Fable Legends Will Have Constant Stream of DLC

Plus, Lionhead says Microsoft did not "pressure" the developer to make Fable 4.


Lionhead's upcoming online-focused free-to-play Fable game for Xbox One and PC, Fable Legends, will offer players a constant stream of post-release downloadable content. That's according to game director David Eckelberry, who says in a new interview that Lionhead's plans for add-on content are "aggressive."

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"Yes," Eckelberry replied when asked by G2G Evolved if Legends would add lots of new content over time. "We'll be continuing to release new heroes, quests, and creatures at a very regular and dare I say aggressive cadence after the game's release."

Eckelberry did not say if this content will be free or paid. But Lionhead said previously that players will be able to experience the entire game for free, with no gated areas, along with open access to all quests, and no energy bar to limit play time.

The fact that Fable Legends chose a free-to-play model drew some amount of concern from fans when this was first announced earlier this year. The game will indeed let you spend real-world money on virtual items, but in a previous interview, Eckelberry explained that it's his job to prove to fans that Lionhead is approaching free-to-play in a way that doesn't come at the cost of the experience, but rather improves the game overall.

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Also in G2G Evolved's interview, Eckelberry was asked if Lionhead was pressured by Microsoft to make a "safer" Fable game like Fable 4 after the Xbox 360's Kinect game Fable: The Journey.

"No," Eckelberry said. "Microsoft has always encouraged Lionhead's history and practice of innovation, and when we came to the Xbox leadership with the core of the idea for Fable Legends, they were almost as enthusiastic as we were."

Fable Legends is currently in development for Xbox One and PC, featuring cross-platform play between the two platforms. A release date has not been announced. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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