Fall Guys Reveals Season 6: Party Spectacular

The upcoming Fall Guys season features five new Rounds and a party theme.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's sixth season is coming on November 30, with the theme "Party Spectacular." The celebratory season will introduce five new Rounds and 25 new costumes, including two Ghost of Tsushima tie-in costumes. The new season will also feature a limited time Sackboy event.

The new Rounds include Party Promenade, a new party-themed gauntlet level including new obstacles like vacuum tubes, water balloon cannons, and trapeze bars. Full Tilt is a new take on an old classic, taking the game's infamous seesaws to the next level, while Pipe Dream is Round fully comprised of zoomy vacuum tubes arranged as a maze for players to traverse. Airtime sees players navigating a combination of objects including trapeze, conveyor belts, rotating platforms while trying to stay in the air, with drums and flippers around to toss players back into the action. The last new Round, Leading Light, sees players trying to stay in the spotlight in competition with all other players still in the game.

Season 6 will launch with a Fame Path including 50 tiers of rewards, with 25 new themed costumes available throughout the season. Two of them feature a tie-in with Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, with two different costumes celebrating the game's protagonist Jin Sakai.

Mediatonic has promised more limited-time events through the season, though only one--a Sackboy collab--has been announced at this point.

Once Season 6 launches, all players will be required to have an Epic Games Account to play Fall Guys, however the account integration will bring new features to the game including cross-playform progression between PS4 and Steam, and the return of custom usernames.

The season update will also include a number of new quality-of-life features and fixes, including the return of the Roll Off final round, fixes to flippers, and an update to Spectator Mode that will automatically focus on party members.

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