Fake Accounts Were Behind The Snydercut Push - Report

Two reports commissioned by WarnerMedia found that 13 percent of accounts that took part in the campaign were fake.

With San Diego Comic-Con this week, Warner Bros. will more than likely have blockbuster announcements and reveals about their upcoming DC films. With Black Adam hitting theaters and the Aquaman sequel early next year, there is still a slate of movies that fans are still talking about almost 10 years since they first started.

The Snyderverse became a fan-frenzied movement with hashtags revolving around the release of Zack Snyder's cut of the Justice League movie that he stepped away from after a family tragedy. Reports later came out with surrogate director Joss Whedon being extremely difficult to work with from actors to workers on set, even allegations of spouting racist rhetoric. With the eventual release of the Snydercut Justice League movie on HBO Max, fans then demanded that Snyder's established canon be restored to the DCEU, which resulted in another viral hashtag. But how authentic was the demand?

A report by Rolling Stone claims that they spoke to more than 20 people involved with both edits of the Justice League movie, with most of them believing it was Snyder himself behind the campaign. "Zack was like a Lex Luthor wreaking havoc," one source told them.

It was looking at the numbers and subsequent drop-off that questions really began to surge. The RestoreTheSnyderVerse hashtag went viral and tracked more than a million tweets in a single day. Then, dropped down to just 40,000.

"You don't see a drop like that organically," a digital marketing executive told Rolling Stone. They mentioned it had the signs of "weaponizing a movement." This is where things took a more intense turn.

Behind the scenes, Snyder wasn't satiated and wanted to remove both Geoff Johns' and Jon Berg's names from his cut of the movie as this was not something "they believed in, developed, or helped get made", but also reiterated that he or his wife have never said anything negative about the duo. That didn't stop his followers from harassing not just those two, but several other members at Warners including former head of global communications Johanna Fuentes and even director Adam Wingard, whose movie Godzilla vs. Kong was review bombed when it was released on HBO Max 13 days after Snyder's Justice League.

"I do not control my fans," fans," Snyder told to Rolling Stone in a comment, while also saying he was never asked to. "They have their own will and their own opinions; you really give me too much credit."

Godzilla vs Kong incidentally outperformed Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max, totaling more viewers in its first four days than any other film or show since the service was first released.

"As an artist, it was fulfilling to be able to finally see my vision realized after such a difficult time in my life and for it to be so well received," Snyder told Rolling Stone. "To dwell on negativity and rumors serves no one." He continued with how people see how the good work the fandom actually accomplished is represented, referring to the charity For SnyderVerse that has made a donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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