Fake Swat Prank Leads to Ban for Popular League of Legends Twitch Streamer

After faking a swat attack in front of viewers, the popular streamer has been banned from using Twitch's streaming services.


Trick2g is a regular League of Legends streamer on Twitch. Viewers of his stream know him for his insane antics and off-the-wall persona.

And while he's loved for his clowning around, he's also known for trying to educate his viewers by popularizing a game mode called "Sub Wars," where he pits his lowest-ranked subscribers against one another and explains to viewers what his subscribers are doing wrong, and what they can improve on.

It's a way for viewers to improve at the game, but it's also a way for them to keep entertained, as Trick2g isn't afraid to crack a joke or two at the expense of a subscriber's in-game mistake.

Over the years, Trick2g has become a beloved member of the Twitch community, his streams consistently drawing in tens of thousands of viewers.

And now, he's been banned.

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After he faked getting swatted on stream in front of viewers, Trick2g has been banned from using Twitch's streaming platform for the next four months.

So what does "getting swatted" mean, exactly?

It's when a hacker calls in a fake crime to the police in hopes of setting the SWAT team on an unsuspecting streamer. The hacker is hoping that the streamer has their house raided on stream--and once it happens, viewers of the stream get a front row seat to the entire debacle. It's a twisted form of entertainment and has been a growing problem in the streaming community.

Here's a video of Trick2g's staged "swatting" incident:

After the staged swatting, Team2g released a statement:

To take that stream ending serious is absurd, Trick was laughing, the person used was NOT in disguise and was the same person who was on the stream all day yesterday setting up cameras and assisting the stream. The ending was scheduled for 3PM which again if thought process was used in any way, one would know that a swat team would not wait until the end of a stream to engage.

We don’t have to always be politically correct to have a sense of humor and we don’t have to hide the fact that we think something is funny simply because someone might not.

Trick2g's fanbase has been defending the streamer, saying the incident was all in good fun. Demanding that Twitch lift their ban on Trick2g, fans have popularized the hashtag #FreeTrick on Twitter.

When asked, a Twitch representative informed GameSpot that they do not comment on terms of service violations.

Update: Since then, a Twitch representative has said the ban is not permanent and it's not for four months.

Update 2: Trick2g has been unbanned. His ban lasted one day.

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