Fall Guys Is Getting Doom Eternal Skins Next Week

Doom Guy is adding a few friends to the game show battle royale.


Fall Guys is getting a handful of skins as part of a crossover with Doom next week. The demonic skins will be available in the game show battle royale for a limited time starting on January 12. That's only a few days away. You'll be able to rip and tear--or as much as you can in Fall Guys--very soon.

Mediatonic released a special trailer featuring a level that looks like it's straight out of Doom Eternal. It showcased several new skins, including various monsters from the Doom games. The studio was supposed to showcase one skin during a stream with Bethesda on January 5 but had to reschedule.

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Mediatonic has been teasing this crossover since early December. The studio posted a silhouette of an adorable little bean dressed in Doom Guy's armor. Fans of both games quickly identified the skin and now we've got a look at some of the other skins coming with the crossover.

Fall Guys has become a hub for crossovers with games, movies, and other media properties. We've seen skins from Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla, Untitled Goose Game, Gris, and a handful of other games published by Devolver Digital. It doesn't look like the gravy train of new skins will stop anytime soon, either. The game received a huge audience almost immediately after it was released as a free game via PlayStation Plus, but it also found a huge player-base on PC. On this platform, it wasn't launched for free.

Mediatonic also introduced a special playlist that features nothing but Hex-A-Gone. If you thought the fan favorite finale was difficult before, try winning it multiple times in a row.

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