Fable Creator Peter Molyneux Shares His Ideas For Fable 4

Molyneux says he would like to see "much more brutal" combat.


A report last week claimed that "Microsoft is working on Fable 4. While still unconfirmed, it is exciting to think about a fourth entry in the RPG series and what new things it might do, being the first new instalment in the core series since 2010's Fable III. Now, Fable creator Peter Molyneux has weighed in with his own ideas for the game.

Though he's not working on it, having left Microsoft back in 2012 to lead his own studio, his perspective is interesting and noteworthy, given that he created the franchise and always has a lot to say. Speaking to IGN, Molyneux said setting the game as a prequel to Fable 1 would be a "perfect" place to tell a story.

This would be a perfect setting for Fable 4, the land of Albion would be much more primitive, the magic much more attuned to nature, the combat much more brutal," he said. "The story would follow the founding members of the heroes guild, why it was set up."

In terms of new gameplay features, Molyneux said he'd like to see Fable 4 have "brutal, visceral, and fluid," combat. The developer also said it would be cool to see your character have permanent scars based from earlier battles. His ideas continue:

"Weapons like short swords, long swords, daggers, spears, longbows, and crossbows all having a there own combat feel and specialties," he said. "The magic system should be revamped with the ability to 'craft' your own unique system. Having a familiar of your choice (bird, cat, dog (goldfish???) ) which assists you with magic and bonds with you."

Molyneux added that he would like to see many more animals and creatures in Fable 4, including small ones and "god-sized" giants, in addition to rideable dragons. He also called for new features like co-op, a marriage system, the option to play in first-person, and more. Go to IGN to read Molyneux's full pitch for Fable 4.

In 2016, Molyneux said it was "crazy" that Fable 4 was not already in development. A year later, after Fable Legends was canceled and developer Lionhead shuttered, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the Fable series has "a lot of places it could go." In October 2017, Xbox first-party games boss Shannon Loftis told GameSpot about Fable, "We love the IP. I can't talk right now about whether we're doing anything with it or not."

Eurogamer reported last week that Forza Horizon developer Playground Games was working on the new Fable game, described by the site as a "big-budget," open-world title that focuses on story and characters. In November, Playground confirmed that it had opened a second studio space where a team of 200 will work on an unannounced AAA open-world action-RPG.

Star Wars: Battlefront II senior producer Sean Eyestone was named director of production on this game, while other new hires include Will Kennedy (former designer for GTA V studio Rockstar North) and Juan Fernandez di Simon (senior designer on Ninja Theory's Hellblade).

We will report back with more details on the next Fable game as they're announced. If an announcement is coming, it could happen at the Xbox E3 2018 briefing, which Microsoft says may be different this year.

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Peter Molyneux should just leave the gaming industry.

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How about the game we were originally promised.

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Don't really care what he says, but really hoping Fable 4 happens.

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Peter Molyneux, this fucker makes Sean Murray look honest.

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Why does anyone still care what this guy says? Molyneux has pretty much gotten my hopes up and then dashed them more than any other Developer. So much Hyperbole and downright lies about the first 2 Fable games. I enjoyed them so much that it was forgivable but then he continued, and Fable 3 was executed terribly.

Im pretty sure over half these ideas for Fable 4 is content he said would be in Fable 2 and 3, but never made the cut.

Don't even get me started on his Kickstarter scam Godus. I can't believe people were naive enough to give this guy money with his track record.

I love Fable (specifically the first 2) and Molyneux may have created it, but im glad he has nothing to do with the next game.

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Nothing the dude ever says is real. If he orders pizza they know to take it to another house.

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Molyneux always seems to get a rough deal for me... he has/had these wild ideas, such as planting the seed and a tree growing as time in the game passes, that sound great, but the technology for half of them isn't capable of producing what he wants... so he makes cuts and then gets slagged off for not delivering on his promises.

