Fall Guys Eat Through Their Feet, And We Wish We Didn't Know That

The adorable bean-shaped game show contestants are hiding a few dark secrets.


Mediatonic's Fall Guys has some very bizarre lore. The latest bit of information we've learned about the titular characters has us feeling very uncomfortable. As shared by the game's official Twitter account, the adorable contestants eat through their feet. We really wish we didn't know that, but now we're required to share it with all of you.

The Fall Guys Twitter account shared that it was disappointed this piece of lore didn't catch on after it was revealed in a Discord chat. They don't actually have mouths on their feet, but they absorb nutrients this way, which is why they don't need mouths.

Mediatonic seems intent on making the little bean-shaped fellows as grotesque as possible via their lore. Prior to this, the studio revealed that Fall Guys' skeletons were not shaped how you'd imagine. Their eyes are separate from their skull, almost making it look like their trapped inside a flesh prison. Perhaps this is why they're so willing to compete in such a dangerous game show, hoping they'll come back in the next game with a normal body.

In other, less-twisted Fall Guys news, Epic Games purchased Mediatonic, giving the studio access to its vast resources. The game is available now on PC and PS4, with Xbox and Switch versions in the works, as well.

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