F1 World Grand Prix Preview

If Flag to Flag or Monaco Grand Prix didn't do it for you, then maybe Sega's upcoming, officially licensed F1 racer will.


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Some of you may remember a well-received little game for the N64 called F1 World Grand Prix. Well, if you do, then you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that a game of the exact same name is heading to the Dreamcast this March. F1 World Grand Prix is being developed by Video System and being published by Sega. This is the first officially licensed F1 racer for the Dreamcast, with Flag to Flag having been a C.A.R.T.-licensed game. Featuring the highest polygon count of any F1 game ever, you will notice a significant leap in car and track detail over any previous game of this type. The graphics move at a steady 30 frames per second despite the large amount of onscreen vehicles, and the game runs in high resolution.

Featuring exacting environmental effects, depending on what day you race, the game will mirror the weather conditions from the 1998 season. Other features include accurately modeled cars and tracks, and stats based on the 1998 season. Fully modeled 3D cockpits, authentic driver animations, and a large number of in-and out-of-car perspectives are also implemented into the graphics package. Real-life F1 drivers like Schumacher, Irvine, and Hakkinen, along with a pair of drivers from each racing team are culled from the '98 rosters. Each driver's style is based on his real-life tendencies as well. Crowd reactions are also dependent on your actual game performance (that is, you'll get cheers if you drive by ahead of the pack).

Grease monkeys will also appreciate each car's extensive customization options for each car, displayed by a virtual, polygonal car model on the car setup screen. During the race replays, camera positions mimic the actual positions of real-life track cameras from the F1 circuits for realistic broadcast-quality replays. There are four modes in the game for extended replay value. Championship, single-race, time-trial, and match-race modes round out the options. The game supports one or two players via a split-screen mode that only sacrifices the in-cockpit view during gameplay. F1 World Grand Prix is scheduled to arrive in March. If Flag to Flag or Monaco Grand Prix didn't do it for you, then maybe Sega's upcoming, officially licensed F1 racer will.

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