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F9 Tickets Are Now On Sale In The US

You can now buy tickets ahead of the movie's debut on June 25 in the US.


One of the next big Hollywood blockbusters, F9, comes to US theaters on June 25--and tickets are now on sale. Movie theaters began taking reservations on June 1.

The official F9 website has a landing page for ticket sales, and this redirects you to Fandango. You can also go directly to your local cinema to order tickets to F9, of course.

While F9 doesn't open in the US until June 25, it's out now in some international markets--including China. Globally, the movie has already made more than $230 million. The film is expected to have a strong showing in America, too, when it debuts later this month.

The entire Fast & Furious franchise has already banked more than $5 billion in box office receipts across its numerous installments over the years.

In other news, we recently learned that the idea for F9's magnet cars came from director Justin Lin's child.

GameSpot's F9 review said the film is the "perfect movie to welcome you back to the theater."

"After a year of staying home, this is worth the trip to your local cineplex. It's loud, explosive, and filled with the type of action dying to be seen on the big screen in a room with other fans to go along with you on the ride," reviewer Chris Hayner said.

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