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Fall Guys Is Hosting A Brand Battle Royale To Fundraise For Charity

Donations are already into the tens of thousands.


Fall Guys developer Mediatonic is taking advantage of the hype around its battle royale to raise funds for charity. The London-based developer is holding a contest to see which company will donate the most in order to get a cosmetic in game.

"The thirst from brands has been unreal... so we're turning it into something positive," the official Fall Guys account tweeted. The company who donates the most to UK-based non-profit Special Effect, a charity focused on helping players with physical disabilities, will get to have its cosmetic implemented into the battle royale. The winner will be announced in two weeks.

The thirst really has been unreal as brands have already started to donate and propose its own designs. Rivals of Aether developer Dan Fornace offered $10,000 dollars to include two characters from his fighting game. Warframe developer Digital Extremes offered $20,000 to include its design and the Rivals of Aether design.

Other esports, hardware, and gaming companies have started to make offers of its own. Fall Guys had over 2 million players on PC in its first week so companies are eager to get an advertising slot in the game. Just look at this bidet company jumping into the fight.

Fall Guys has become an overnight sensation with new skins, like Team Fortess 2's Scout, the Bullet Kin from Enter the Gungeon, and the banana from My Friend Pedro skins already making appearances. It's clear that these skins are going to be a hot commodity for some time.

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