Fable Legends to have 5- to 10-year life span

Lionhead boss John Needham says "we're playing the long game" for upcoming online-focused Xbox One role-playing game.


Lionhead Studios expects its recently announced online-focused Fable Legends to have a life span of 5 to 10 years on the Xbox One, according to new studio boss John Needham.

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"We're playing the long game with this," Needham told GamesIndustry International.

To achieve the life span Needham hopes for Fable Legends, the game will make use of the Xbox One's suite of features and services, including the cloud, he said.

"This is the next big Fable game that is going to be out for five to ten years so it needs to be big, it needs to be interesting," Needham said. "There needs to be a lot of stuff to do, it needs to integrate all the cloud and Xbox One features so we keep our community alive and growing. So yeah, it's big and ambitious, but it needs to be because it's going to be around a long time."

Just because Lionhead Studios will be working on Fable Legends for the next 5 to 10 years does not mean the company won't also spend time on non-Fable projects during that time. Needham said though the company is focused on Fable Anniversary and Fable Legends right now, the studio also has an incubation group to brainstorm new ideas.

In addition, the company's third annual Creative Day will be held next week, where employees can present game ideas, services, features, or art projects they are working on. Needham said this event is "great fun" and has in the past led to ideas that have been used in full products.

Lionhead Studios today delayed Fable Anniversary for the Xbox 360 until February 2014, while Fable Legends does not have a release date. A beta for the game will begin next year. For more on Fable Legends, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for DeanoFantasy

So they are only intending to make one Fable then for the Xbox One?, PS4 it is then.

Avatar image for Albaficas

10 years ?

this crap wont last a year and a half

Avatar image for SureBigBuster

Ur joking right? This is going to be a killer app for the X1

Avatar image for coldfusion25

That's ambitious. We'll see what happens.

Avatar image for Monsterkillah

Fable Legends look great !

Avatar image for Hurvl

I still play games that are older than ten years, although, that's all singleplayer games. Since Fable Legends is online focused and therefore won't be much fun/profitable without other players, it's good that they're trying to make it live for 5-10 years. That's a long time for most online games, only a few gets the dedicated community that keeps it alive that far and beyond. Customization in different ways and mods are some things that help a great deal, but I don't know how much of that will be implemented in Fable Legends.

Avatar image for AllHailTheSith

This is the same kind of garbage they were saying about Fable 1 on the original Xbox... "Plant a tree and watch it grow as time goes on". Every game their promises get bigger, and the games become worse... I'm about as excited for this game, as I am about visiting my mother-in-law...

Avatar image for FrankZoex2

@AllHailTheSith You know Peter Molyneux doesn't run Lion's Head anymore right? Give this new guy and game a chance it might be OK, the first 2 games were.

Avatar image for xGr4ffitix

On one hand, this is cool I guess. I kinda like the idea of a game being around for a long time, and they expand on it. Sort of like they were saying they would do with GTA Online, and sort of like Warcraft has done. On the other hand though, I'm not sure if it's a totally cool idea, since most companies wanna put in that 'long game' to make money off of lots of little things. With fable I imagine it'll be, double experience cards, special spells, special pets, special weapons, and pretty soon all those little micro-transactions will add up. It might be smart for business I guess, since lots of companies have become successful off of it, but I don't know. Maybe I'm just becoming an old man, but stuff like that just doesn't feel like real gaming anymore. Beat this much of the game, and feel incomplete, then pay this much money to get more of the game, only to feel the same way! Lol. I can't stand DLC, and as much as I love the idea of a game lasting for the long haul, I just got a bad feeling in my stomach..And my wallet.

Avatar image for spaghettialex

@xGr4ffitix That is 'exactly' how I feel :( I'm at a point where I force myself to wait for the last piece of dlc to be released before I buy a single player intensive game such as Skyrim etc. Generally speaking, I want to absorb myself into a game, love it, and then move on... 2-4 hour expansion stories are never enough to entice me back into a game I feel I was finished with 5 months ago, they just make me feel unsatisfied.

Avatar image for Shame-usBlackley


Avatar image for FrankZoex2

@Shame-usBlackley Nice avatar. Is that Max Schrecks Nosfaratu? Disagree with you about the game by the way.

Avatar image for harrymcdowell81

it will be lucky to matter for 5-10 MONTHS

Avatar image for Dav_id83

They said that for Fable 1,2 & 3 all it took was a level up and I was an Adult in no time (ed: your reading it wrong?) am I oh crap

Avatar image for crunchb3rry

I think I'll just preorder Fable HD and forget about all the rest of them. Sorry, Petey.

Avatar image for Queuingreturns

""We're playing the long game with this."

Nobody is interested in whether it's long or short. Nobody cares about Xbone for that matter.

PS4 is on everyone's agenda. End of.

Avatar image for huerito323

@Queuingreturns What a load of crap. Both consoles will do great, enough with the fanboy bullshit.

