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Fall Damage Will No Longer Kill You In Destiny 2

A change players have wanted for many years.


Destiny 2 update arrived earlier this week, but the patch notes were missing a number of changes it implemented. Bungie has now confirmed a number of additional missing patch notes, the most notable one being that fall damage is no longer lethal to players.

In the revised patch notes for the update, Bungie shared that "fall damage is now nonlethal to players," noting that "only collision damage was nonlethal." While some players have wanted fall damage to be removed entirely, making it nonlethal is a welcome change, as it will at least mean being able to survive a big fall without relying on their jump ability. Bungie shared that this change would be coming with the Lightfall expansion back in February, noting that collisions "will generally leave you at least 1HP instead of outright splattering you." As of this latest update, fall damage will also no longer kill you.

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Bungie outlined the other patch notes it didn't include when they were first released in a Twitter thread. When Ashes to Assets and Hands On mods were equipped at the same time, players would get Super energy from both mods after killing an enemy with a grapple melee. But this recent update has made it so that they only get Super energy from one of the mods, something that's been a bit contentious amongst players. Similarly, when Firepower and Heavy Handed are equipped, players will only spawn one Orb of Power instead of two when killing an enemy with a grapple melee.

Super energy gains for Ashes to Assets when getting a grapple melee kill after grappling to a grapple point have been reduced by 50%. Bungie noted that, "previously, this varied from 1% to 5% depending on the target tier, with this change, that's now: 0.5% to 2.5%."

Other further changes noted in the thread include heavy weapons now more consistently gaining increased ammo capacity, crafting progress now coming from the key chest as opposed to the base chest in Terminal Overload, and Grenade Kickstart will no longer activate when grappling to a grapple point, "and thus not expending any grenade energy."

You can check out the initial list of update patch notes for more.

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