Fable III PC not a 'half-done port' - Report

Lionhead sounds off on upcoming Windows version of action role-playing game; title due out May 17.


Fable III

Microsoft confirmed that Fable III would be released on the PC platform last year, but just months before the game's October 26 release date, the company announced the PC edition was "on a different schedule" than its Xbox 360 brother. Then, in February, Microsoft offered gamers a sweet morsel of news, slapping a May 17 release date on the PC version of the game. Now, developer Lionhead Studios is sounding off on the title, saying it never had the intention of rushing the game out.

Speaking with Rock Paper Shotgun, Lionhead lead designer Josh Atkins said PC gamers can expect a game that is "respectful" of the platform.

Fable III finally hits PC next month.
Fable III finally hits PC next month.

"Our hope is that people who pick up on PC think 'OK, this plays how I would expect it to play; it doesn't play like just a half-done port,' which I think is the danger for PC games," he said. "With Fable III on PC, we wanted it to feel like it was respectful of the platform; that it had been built for it."

While PC gamers have had to wait months to play the game, the time has afforded Lionhead the ability to do something it has never done with a Fable game: add difficulty levels and stereoscopic 3D support. Fable III for the PC will ship with an exclusive Hardcore mode, which raises the game’s difficulty.

Microsoft has not said whether or it plans to release the $5 Understone Quest Pack or the $7 Traitor's Keep Quest Pack downloadable content for the PC edition of Fable III.

For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of the Xbox 360 version of Fable III.

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