Falling in Love With Lara - Live Stream

Join Johnny as he teams up with Lara Croft to raid some tombs and generally have a good time.


Until this year, I had never played a Tomb Raider game, so I decided to take them on in order. The first one went pretty badly, while the second was only marginally better. The third very nearly went ok. The fourth was a horrifying nightmare. During the fifth, I went AWOL. And then again during the sixth.

My doctor has ordered I stop doing these live streams and find something else to do with my time, so I'll be seeing out the series with the latest Tomb Raider. Will I finally fall in love with Lara during this last episode? probably not. You never know though, I might have a small breakdown on camera.

Wednesday 27 at 9:00 a.m. PDT / 4:00 p.m. GMT / 3:00 a.m. AEST

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Wtf !? worst ? not at all !!! it was in 2003 games like that in that year have crapy flaws tho u guys r jst the new gamers u only like shooting and action "worthless games that finish in 3 houres"

what am sayin is AOD has amazing story and alot of ppl wana knw what happend to kurtz plus the game is modern and has intersting things !!! and yh it makes u save while in fucked up place because it tomb raider !!! hardest thing ever aryt !!! only the old fans understand this tho ...

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Jesus Christ Johnny that was pathetic. AOD is the worst Tomb Raider game but it's at least playable. What on earth possessed you to save while sliding down the rooftop? You just continue along the wire

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AoD? Worst Tomb Raider ever. Simply unplayable.

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@queuing_for_PS4 Blasphemy!!

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Hhaha! It turned into Chivalry lol!!

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AOD gets a lot of stick. It has some serious flaws, but it also had a good story and some very vaired set pieces.

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come on johnny atleast its better than the last one

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Are Johnny reading these as he goes? Loved the SOAD-reference :)

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@_Judas_ no, he's reading the live chat.

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I have all Tomb Raider games, on the first PlayStation (which I keep in a very special shoe box with all the games), all PC Editions, xBox. But despite it's flaws Angel of Darkness became my favourite. Did not bother with the arcade download, but will buy the latest installment. Those were my magical gaming years. To many younger players it must seem dire but you have to realize how much gaming was still in it's infancy shoes. I cannot compare the gaming world of those days to the gaming environment of today, only that I had the time of my life.

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Love Tomb Raider 1 threw 4 were my favorite after wasen't feeling it anymore

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Love Tomb Raider 1 and 4 were my favorite after wasen't loving them anymore.

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like the Alton towers mug