Faker reportedly declined contracts valued up to $1 million in total by Chinese companies.

Faker will be staying with SK Telecom, but he was offered contracts with at least two Chinese companies


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Some good news for Korean fans amid the chaotic roster season that has transformed the rosters of CJ Entus, KT Rolster and Samsung; SK Telecom will be keeping their renowned superstar despite substantial offers from two Chinese companies. The Korean magazine Osen is reporting that Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok was contacted by a least two Chinese companies and given offers of almost $1 million dollars. Unsurprisingly, it seems that the companies involved have business models based around streaming services.

Osen states that one streaming service offered Faker 500 million Korean Won (KRW) ($463,930) as a signing bonus and an annual salary of 200 million KRW ($185,572) while a different company offered him a transfer fee of 300 million won ($278,205) and a two year salary of 700 million won ($649,502). The second contract comes close to the seven figure mark in USD.

“It may be a huge amount of money, but since the company is based on streaming, they probably looked at his value in a more commercial view rather than looking at his pure skill to determine his value,” stated Osen's source.

Faker's supposed offers aren't even the highest on the market, with ex World Elite top laner Wei 'Caomei' Han-Dong stating that he earns more than $800,000 from streaming since he retired from professional League of Legends. Earlier this week, Caomei and his former World Elite colleagues streamed some reunion games and amassed over 6 million concurrent viewers between the five of them.

SK Telecom have already re-signed the young prodigy and told Osen that "Lee Sang-hyeok is the symbol of the team, and we have no intention of releasing him. We will not hold him back, but provide him with top-notch treatment."

With major changes to Korean teams during this tumultuous off-season, SK Telecom fans can rest easy knowing that Faker will continue to play under the organization that was once home to legends such as BoxeR and Iloveoov.

Sources: Osen, heard via Kotaku

Image credits: LoLesports.com

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