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Molyneux can suck it , Not expecting much from Fable 4

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I remember back in 2007-ish, there was an MMORPG called Winter's Twilight in development. I joined their forums in a very early stage, and the community in the game's forums became extremely closely-knit. I remember all of us throwing ideas around, about all the features the game could have and should have. Even I wrote many a long post about features I'd like to see, such as the gigantic boss monsters from Painkiller, among others.

Looking back, those forum posts were almost exactly as if written by Mr. Molyneux. Difference is, I, and most other people in the forums were teenagers.

Point being, I wish Molyneux learned how to keep his mouth shut.

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Cool, now we know everything that would have been cut from Fable 4 before being released as a completely different game than what consumers were told.

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I really like the idea of choosing a familiar that changes your magic, that's really cool. But I hope that playground get free reign to make the game they want to make, they are a talented studio so let them use their creative juices. If they can retain the humour and charm of Fable I think they might make something very special indeed.

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I want the story to continue forward not backward. So stop with the damn prequel i don't want to see that. I want a proper sequel to the story .

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I wouldn't want a prequel. I didn't really like Fable 1 that much. Besides, the later entries are probably the only decent flintlock fantasy games out there other than Bloodborne. I would enjoy something that's more of an RPG at this point.

Hopefully, there's a proper sequel. I mean, there's really no reason to worry about going too far ahead in the technology to remove the charm, there's plenty of IP's were time stands still in the technology department and nobody gives it a second thought - like Dark Souls, Dragon Age, Warhammer 40k/Fantasy, Star Wars.

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Here comes Peter "The Pathological Liar" Molyneux.

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PM was certainly always good for some great ideas.

Too bad he pretty much always over promised and under delivered.

I liked the Fable games, but PM always was and still is, mostly all talk.

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I think those ideas are really good, except the god-like sized giants. Lets hope the next Fable is something good, as I really enjoyed 1-3.

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Really enjoyed the Fable games. Hopefully this one will be good.

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Id like more than just a dog, i hate dogs.

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It might as well be a reboot at this stage, seeing as it won't release until at LEAST 2020, ten years after its predecessor.

Fable needs to be reset back to the timeline of Fable 1, or something near. Don't get me wrong, returning to Albion in Fable 2 was like returning to Narnia in a sense. Seeing a few years gone by in the real world, but centuries in other. Seeing all the change, progression, but removing the Heroes Guild was one of the worst things they could've done. It didn't benefit the series in the long run, only the beginning of Fable 2.

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"Having a familiar of your choice (bird, cat, dog (goldfish???) ) which assists you with magic and bonds with you"

Peter must not have been hugged enough as a child, he's always talking about bonding. I for one have had enough of the forced companions. The frigging dog's collar jingling throughout 2 and 3 drove me mad.

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I hope I never grow to have your cynicism and misery...

I'm quite the opposite to be honest, I get easily lonely in games where you're on your own with nothing and no one.

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More likely it will be full of lootboxes, like Forza 7.


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@weyounnumber6: that what I think as well that be full lootboxs and always online game.

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Nice idea's. They can maybe even change the graphics of the game to look more like horizon zero dawn style but who knows

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@jako998: I think the "cartoony" style fits it better considering the sometimes wacky scenarios and characters.

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@gamingdevil800: true.

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You know, those ideas are pretty cool

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I like the prequel idea. One of the things I didn't like was the way technology progressed with each game. The first game's medieval setting was perfect.

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@Iamkalell: i liked Fable 2 a lot but I agree they evolved the games too fast.....it should have been Fable then fable 2 set 100 years later, still medieval setting, Fable 3 set another 100 years later [200 years after Fable 1] still in medieval times but getting a little closer to the rennaissance era then Fable 4 could have finally been early rennaissance Fable 5 and 6 be the middle and later parts of the era then if you let it go long enough Fable 7, 8 & 9 are all the industrial era then part 10-12 would be.....the 1800's?? but I think that's where you kinda run out of steam, the closer you get to modern times the less it's Fable.....

but had they kept making just the normal games, no board games or Kinect sh**t the series would be at about part 6 or 7 now following my outline....eh