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Fall Guys' New Slime Survivor Playlist Is Absolute Madness

Mediatonic updated its limited-time playlist to only include levels with slime.


Fall Guys got a new limited-time playlist over the weekend. It's called "Slime Survivors" and only features levels where you can fall into the gross pink goo, removing team games, tail tag, and Fall mountain from the rotation. The playlist is absolute madness, resulting in accounts from players who say they've played Slime Climb three times in a row.

The playlist includes all survival rounds, including Perfect Match, Jump Club, Slime Climb, Rollout, and Block Party in the lead up to one of two finale modes: Jump Showdown and Hex-A-Gone. Rounds like Rollout and Block Party, which are normally low-stress, get a lot more hectic with a full lobby of 60 players.

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Mediatonic added this new playlist after players complained that the studio's previous limited-time playlist, "The Gauntlet," only had Fall Mountain as a finale. The UK-based studio is using these limited-time playlists to experiment and figure out a way to remove team games, which many players believe to be unfair, from some modes.

There are fewer minigames in this playlist compared to the main show, meaning some players have gotten the same game three times in a row. Mediatonic is currently looking into that issue and promises a fix soon. This new playlist doesn't feature any of the new medieval mini-games from Season 2, unfortunately.

Fall Guys update that fixes several issues, including the new mini-games not showing up enough, is coming this week. Mediatonic also wants to know which mini-games are your favorite, saying that the answer could help "shape Fall Guys moving forward."

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