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Fall Guys Idol Games - How To Unlock The Free Crown Idol Costume

The latest Fall Guys event is offering an exclusive costume for those players skilled enough to complete the Idol Games challenges.


The latest Fall Guys' event, The Idol Games, offers players the chance to obtain a free costume, but only if they are skilled enough to complete the necessary challenges. Since its free-to-play launch in June, Fall Guys has offered a consistent feed of events with free reward tracks and The Idol Games looks like the toughest one yet.

The Idol Games coincides with a playlist, Ring Hexathlon, which features three back-to-back rounds of Hex-A-Ring, which is typically a final round. For tips on how to win Hex-A-Ring, check out GameSpot's guide for all of the new rounds in Season 1. On top of that, players will need to rack up at least four wins across different playlists. The Idol Games run from July 14-18.

The Idol Games challenges and rewards

In order to secure all of the items in The Idol Games event, players will need to earn 1,000 points. There are 10 total challenges, each worth 100 points, so players will need to complete all of the challenges.

The challenges are:

  • Play Any Round in Ring Hexathlon
  • Win Hexathlon
  • Reach Round 3 in Squads Show
  • Read the Final Round in Squads Show
  • Win Squads Show
  • Reach Round 3 in Duos Show
  • Win Duos Show
  • Reach Round 4 in Solo Show
  • Reach the Final Round in Solo Show
  • Win Solo Show

While there are ten challenges, if you can secure a win in each of the four playlists necessary, you will complete the other challenges during that same round. The rewards for completing these challenges include an exclusive costume, only for those who are able to best The Idol Games.

The Crown Idol costume will let everyone else know just how good at Fall Guys you are.
The Crown Idol costume will let everyone else know just how good at Fall Guys you are.

The rewards for beating The Idol Games challenges are:

  • Idol Games Athlete nickname - 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 300 Points
  • Idol Games Athlete nameplate - 500 Points
  • Crown Idol costume (bottom) - 800 Points
  • Crown Idol costume (top) - 1000 Points
Don't miss your chance to snag the Pusheen costumes.
Don't miss your chance to snag the Pusheen costumes.

Coinciding with The Idol Games' event is the Fall Guys' crossover with Pusheen, the fictional cat best known for being the star of webcomics. From July 14-18, Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn costumes will be available in the store for 800 Show-Bucks each (roughly $8). There is also an emote available for 400 Show-Bucks and a bundle containing both costumes, a nameplate, and a nickname for 1600 Show-Bucks.

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