Fall Guys Creators Want An Official Lego Set

A pitch for a Lego set based on Fall Guys has drawn the attention and enthusiasm of the game's developers.


Lego is no stranger to video game sets, having just released the incredible Lego NES and several Super Mario Bros. products, and it regularly receives requests for future sets via its online portal. One such request was made to turn smash-hit game Fall Guys into a building set, and the developers are completely supportive.

YouTuber Ashnflash made the request for a functional Fall Guys obstacle course set. His idea would contain several different obstacles, including the spinning Whirlygig, the infuriating See Saw, and Door Dash. As the titular Fall Guys attempt to pass these obstacles, they'll inevitably fall off the edge to their doom. Of course, this is the whole point, and the pitch images Ashnflash submitted look almost exactly like the actual game.

More than 2,500 people have already said they support the petition thus far, but more importantly, the official Fall Guys Twitter account took notice.

Given how Fall Guys games are made up of individual mini-games, the possibilities for future sets are almost endless. If you got 60 of the little guys together for one enormous round, it would cause total chaos.

Fall Guys recently awarded streamer DrLupo a special outfit for being the statistically best player in the world. New content, including an official Season 2, are coming soon.

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