EyeToy: Kinetic to get gamers fit in '05

Sony announces latest EyeToy enhancement; Kinetic focuses on physical fitness rather than spinning plates.


EyeToy: Kinetic

British developer Kinetic is ready to set EyeToy in motion once again. The newly announced EyeToy module is designed to turn couch spuds into shapely studs. Developed in conjunction with Nike Motionworks, EyeToy: Kinetic brings physical fitness to the PlayStation 2 by incorporating a wide-angled lens that projects the gamer's body onto the monitor for a full-body workout. The game/workout program focuses on four "zones," including the yoga-influenced mind-and-body zone, kickboxing- and aerobics-influenced aeromotion and combat zones, and the defining toning zone. EyeToy: Kinetic will start working out in early 2005 in Europe, while no US release date has been announced.

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