Fall Guys Levels Are About To Get Mixed Up In New Update

Mediatonic shared screenshots of changes coming to existing levels.


A new update is bringing much-needed change to some Fall Guys mini-games. Mediatonic shared screenshots from the update that show new obstacles wreaking havoc in existing levels.

The screenshots show segments from Dizzying Heights and Hit Parade. Each level is getting a few tweaks, such as how wrecking balls now swing over the spinning circles on Dizzying Heights. The pink propellors from the Whirlygig are replacing the revolving doors from the second section of Hit Parade. Mediatonic didn't specify if changes like this were coming to every level or only these two stages.

"Here's some sneaky screenshots from the upcoming Fall Guys Update," the official Fall Guys account tweeted along with the images. Mediatonic confirmed that Fall Guys is getting Fortnite's anti-cheat system and a special hammer obstacle in this update. The studio didn't give a specific date for when the update would hit but has maintained it'll be sometime in the next few weeks.

Fall Guys is getting new medieval levels next month as part of Season 2, although fans haven't been able to wait--they've been making their own mini-games in Minecraft and Fortnite.

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