Fall Guys Tournament Pits 20 Streamers Against Each Other

Devolver Digital is hosting it on Twitch tomorrow morning.


Fall Guys publisher Devolver Digital is hosting a tournament stream tomorrow morning, August 13. It'll feature 20 streamers, who are broken up into five teams, competing across multiple mini-games in the game show battle royale.

"Can we get some F's in chat for Team Space who are already on the yellow team by the looks of things," a tweet about the event read. The tournament kicks off at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Devolver Digital's Twitch channel. The tournament is focusing on smaller streamers including Okaydrian, Detune, and Kimchica. You won't see any big names like DrLupo navigating the Slime Climb this time.

Fall Guys launched on August 4 and more than 2 million players have already logged on for a match on the Steam version of the game since then. It's also been incredibly popular on Twitch with over 200,000 viewers watching at the time of this writing. An update with a new level is coming to both versions of Fall Guys on August 12.

GameSpot's Alessandro Barbosa enjoyed his time playing the game show battle royale and its variety of mini games. "With its short games and easy-to-grasp mechanics, Fall Guys is easily the most approachable and welcoming battle royale yet," he said in GameSpot's Fall Guys review. "Its bursting color and varied game modes do a good job of reeling you in and keeping you hooked, even if a handful feel at odds with the easygoing nature of its premise."

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