Fall Guys Update Removes Problematic Stage Variants

A See-Saw variant that was heavily exploited by griefers has now been removed.


In the latest patch for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, developer Mediatonic has removed some problematic stage variants including the "vertical" see-saws and the version of Fall Mountain with a spinner at the end. The update is live now for all players.

The new changes were announced in a brief tweet, updating players on the variants that had been removed from rotation.

In a reply to a tweet asking why the studio didn't simply fix the vertical see-saws instead of removing them altogether, it explained that the team couldn't come up with "a good solution on how to keep them but solve the problem."

While players have enjoyed the new twist of the vertical see-saws, it turns out the design is too easily abused by griefers to prevent an entire lobby of players from completing the level within the time limit. A Reddit post from a few days ago illustrates the problem perfectly.

Commenters on the post suggested that the "Big Yeetus" hammer should always spawn in this variant of the stage to ensure that players have another way of getting through, while other players said the see-saws should just be removed--which is the solution Mediatonic went with in the end.

In other Fall Guys news, the adorable battle royale game was confirmed for the Switch in the most recent Nintendo Direct, with the port intended to arrive this summer.

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