. It goes without saying that Fallout would not do as a first-person RPG and to design it that way would be an utter desecration and an insult to the fans of the series.

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How is Bethesda not a good company. Up until Oblivion they made some of the deepest and most complex games out there. Daggerfall is rediculous. Even the much hated Pirates of the Caribbean was pretty deep for what it was... glitchy... but pretty deep. Besides, Oblivion is pretty damn good.

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for the love of all mighty thor give me some details, i feel like a funky junky who needs his mother loving fix. give me some details before i eat my own eyes.

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I'm more of a PC fan, i was playin games on my trs 80 long before nes, but i always keep a space fer a console, i just am not a console fanboi. Am i opposed to a port ot a console, not as long as they can keep all the elements thereand any "dummy down" occurs on that end without a mirror on this end. Deep dialogue, adult situations and humor and turn based (targeting ftw) combat , the first two are possible, the second is even common now, the last is what i hope for

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Putting it on console, in my opinion, is going to ruin it. Dear lord, it's going to be Fallout Brotherhood of steel on xbox all over again.

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A classic that Bethesda will no doubt destroy. Reminds me of when Obsidian took over Neverwinter Nights 2. Bound for disaster..

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Another very exciting piece of news! FallOut 3 & Ghostbusters the game...those are 2x very guaranteed purchases in my future, regardless of what system they're on.

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dat would be AWESOME- O

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To all the people whining and complaining about Bethesda doing a Fallout game.... DEAL WITH IT! Bethesda is a very competent RPG maker and it's either them or nobody. I dont know if you've forgotten, but the series already had both feet in the grave with Interplay. Even though I'm not a Fallout fan, I would be appreciative that my favorite franchise is at least getting another breath of life in it.

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All next gen systems should get this game. I mean, why not? The more, the merrier.

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i would like a fallout 3 for the 360

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isahunt.... "Bethesda to RPG is like plague to aristocrat. Bethesda wants nothing to do with Brian Fargo or anyone who was ever involved with FO1 or FO2. Bethesda will butcher this game beyond any recognition. This thorsen-ink guy apparently knows nothing about Fallout and nothing about fans of Fallout. HACK". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's an idea why don't go and ask Interplay and Black Isles to make the damn game, o wait I forgot they don't exist anymore. Clearly u sound like a Final Fanstany/ WOW type of guy...So why don't u leave big stuff for the adults and you go alone and spend the next 10 hours eating hot pockets and playing WOW with ur cyber-pals. lol I'm j/k...your cool man.

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Planeforger.... "Didn't Bethesda have to close down their Fallout 3 section of the forum from all of the hate mail? Well, damn them. I don't care if they screw up their own series to appeal to the casual gamers, but screwing up a classic series like Fallout is RPG blasphemy.What's next...they'll cancel the PC port? It has happened before, so it won't suprise me. Bethesda is worse than EA and Sony combined, in my eyes." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know it's just your opinion, but u really have no idea what your talking about. The elderscolls series is only the flagship for all RPG games period. Maybe u should've blame Interplay and Black Isles for rubbing the Fallout series in the mud before u start foaming from the mouth.

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s3lFc0nTr0l... "never played or heard of it" It's before your time my friend.

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supermechakirby "hmmm fallout is old" no just mistreated, but the foundation is still there.

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i hope it happens that would be sweet

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ok so this is whats gonna happen with Fallout 3: 1) PC version is released, and is awesome. 2) 360 version is released with graphical flare being substituted for good framerate (kinda like oblivion on 360) 3) PS3 version is released with stellar visual efffects and uninterrupted framerate, not to mention sixaxis support. 4) Wii version is released except all NPC and player character models are remapped to look like.....Mii characters (kinda like sims2 wii, simply because the wii hardware architecture is too WEAK to power such an ambitious RPG epic like Fallout 3)

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I hope they Build it for PC then port it to 360, not some UBI or EA PoS

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Maybe they are trying to set free all of us from sitting around computers and instead turning to good old fashioned times, when consoles, like nes zxspectrum and sega was almost obligatory for everyone. I'm not against XBOX, but it seems that such a big console propoganda will continue to go on and we will all soon be sitting next to TV's like in past. Sure it is good to have a console, but i really'd like to see future where every console and computer have same right's, same games, same laws...spread the word!!! :D

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Well, it's always nice to have a choice, especially for people without gaming spec PCs (I rue the days when I didn't). Roll on the 360 version!

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Fallout 3 on the 360 = pwnage!!!

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I'm resigned to the fact that Fallout 3 will not at all be like the "Van Buren" concept of it. It's pretty much a certainty that the isometric, turn-based system will be traded in for a realtime first person experience. This does disappoint me to a certain degree, but I still think Bethesda will make a good Fallout game (even if it isn't the ones fans are expecting). The thing I like most about the Fallout series is the violent post-nuclear drug infested wasteland setting. That and all the awesome weapons and mature dialogue. I'm still hopeful these things will remain intact.

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Xbox 360 can handle games like Fallout 3 perfectly. I would gladly purchase Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360.