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Falcon And Winter Soldier Footage Revealed, But You Can't Watch It Yet

A new video for the series was shown at a private event and descriptions of the footage has surfaced for Disney+'s upcoming Marvel show.


While the Disney+ original series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier recently had production halted due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns while shooting in Prague, the series is still scheduled to release this August. During an investors shareholder meeting on March 11, attendees were treated to new footage from the upcoming show.

What was shown reads a lot more like extended footage from what we saw during this year's Super Bowl. ComicBook attended the event and had descriptions of what they saw. The opening scene consisted of Zemo (Daniel Brühl) in prison, and he's visited by Bucky (Sebastian Stan). "Zemo tries to activate Bucky's Winter Soldier programming, which of course no longer works," ComicBook writes. "Bucky reveals that he has come to see Zemo because someone has restarted the Super Soldier program."

Meanwhile, there is a new Captain America in the world. In the second scene, an announcer introduces the character to the world. This is actually John Walker AKA US Agent AKA another person who operates under the Captain America mantle.

Finally, there is a montage focusing in on all the action within the film--and this includes a look at Zemo in his classic Marvel mask. At one point, Bucky says that Sam and he are not friends--just two guys with a mutual friend, and now, they have to work together.

Zemo in his classic Marvel mask
Zemo in his classic Marvel mask

It's interesting to see that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will build on the Captain America legacy, and it feels like a direct follow-up to Civil War. In the comics, the super soldier serum is something numerous villains have tried to replicate--to varying degrees of success and failure. Zemo is the perfect antagonist for a story revolving around that, as his story never truly feels resolved at the end of the third Captain America movie.

Arriving in August, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier additionally stars Sam Wilson as Falcon, Noah Mills in an unknown role, Wyatt Russell as John Walker, and Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter.

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