Falcon And Winter Soldier: Four New Character Posters Released For Disney+ Series

Posters for Falcon, Winter Soldier, Agent Carter, and Baron Zemo were released from the upcoming MCU series.


With WandaVision over, the next MCU Disney+ original coming up is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier arriving to the streaming service on March 19. Four new character posters have been revealed, showcasing the stars of the series.

The set of images features Sam Wilson AKA Falcon (Anthony Mackie), former SHIELD agent Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), and Zemo (Daniel Brühl). Check out all of these images below.

Credit: Disney+
Credit: Disney+

Winter Soldier has a completely different look for the upcoming six-episode series. Zemo does as well after not being seen since the end of Captain America: Civil War. Hopefully, that purple mask isn't glued to his head with Adhesive X--seriously, that's a real thing from the comic books.

The series teams up the titular characters--two people who were close to Steve Rogers, the original Captain America. According to a press release, the series asks important MCU questions, such as, "How did Sam become Falcon? When was Bucky's mind healed? What drove Sharon underground?" Sharon hasn't been seen since Civil War, but we do know she was affected by the Thanos snap.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier will run for six weeks starting on March 19 and ending on April 23. However, there won't be a big break before the next MCU series. Loki will premiere on June 11 and will answer more burning questions like. "What happened to Loki after he escaped during Endgame, but like in the past during the events of The Avengers when he escaped with the Tesseract?" and "Can anyone keep up with the Endgame timeline?"

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