Fable II to See the Future of DLC May 12

Brand-new DLC to cost 560 MS points; silver members to enjoy free multiplayer May 8 to 11.


Lionhead is no stranger to teasing new downloadable content announcements, though it doesn't have such a great track record on following through with them. Yesterday, Lionhead posted yet another teaser about a big upcoming announcement, promising "new can't-miss content," which was due to hit today.

It was obvious to all after the accident that lightning and solid steel pants don't mix.
It was obvious to all after the accident that lightning and solid steel pants don't mix.

Fortunately, the folks at Lionhead have not disappointed this time around, as they have announced that Fable II will be receiving new content in the form of the See the Future DLC, which is due to hit Xbox Live on May 12, costing 560 MS points (£4.70 or $6).

See the Future will let players return to the world of Albion, where they will be let loose on new quests. These include dealing with cursed items from Murgo the Trader, investigating a haunted town in the Ghosts of the Snowglobe quest, and donning new costumes in the Cursed Knight Quest. Fable II's signature dog will also return to help guide players on quests, with new alter egos in the form of a Dalmatian, a bloodhound, or a husky--though it isn't clear if these would just be implemented as new skins for the faithful sidekick or would be entirely new canines.

In addition, See the Future will also introduce new items, including psycho jester makeup, a braided ponytail hairstyle, and a backflip trick for dogs. These items will also be free to download separately from the See the Future DLC from Xbox Marketplace, so players who haven't purchased the DLC can continue co-op play with their friends.

As an added bonus, Xbox Live silver members will be given free access to Fable II online multiplayer from May 8 to May 11, and this promotion will be available for all Xbox Live regions.

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