Fable's New Card Game Detailed in Video, Images

Fable Fortune was in the works at Lionhead but is now continuing with a newly formed studio.


Following yesterday's announcement, the Kickstarter campaign for newly revealed Fable card game Fable Fortune is now live.

The crowdfunding page offers a wealth of new details about the game, which has been in development for 18 months, and Flaming Fowl Studios' plans for it. The campaign is looking to raise about $365,000 in the next four weeks, just over $20,000 of which has been pledged since it kicked off this morning, as of this writing.

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"We are close to the finish line, but it is going to be impossible for this small indie studio to complete and launch the game without your valued support," the campaign page states. "It takes a lot of resources to not only launch a game like this but to continue to support and develop it. Microsoft have helped us by giving us the license for Fable Fortune, but they are no longer investing in the project. We need to secure the remaining funds ourselves to complete development."

It also notes that "all the funds we raise on Kickstarter will solely be spent on the development of the game." Flaming Fowl, which is comprised of former Lionhead employees who had already been working on Fortune, says it chose this route as opposed to traditional investors because it wants to be "fully independent."

"We want to develop games our way. We want to listen to our fans and react quickly to what they are saying. We want to make decisions based on the pride of our work, not because someone with a check book says so," it says.

The pitch video below offers a brief overview of what Fortune offers. It's a collectible card game not unlike Hearthstone, but with some twists. It has a cooperative mode where two players team up against a boss (based on one from the Fable RPGs), with plans to introduce a new one every few weeks. There's also a morality system like in previous Fable games; here, you make a choice between good and evil that affects your cards and hero character.

A closed beta is expected to launch shortly after the Kickstarter campaign concludes. You can guarantee yourself access by pledging at certain tiers, starting at about $7. Higher tiers also offer card packs and other bonuses.

A release is planned on PC and Xbox One, although Xbox One is listed as being a stretch goal at 700,000 GBP (about $1 million). Flaming Fowl also says it would like to bring the game to iOS and Android "at some stage in the near future, however it entirely depends on how well we do during Kickstarter and beyond."

Microsoft recently shuttered Fable developer Lionhead, where Fortune was secretly in the works. It's allowing Flaming Fowl to continue development on the game, but is no longer an investor in it.

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