Fall Guys Season 3 Is Eliminating Everyone, Even If They Win

The new season is bug-filled fun.


Fall Guys' newest season hit players everywhere today--although many wish it hadn't. The season is full of bugs--including several that make players lose when they'd already won.

The new season brings games like Roll Off, a faster final round version of Roll Out, and Thin Ice as two new finales. It also introduces a new crown rank reward system that doles out prizes to players as they earn more crowns. A new playlist that focuses on new levels was also included in the update.

The story of the day, however, has been all of the new issues with Season 3. Many players have found themselves seconds away from victory--only for it to be snatched away at the last second.

Season 3's newest levels, like Tundra Run and Ski Fall, are a ton of fun. They contain a number of new mechanics, obstacles, and designs that haven't been featured in the battle royale before. The problems, however, currently outweigh the positives of the new season. Crown Ranks, which should be retroactive, aren't showing up for a lot of players on top of the other gameplay bugs.

Mediatonic had to disable matchmaking (it's back up now), disable Hex-A-Gone, and make a number of other last-minute changes to keep the game from frustrating more players. The UK-based studio is currently working on fixes and is tracking issues on its subreddit.

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