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Extreme Sports Game Riders Republic Has A Secret Exercise Bike That Doesn't Go Anywhere

You can acquire a distinctly un-extreme training bike via a secret relic location in Riders Republic.


Riders Republic is all about speed, style, and extreme stunts. The vast majority of the vehicles and sports in the game encourage you to take risks and go big. But Riders Republic also contains a few secrets, including one that is distinctly not extreme: A "rideable" exercise bike that doesn't actually do anything.

In the Cascade Canyon section of the Grand Tetons, you can find a relic--the game's secret collectibles--that's marked with a Christmas tree and a bunch of presents. Approach the spot and you can get the relic's secret vehicle, the Training Bike.

The Training Bike in Riders Republic doesn't move an inch.
The Training Bike in Riders Republic doesn't move an inch.

It's not exaggerating to call this useless: With a skill rating of 1, it has by far the worst stats of any vehicle in the game. There's also the matter of it not actually doing anything. You can't move the Training Bike; your character will just pedal away enthusiastically. You might call it an exercise in futility.

The Training Bike is just one of 11 relic rewards scattered throughout the game, and some are much more useful. For instance, the Plane Wing gives you a massive boost, making it the fastest way to zip around the map. If you're curious about how to acquire all of the secret vehicles, check out our guide to Riders Republic's relics. If you're just starting out with the game, be sure to read our breakdown of Riders Republic's various control schemes, too.

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