Faces of MLB

We match up the three baseball games to see which one does the best job of bringing MLB's best and brightest to life. Take a look at the faces of Major League Baseball in MLB 2K8, MLB 08, and The Bigs...and you make the call.


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I think the uncanny valley is coming into effect with some of the voting on these faces. With The Show, the skin and face models look so good we actually see more flaws than with The Bigs, it is called the uncanny valley effect (where the closer to real a computer generated/wax head etc. face looks, the more we realize it is not). 2K8 is just atrocious, but The Show does have the best player models hands down.

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'08 for sure has the better graphics, 2K8 is crap with graphics, but I believe the Bigs had some good graphics: Griffey Jr., Ortiz, A-Rod and Jeter as well as Ichiro are good examples.

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david ortiz looks like he just sniffed a bad fart in 2k8

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i hate that the only baseball game for the 360 is 2k8 because it sucks i have mlb 08 for the ps2 and play it more than 2k because 2k sucks i wish they made mlb 08 for the 360 but that will never happen.......i wish i had an extra 600 buks so i could buy a ps3 and play mlb08 in HD!!!!!!!

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im gona have to go with the bigs

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lol i dont know how some of them that MLB 08 is winning...when the bigs actually looks more realistic in some.. Im not being biased either because I like MLB 08 better

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MLB 08 The Show is best baseball game ever hands down in every way

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I thought that Randy Johnson and Derek Jeter looked pretty good too in MLB 08.

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Ivan Rodriguez looks amazing!

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The Show's Dice-K likeness is freakin' AWESOME!!!

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It's almost like 2K didn't try. You have two powerful consoles which are both capable of MLB 08 calibre graphics. I think it's because 2K doesn't feel threatened by 08 because 08's audience is smaller. They have no incentive to do well because they have the exclusive license. Anyone knows when that license expires?

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A-Rod and Jeter is amazing too for MLB 08. MLB 08 rocks MLB 2K8!

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Ivan Rodriguez for MLB 08 is amazing!

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mlb 08 rocks! i wish i had a ps3

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MLB 08 look good but there is something weird with the eyes of the players

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Man 2K Sports needs to hit the drawing board with those player models. MLB 08 reigns supreme cause its for Play-Stay-Shioun

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Daisuke looks great in MLB 08; nice job. The Bigs version of him is hillarious... not even close. The MLB 2K8 is terrible, lmao, doesn't even look like a Japanese guy, let alone Daisuke.

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everyone in mlb 2k8 looks exactly the same, almost like their face is drooping.

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i still believe mvp is a better game than these three

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08 characters have giant eyes, 2k's look nothing like them, and BIGS characters look all roided out (but thats the point).

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I kinda liked 2k7, but 2k8 is TRASH. Both gameplay and graphics in 2k8 suck so bad its ridiculous. I feel real bad for all 360 baseball fans, because you HAVE to play this garbage. If you have a PS3 you should be shot if you buy 2k8 over The Show. It beats it in EVERY SINGLE way possible. 2K makes the best basketball games for sure, but damn they need to release the MLB license for their own sake. They just embarrassed themselves with this (non) effort.

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whats up with everybody being crossed eyed on MLB 2k8?

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whats up with everybody being crossed eyed on MLB 2k8?

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lol randy johnson on 2k8 is pathetic!

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I'm waiting for MLB 08 to arrive. I'm importing it here to Aus. Looks like I made a good choice, the screens look impressive. I know the gameplay is likely to good as I have mlb 07 on PSP.

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Actually I think 2k7 had the best faces in a baseball game in a long time/period.

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2k sports are pathetic

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some of those 2K8 pics make me want to puke LOL. Randy Johnson LOL!!!!

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how can you ppl vote for the 08 pic for c.c. over the 2k8 one....his hat is tilted in the 2k one just like in real life...and plus his face looks horrible in the 08...you all are on crack for that one...but overall i would say 08 is better than 2k

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It's a sad thing when the players look mentally retarded, kinda like Ivan Rodriguez in MLB 2K8..:S

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I've got MLB2K8 for the 360 and I can't believe how bad these MLB2K8 pics look. Frickin' awful. But, for the most part, I tend not to notice it too much while playing the game. But, woah, 2K did a horrible job with these likenesses.

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did anyone notice that on curt schilling and alfonso soriano that they have MLK 2K8 instead of MLB, lol, but yeah, i rented 2k8, i wouldnt approve it if i could approve mlb 08 the show, but still 2k8 is still quite a bit better than last year, but not by much, either way, i say that MLB 08:The Show is the best baseball game ever, at least till next year when they make MLB 09:The Show, then that one will be the best, and so on and so forth

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all of 2k8s pictures suck

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mjl259 are you kidding me, MLB 07 graphics blows, it cant hold a candle to MLB 08

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Vlad looks like he's brainwashed in the 2K8 pic. His eyes aren't looking the same way.

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MLB 2k7 for the 360 should have been used in the face photo comparison to represent 2k sports because it is the superior game by far graphically for a baseball video game compared to MLB 08 and also the Bigs on the PS3. Just look at the screen shots of MLB 2k7 for the 360. I own both MLB 2K7 for the 360 and MLB 08 for the PS3 and I have done graphics comparison for over all game play and player models and 2k7 for 360 the one on top in the graphics department.. MLB 08 is still very strong graphically though and blows away MLB 07.

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haha i voted for the 2k8 randy johnson because it was sooo bad! If anything, it looks like Chris Young!

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They should have used mlb 2k7 pics instead, the graphics were twice as good and maybe better than that in addition to lighting effects. check it out

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MLB 08 looks so much better that's it's not funny.

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they are all terrible

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hahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing at griffey and randy's 2k8 pics!!! oh and while im on the subject, i HATE 2k8's commercial. "I SAID 2K, K?" that is the DUMBEST thing i've ever heard! i wouldnt buy the game because of it

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I think 2k8's C.C. looks better but besides that 08 the show took them hands down, and definitely takes the best gameplay 2k8's just frustrating to play.

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man all the 2k8 shots look like the players after they've been hooked on crystal meth for 10 years, man those are just wrong. randy johnson looks like the lead singer of R.E.M. on 2k8

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I dont own any of the games, but OMG..what player models did they use for some of those players for MLB 2k8. NOT EVEN CLOSE>

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ewww! Randy Johnson is scary on 2k8. What was the dev team thinking or were they freelance drawing those pictures shoot they were probably drunk.

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wow. mlb 2k8 looks really bad this year. i was really trying not to be bias since i own MLB 08, but clearly MLB 08 looks a lot better. The Bigs did get a couple of my votes, like Maddox and Pudge. Crazy.

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Is it just me or is MLB 2k8 player pictures garbage. 08 the Show is clearly a much better game in every respect.

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Griffey Jr's picture from The Bigs looks just like Terrance Howard from the films Crash and Four Brothers.

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All Of Them Are Sweet To Me