Factor 5 developing downloadable PS3 games

Studio behind dragon-riddled action game Lair also planning on a couple of smaller games for Sony's next-gen console.


Factor 5's debut PlayStation 3 title Lair features dragon-fueled combat on land and in the skies that will decide the fate of civilizations, but it appears the developer will follow that up with something not so epic-sounding.

The studio's cofounder and president Julian Eggebrecht told trade site Gamasutra that once development on Lair is complete, the company has plans to work on downloadable games for the PS3. Calling it the biggest thing he's looking forward to next year, Eggebrecht said Sony's e-distribution plan had tremendous potential, adding, "personally as a director, I think it's one of these things that we in the creative community need a little bit."

Factor 5 is best known for developing the Star Wars Rogue Squadron series on Nintendo's GameCube, although it has been in business for almost 20 years. Its first big hit came in 1990 with the hectic Amiga shooter Turrican.

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