Fable Anniversary delayed to 2014

Lionhead says it needs a "little more time" to give players "the best game possible."


Fable Anniversary has been delayed until February 2014.

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The HD remake of Fable 1 was scheduled to launch on the Xbox 360 this year, but developer Lionhead says the game needs more time to be properly finished.

"We've been working hard for the past year to bring you the very best Fable Anniversary experience on Xbox 360," explained lead designer Ted Timmins on the Lionhead blog. "We feel though, that we need a little more time in order to meet our ambitions and give you, the fans, the best game possible."

"I know I speak for everyone at Lionhead when I say that we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to, and it gives us great pleasure to let you know that you can expect Fable Anniversary to be both on-shelves and online via the Xbox Games Store in February 2014."

"It’s not easy making these decisions and I know that us asking you to wait a little longer whilst we get to play test the game every day is downright unfair," added Timmins, promising that the team would release new media and "top secret announcements" for the game in the coming weeks.

Lionhead Studios is also working on the multiplayer-focused spin-off Fable Legends for the Xbox One.

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Avatar image for maximo

why do i have to keep on watching commercials before every video now?

Avatar image for navyguy21

Well, you killed any potential sales seeing as new consoles and next gen games will be out. Smart move...... :/

Avatar image for vadagar1

F fable

Avatar image for bluespire1

Well...That SUCKS!!!!!

Avatar image for Sarg1010

'Lionhead says it needs a "little more time" to give players "the best game possible."'

Why do I get a bad feeling about what they mean by "best game possible"...?

Avatar image for Damienjunior

I dont get it, its all too complicated, they are delaying the game for working in something new but they said that it will be the exact same game, only better looking; oh well, I have my old xbox, fable lost chapter, and the game also plays in my xbox 360, screw them

Avatar image for deathstream

Polish or marketing ploy to keep it from competing with the Xbox One games this year?

Avatar image for jaoman69

if you want the best possible experience just make a port we don't need you to **** up fable 1 now also.

Avatar image for At3fD

i guess it's for the better, more waiting. great ! !

Avatar image for ANUBISZER0

I don't mind a delay as long as we get a better game. A lot of games out there should be delayed instead of rushed.

Avatar image for Timmy_Gwar

I know what you are thinking Lionhead, but stop. Stop changing things and just HD it.

Avatar image for Arcturuss

I wish more devs would delay games... Rome 2 could have used a delay of about fifteen years.

Avatar image for kennythomas26

That is sad news but I can wait till February that is fine for me and I look forward to playing this game again soon.

Avatar image for rktPYZQShWz

Is Lionhead done making non-Fable games?

Avatar image for Thathanka

@rktPYZQShWz Well to be fair, Fable 3 was a non-fable game!

Avatar image for StHapns247

Oh good, they essentially delayed it into obscurity.

Avatar image for pboontap

sweet jeebus lionhead, just stop already.

Avatar image for jessie82

pc version pls :/

Avatar image for Yamakoichi

@jessie82 why not just post "I want to pirate this", instead?

Avatar image for Scorpion1813


Because there are people out there that want to play this game legitimately, but don't want to waste money on buying an Xbox to do so.

The first game had a PC release. Why can't the others.

Avatar image for Scorpion1813

Only managed to play the original because it had a PC release. Would have bought all the others if I was actually able to play them.

Avatar image for Deadly_Nemesis

@Scorpion1813 Trust me. You don't want to do that.

Avatar image for Scorpion1813


Well, obviously, I wouldn't buy the Kinect spin-offs. Just the main numerical series.

Avatar image for sukrpunch

Try to get your combat multiplier even higher, what's that? Your health is low.

Avatar image for themc_7

this is very disappointing. I'm not sure how long they've been working on this but come on. The original was released Sept.14, 2004. I was really hoping they would make that date possible. But if they have to push it back to do it right, I guess do what you gotta do.

I had planned to play this and then get rid of my xbox 360, but if it's not out till Feb...I might have to skip it :(

Avatar image for Deadly_Nemesis


Oh it will defiantly be available on that thing for digital download.

Avatar image for krystyla

@themc_7 maybe theyll port it with the xtra time to X1

Avatar image for themc_7

@krystyla @themc_7 oh that'd be nice

Avatar image for Deadly_Nemesis

Ooooohohohooo this news is soooo the opposite of Batman... grrrrrr-

Avatar image for dbene

I did at the time and still think Fable was one of the biggest overhyped disappointments of all time. I don't think I had been as disappointed since Blasto for the original Playstation. Fable is not a bad game per se....but after all the waiting and all the promises....

Avatar image for themc_7

@dbene When Fable 1st came out I didn't have an xbox yet, so I didn't hear any of the hype, rumors or promises. A couple months after it's release I got it. I went into it with a clean slate, no expectations and loved it. I can't wait for the HD's release

Avatar image for Deadly_Nemesis


I guess I was lucky. I missed out on all the hype and just picked this game up after a friend introduced me to it after it came out (didn't own an xbox) so I didn't hear about all this talking Peter did until a year or two after.

But I was not so lucky with Fable 2 *sigh*

Avatar image for KelpsterD

@Deadly_Nemesis @dbene

Same deal here. didn't know anything about the game and a buddy introduced me to "The Lost Chapters" version. So fucking amazing, then Peter hyped the shit out of 2 and 3 and both turned out to be shit.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ce72effd6960


I was the same too, never heard about it until I played it and really enjoyed it. The sequel on the other hand was just disappointing.

Avatar image for kennythomas26

@Mattyrock @Deadly_Nemesis The sequel was still better than the third one though.

Avatar image for sammoth

@armyown U Mad Bro ?

Avatar image for coldfusion25

After the Rome II controversy I have no problems with developers delaying their releases anymore.

Just bring us a finished game.

Avatar image for maximo

that's very upsetting. I am really looking forward to this.

I din't play the original so I am doubly excited!

I guess all good things come to those who wait

Avatar image for Deadly_Nemesis

@maximo All they had to do was give it some shiney new graphics >.<

Avatar image for themc_7

@Deadly_Nemesis @maximo if the original came out on this platform, they could update in a couple months, but this...They must have almost started from scratch with new character models, textures, animations, not to mention a new game engine. Obviously it's easier when the story, and stuff is already done. Still it's a lot of work

Avatar image for Deadly_Nemesis


From what I saw from E3 the only thing new about this is the updated visuals. The animations are the same the voice work is the same. I believe the only other thing being updated is the music.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

Damn.. was hoping to pick this one up in the coming months.

Avatar image for krystyla


at least port it to Xbox one so I dont have to keep my 360

Avatar image for nigelholden

I just want the butterfly effect game I was promised so many long ago. I feel like a ditched prom date, still waiting by the window for the last 10 years.

Avatar image for krystyla

@nigelholden so many long ago...

Avatar image for nigelholden

@krystyla @nigelholden The manyest.

Avatar image for Banyek

Isnt the purpose of an ANNIVERSARY edition is to give you a recreation of that game at its ANNYVERSARY????

Avatar image for KaptenHaddock

Remember how Fable was on the PC?

Fable Anniversary = NONE OF THAT

This is the only thing that makes me hate the devs - the consolefaggotry.

Avatar image for Snakepond1

Dammit. I wanted to play this before the next generation arrives.

Avatar image for ADO300

will they add all the broken promises that Molyneux said it would appear?