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Fall Guys' SpongeBob-Themed Bikini Bottom Bash Event Is Now Live

The event features Fall Guy costumes depicting the main characters in the series, including Mr. SquarePants.


Fall Guys' latest cosmetic crossover event was announced via the official Nintendo of America Twitter account earlier today, and the theme is sure to have players bubbling with excitement. Keeping in line with Season 3's underwater theme, the new Bikini Bottom Bash event features costumes straight from the world of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Starting today, players can purchase SpongeBob-themed cosmetics for their Fall Guys. These include costumes that, when equipped, give Fall Guys the appearance of various characters from the beloved franchise. These include costumes resembling Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Crabs, Squidward, Patrick Star, and, of course, Mr. SquarePants himself.

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The game's third season, Sunken Secrets, has an aquatic theme, so these cosmetics are sure to be right at home alongside this season's other deep-sea dress-up options. Additional undersea-themed items--like the Bubble Bowl Performance celebration emote and several nautical player nicknames--can be obtained via the Sunken Secrets season pass. The season pass is available for purchase for 950 Showbucks (about $8 USD).

The Bikini Bottom Bash event is currently live, and the event-exclusive cosmetic items will be available in-game until the event ends on December 7.

Fall Guys is free to play on console and PC.

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