Factor 5 feeling Brash in 2010

Lair developer partners with Hollywood import specialists for unnamed film tie-in due on unannounced platforms in two years.


Aside from a few select exceptions, gaming tie-ins to major Hollywood releases are often seen as merely studio cash-in products marked by substandard quality. One of the most common reasons diagnosing this phenomenon is that these tie-ins are often on extremely tight development cycles and creatively hamstrung by the precepts of the film they are based on.

Brash Entertainment, cofounded in 2007 by Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull with the express intention of acting as liaison between Hollywood and the gaming industry, seems to have taken at least some of this criticism to heart. Yesterday, the publisher announced it was partnering with Resident Evil and Folklore creator Yoshiko Okamoto's Game Republic on a film tie-in due out in 2010. Today, the publisher announced it had entered into a development deal with Lair developer Factor 5 on a film-to-game adaptation with an equally long development cycle.

While Factor 5's PlayStation 3-exclusive Lair was nothing less than critically maligned, the studio found success partnering with LucasArts on the best-selling Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Indiana Jones franchises. The California-based studio also partnered with Nintendo and Sony for creating various toolsets for the Wii, GameCube, and PlayStation 3.

Factor 5's as-yet-untitled project is slated for release in 2010. Brash expects to release more details concerning the project during this year's E3 Media and Business Summit in July.

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