Fallout 2 heads to the Mac

MacPlay will release a Macintosh version of Interplay's popular role-playing game this summer.


MacPlay has announced that it will publish a Macintosh version of Fallout 2, Interplay's popular role-playing game. Fallout 2 was first released for the PC in 1998 as the sequel to the award-winning role-playing game Fallout, which was set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. It continued the storyline of the original game and added more areas to explore and a variety of new characters and monsters.

Fallout 2 for the Macintosh will be available in stores on July 31 for an approximate retail price of $29.99. The game will also be available at the MacWorld Expo in New York on July 17-19. For more information, read our full review of the PC version of the game.

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