Fall Guys Player Catalogues More Than 340 Wins On Twitter

It'd be safe to say you don't want to be in the same lobby as this guy.


Fall Guys player and excessive Twitter user InventorBlades has more than 340 wins in the game show battle royale and he's been tweeting a video of each and every one of them. At the time of writing, he has cataloged 348 crowns and counting.

The thread is full of impressive Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Fall Mountain, and Royal Fumble wins. He's perfected some of the best game-winning strategies, like jumping slowly from platform to platform in Hex-A-Gone, and played constantly on his Twitch channel. Just take a look at this Hex-A-Gone win:

"I'm playing this game like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins," InventorBlades said in the thread. He's been crowned 'Fall King' by other players and the infamous Fall Guys Twitter Account. "I've never seen anything like it," the account tweeted.

Fall Guys is still rolling with popularity with hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in everyday on Twitch. Mediatonic recently added another costume from Portal to the item shop and has been teasing in-game level changes with joke tweets.

Fall Guys has been huge on Twitter because of the game's proactive official account, which recently coaxed an enormous charity donation out of streamer Ninja and three others to the UK-based charity Special Effect.


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