Eye tracking Tobii EyeX Controller will let you play games with your gaze

Tobii Technology and SteelSeries will show off how you can control games with your eyes at CES 2014.

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The Tobii EyeX Controller wants to be the world's first mass-market consumer eye-tracking device for gamers, allowing you to interact with games in a variety of ways just by looking at them.

The Tobii EyeX Controller is unlike some head and movement tracking peripherals that are already out on the market. Instead of tracking your body in relation to the game, it tracks what it is exactly on the screen that you're looking at.

As the product's promotional videos demonstrate, games integrated with Tobii EyeX will be able to use this data in any number of ways. Action-oriented games could allow you to aim with your eyes, while role-playing games can create more immersive interactions with in-game characters, starting a conversation by making eye contact, as opposed to running up to them and pressing a button.

The product was created by eye tracking technology company Tobii in partnership with gaming gear manufacturer SteelSeries. Game developers can purchase a Tobii EyeX Developer Kit for a special price of $95 at CES 2014, where the companies will show off more of what it can do.

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