Avatar image for knifey112

@huerito323 @Queuingreturns i wish they had a special site for fanboys and they could just go there a talk there bullshit that no body cares about on there tiny little brains

Avatar image for JoeGamer1234

I'm on it provided there's no additional fees beyond XBL, and as long as Lionhead supports the game as it should be, and as long as I'm not paying a **** load for DLC. They could have a good thing with this, but they can also **** it beyond all recognition. I will agree that a true Fable successor is in order and should be the studios main focus, but whatever. I love Fable regardless of how disappointing they usually are.

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

@JoeGamer1234 if they intend it to last 5 to 10 years im guessing the only fees will be addons etc

Avatar image for ricardo-sene

So... it's 5 to 10 years buying DLCs? Or will they provide new content for 10 years for free?

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

@ricardo-sene do you really need to ask that?

Avatar image for berserker66666

Sure.........all Microscam products will now have 5-10 year life span. Just like the Xbone. Oh wait.........

Avatar image for troll_eat_troll

@berserker66666 zzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring. don't you have anything new to say? if you're trying to be funny for Likes then i suggest you to try harder.

No, I'm not saying you should stop insulting MS/XB1, doesn't hurt for some laughs but it's all the same old shit. if that's the best you can do on every MS/XB1 article with the same old or similar shit then you need to get a life or do something productive like......you know, with your SexStation. just don't go all berserk on it, it may not end well.

Avatar image for Tribesmaster

@troll_eat_troll @berserker66666 It's a troll eat troll world out there.

Avatar image for Bowser05

Never was a big fan of Fable. I can see the appeal, just not my thing. Maybe starting with Fable 3 was a bad idea though? Either way I hope this turns out good for all the fans.

Avatar image for FrankZoex2

@Bowser05 That was a terrible idea. 3 was such a let down, the first two were much better.

Avatar image for knifey112

@FrankZoex2 @Bowser05 fable 2 woz great i easyly put 60hours into it

Avatar image for Bowser05

@FrankZoex2 @Bowser05 Haha so I've been told by many. The best part is that I own all 3 of them. I never had time to play them though and my girlfriend wanted to play 3 co-op so we figured we gave it a go. We were SO bored SO fast. To be fair I don't think I have the stomach for RPGs like I used to...

Avatar image for StJimmy15

5-10 years?! Yeah, ok, 3 weeks later...

Avatar image for Klikandclick

i would love to play an actual Fable game (not a spin off) set in the old kingdom

Avatar image for ziproy

You people defending this game, you do realize it's an action game right?? No RPG elements, no marriages, in other words it's not a Fable game

Avatar image for FrankZoex2

@ziproy True I just wonder if the original idea has had it's day.

Avatar image for LOKIIGODX41

@ziproy - this all day - these spinoff games suckd and anyone who thinks otherwise is foolin themselves

Avatar image for morderwrath


Avatar image for Wrathesoul

I enjoy all the fables 1-3 as they are single player good story focused and not online where the game I am sure will be made unenjoyable do to the masses of kids and annoying people who got attitudes bigger then their brains are that surly will plague it as they do in wow and every other mmo. If there is no solid long single player part to this game sadly I shall have to avoid buying it as if it was the end all plague that ends the world kinda like EA is tring to do to the gaming world currently haha.

Avatar image for knifey112

@Wrathesoul great well said ,somebody thinks the same as me

Avatar image for feared4power

lionhead needs to look hard on world of Warcraft. It has bee around since the early 2000's and at least 7 million people still play it.

Avatar image for Tribesmaster

@feared4power You mean take a hard look at WoW the same way the millions of WoW clones did?

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Looking forward to it.

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

Lionhead needs to look hard at Ultima Online. It has been around since the late 90's and at least 20,000+ people still play it.

Avatar image for deactivated-588e2038987e3

I wish they'd quit with the spin offs and bring us an actual storybased singleplayer Fable experience. I don't care if it's a gap filler, prequel, sequel, or whatever (Though there is a big gap between 1 and 2 and I think that'd be interesting) but they need to bring back the Fable world in the fashion we all have enjoyed for so long.

Avatar image for Damienjunior

@R083R70 so true, a true fable game damnit

Avatar image for Flamewolf75

Xbone won't even last that long.

Avatar image for knifey112

@Flamewolf75 troll troll troll why bother how old are you 6?

Avatar image for Voredor

ambitious but rubbish - Jeremy Clarkson

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

@Voredor a like purely for the jezzer quote

Avatar image for AceCometh

I've loved the Fable franchise. Even if they never fully lived up to the hype that Peter Moly-what's-his-bucket kept spouting. If this requires a fee outside of Xbox Live, I won't bother with it.

Avatar image for kbaily

I am not big on online play mainly because most people I encounter online are obnoxious morons who cheat, rage quit and scream racist homophobic slurs through headsets. I'd rather play by myself and just enjoy a single player experience. Back to Ni No Kuni, I guess.

Avatar image for CrusaderUK

@kbaily You can still play it single player